Hannahbee's Sylar/Claire fic recs

Hannahbee's Sylar/Claire fic recs

Three Mothers Noah Gray Never Had And One He Did     by     hiding duh     complete

This is all about Sylar and the kid.

Getting Older Alone    by     Asteria     complete

A dialogue at some indeterminate point in the future. Doubledrabble.

Hoppily Ever After    by     cameroncrazed    complete

Written for challenge #14: spring at sylaire_chall.

The Wolf and His Goddess    by     BlueWhitney     complete

Sylar has Claire's power at his fingertips--but is it what he really wants? AU after S3, hints of Sylar/Claire, Peter/Claire.

Wishlist    by     hiding duh    complete

Maybe he passed.

Dirty Things    by     hiding duh    9/?   NC-17

Sylar/Claire, Claire/Nathan. Story of a boy and his toy.

Endless    by     devilishlysas    complete   NC-17

In a war torn far future, Sylar looses hope and seeks out his touchstone. Only to find that nothing can stay the same forever...even them. Warnings: violence; graphic imagery; spoilers seasons 1-3.

Heroes of War    by     devilishlysas    complete   NC-17

An end of the world Future fic. 'Time makes monsters of us all, some just hide it better.'

Imbalance    by     mint poppies    complete

In which Claire endures Sylar's bedside manner while he pries bullets out of her body and comes to a decision. Post-season finale, some spoilers.

In Another Life, In Another Time    by     leafiephoenix    14/??

AU: Claire Petrelli is currently a Harvard Law School student. She moves into her boyfriend's apartment only to meet her eccentric, socially inept neighbor, Gabriel Gray. An unlikely friendship begins, but could it be the start of something more?

Initiation    by     hiding duh    complete   NC-17

Even a serial killer can't resist a girl in uniform.

Uncles for Dummies    by     hiding duh    complete   NC-17

A good girl can change.

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