The Innocent In The Dark

Author: Hannahbee

Disclaimer: The UraBoku verse is not mine. But these 2 characters are.

Pairing: Demon King/OC

Summary: How come Luka has the blood of the Demon King running through his veins?

Rating: PG? PG-12? R? for hints of sex and blood

AN: Anime/manga mix. I thought it up before I knew more about Luka and his past, but it still fits canon, I think, since we don't know much about Luka anyway.

Warning: As usual... not beta-ed. My 'Word' is still doing a crappy job. I know I need a new one, but I'd rather buy mangas. So bear with me please. You can have a word with it, tho, maybe it'll listen to you. ;o)

vocabulary: maou = jap. = Demon King

Entering his vast private chambers, he senses an intruder inside. He stills. Enemy or other? He may be the Maou, but attempts on his life are not a rare occurrence. Even if he has the best guards standing outside. Caution has kept him alive for millenia. And so have his senses.

His visitor – he feels no evil intent – is a female. This is nothing new. There are many who seek to become his consort, his queen. And if he's so inclined, he enjoys what they offer, but he never takes them out for another ride. He gives then what they expect. Pain is usually on the menu. Yet they never complain. Most revel in it. There's no challenge, no intrigue. And this is the reason why they cannot ensnare him. They are only means to maintain his reputation, power and the fear he ignites.

This female though is pure and innocent. He wonders how she made it into his castle, past his guards, never mind into his sanctum.

He spreads his magic, tastes her aura. She feels like a Shrine Maiden, but much more powerful than that. It is no surprise now that she made it this far. The only question left is why she is here.

The candles flare to life at his unspoken command, but she burns brighter than the flames. Long black hair – so much like his own – frames an ivory-skinned face with big lavender eyes. She is beautiful, so different from the females throwing themselves at him. So composed. And radiant with life and inner strength.

Drawn to her, he closes the distance. She doesn't say a word, simply loosens the sash around her waist. The red material parts, teases him with glimpses of her naked body, but as she lifts her arms, the wide sleeves hide her pale flesh once more.

He grumbles in disappointment and swears her eyes just twinkled in amusement. Does she dare laugh about him?

But thoughts of punishment leave his mind as she slides the yukata off her shoulders, ignores the wrinkled heap it makes on the dark stone floor and presents her body to his hungry eyes.

He has never turned down an offer like this. He sure as hell won't start now.

He falls onto her.

She falls into him, open, receiving, giving. And he drowns… in her kisses, her touches, her body and her sacrificial blood. Her innocence is calming and arousing. Her purity almost blinding. He swears he's flying, dying, reborn in her embrace.

Time loses meaning.

There’s only them.




It fades all too soon.

And his mind clears.

She's smiling at him, a little sleepy, but he has questions. He wants them answered now.

“What has brought you here, maiden?“

Her eyes sparkle like the distant stars. “I'm not a maiden anymore.“

“It is not a state of body, but of power and mind. And you, my maiden, have both in abundance. I will never attempt to corrupt it if you tell me why you mated with me.“

“I need your complete compliance before I can tell you of my plans.” Her tone tells him there's no room for objections.

But she didn't think it would be that easy, did she?

“Intriguing, but you do forget I don't submit to anyone.”

Her questioning eyebrows lure a smile from his lips. “Not easily, then. And only for my benefit. So, what do I gain?”

“Something invaluable to you. And balance. I can't give you more specifics before you promise to...” She smirks. “Submit to me. The world is at stake. You do know that too much of either light or dark will destroy both our realms.”

He is in agreement, but he can not bow to her too willingly. “This priceless gift you have for me... is it a weapon that will help to keep my power?”

She turns inwards to consider, then speaks. “Yes, you could call it a weapon. It is essential in the coming wars.”

“You do not lie.” His surprise is obvious. “Is it because you can't or because you don't want to?”

“This matter is too important to lie about. But you are drawing it out unnecessarily.” She's becoming impatient because her ritual is not done yet.

“Conversation in bed. It is a first for me. I quite enjoy it. Indulge me.”

“I will, but I need your compliance. Do I have it?”

She and her words are too intriguing. He can't resist and if he needs to, he will go back on his promise. He's the Maou after all. “You have my word. I'll support you in everything you ask of me.”

She bows her head in acceptance, sits up and crawls to the foot of the bed. The sight is so inviting, he doesn't see her reaching down to the floor, searching the wide sleeves of her yukata. But he snaps back to attention when she straddles his lap with a dagger in her hand. He becomes alarmed, reaches out with his senses, but she's calm and her intent lacks the evil taste he expects.

“I have already spilled my blood for you. Now it's your turn. Your hand, please.”

He cocks his head in wonder. “There's no maliciousness coming from you. There's only impatience and anticipation.” So he does as she bids.

Keeping eye contact, she slits the inside of his hand. It starts bleeding immediately. She grabs his wrist and places his bleeding palm on her lower stomach, then paints XX and murmurs an incantation. When she's done, the blood illuminates for a few seconds then vanishes into her body. But he can still feel the generated energy pulsing beneath his hand.

Tears escape her eyes. “Our future is now growing inside me.”

He's dead, death and darkness. He can't produce his own flesh and blood, only create it, but he can feel life inside her now. “Impossible!” he breathes in awe.

“I have seen it. It is the will of the gods. The future of our worlds depends on our sons.”

Her words are solemn, but he is happy.

“A gift indeed.” He places his hands on her stomach - where the two Xs had been - for protection. “What makes you so sad? Is it not a joyous occasion?

“It is, but...”

A black thought comes to him. “They are the weapon?”

“Yes, and we have to play our roles, too.”

Her sadness is almost crushing. But he will support her, just as he promised. “What is to be done?”

“I will raise them until they are ready for training. Five winters must pass before you can claim them. You must erase their memories of me by then. They need to be strong. They need power. Teach them everything you can, but do not let them know they are our sons. Hide them. Hide them well.” she beseeches him.

Already an idea is forming in his mind. Unbeknownst, she has inspired him with drawing the symbols XX. He has five years to prepare and put plans into motion. For her, for his sons he will do anything.

“One of them must come to hate you. Do whatever is necessary. He is needed by the light and he'll escape when he finds the one worth fighting for with all his heart. His betrayal is essential. And his brother will need guidance after this, but he has to stay with the dark. Only apart can they keep the balance between our realms.”

“I will follow your instructions. And I will honor you with one more promise. I will come for you when you die.”


Dammit, does that mean I have to write a sequel?


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