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Love Abyss - Akihito/Asami

Tokyo Jungle



AU. He is the Lord of the underworld and he is the Lord of the otherworld. Still... a rare breed of beast slipped through his fingers. And now the hunt is on.

Viewfinder meets... series

AU. Crossover. It's a 'what if Akihito/Asami were part of the [insert name]-verse' kind of fic series. Drabble or oneshot-style.

Luka/Yuki - Uraboku

Viewfinder meets... Uraboku



Yuki meets two more Zweilts. Akihito/Asami + Yuki/Luka.

Riki/Iason - Ai no Kusabi

Viewfinder meets... Ai no Kusabi -TEASER


Akihito is searching for confirmation that something had gone wrong during his creation.

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