Viewfinder meets... Ai no Kusabi Teaser

Author: Hannahbee
Disclaimer: Viewfinder & Ai no Kusabi do not belong to me.
Pairing: Akihito/Asami, Riki/Iason
Summary: AU. Akihito is searching for confirmation that something had gone wrong during his creation.
Warning: yaoi
Distribution: Denial Haven
AN: not beta-ed as usual
language note: Misha is the Russian short form of Mikhale. It's a little hard for me to put Russian names into English because English doesn't have enough sibilants to correctly “translate“ Russian and English isn't my natve tongue either. So Misha is spoken Mih-shah and I really hope you know what I mean.

Chronologically he is 1 point 5 turns old, physically an adolescent on the brink of manhood. Mentally he is in his rebellious phase, always questioning her decisions, constantly asking about leaving the sanctuary she has created for him.

He wants to tear down the boundaries she has erected for his own protection. It is dangerous, but she has no one but herself to blame.

For his unhealthy obsession with his two pets, too. They have been in his household for more than a turn and there are no signs that he will dispose of them to purchase new ones. She fears he is too much like...

No! No speculating. He is too unpredictable. She asks instead.

“They have names you know... Fei and Mischa.”

“Noted.” But she is never going to use them.

“And taking 3Ds of pets is boring, but these two, fighting for dominance... it's different... exciting.” And he is lying.

He is not interested in watching pets copulating. The vids of them he plays on his holoscreen whenever she is near is a diversion. He has more important things to do.

He is searching for confirmation that something had gone wrong during his creation because he has noticed how very different he is from his peers. Not so much in appearance (except his eyes), but in manner. He is not content with his life, he's restless, there's a thirst for more, for what he cannot say, which makes him quite inquisitive.

Jupiter calls him curious.

Same diff, really, he thinks.

“Don't you have another task for me?”

“No, not yet...” She is interrupted.

“I know. I'm not old and strong enough to be introduced into polite society.” He grins, then mumbles. “Old geezers.”

She pretends she did not hear it. “That, too, Akihito.” She sounds almost affectionate.

And she's not annoyed, he realises. Never that. Why is worth another investigation, but not now.

“Since you have started cataloguing, the purchase of pets by foreigners has significantly increased. You are perfect in your position.”

“Thanks, Mother.”

It is not the first time he has used the word and she is never sure if he is serious, annoyed or mocking her. Still she cannot resist the urge to lightly brush the top of his blond head with her hand made of pure energy before leaving.

Akihito releases a sight of relief. That was close. He switches back to the information he had found before her appearance. The file is mostly corrupted, his own name in it barely recognisable (a code to bury whatever happened), but two words are unmistakable. It is where he will start: Dana Bahn.

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