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Hannahbee's Uraboku fanvid rec(ommendation)s

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Acts Of Courage - UraBoku FAN trailer
by Yanny333b

Uraboku Fan Made Trailer
by unspokenvisions

AMV - UraBoku
by BlackNovaTV

Unbreakable Bonds   by unspoken visions

When I reached out and touched you...   by riitsuya

Luka / Yuki

Hey Juliet!
by NotShortOuranFan

Uraboku AMV - E.T. (Närcon X AMV Tävling Beta Version)
by GotGacktInABox

UraBoku - Luka and Yuki
by Rei13Evangelion

Hotsuma / Shusei

Hot Mess - Shusei/Hotsuma
by Yanny333b

Shusei x Hotsuma (Yuki) - A kiss for goodbye&
by InerjaveikaI

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