Hannahbee's Spock/Saavik fic recs

Hannahbee's Spock/Saavik fic recs

Bonded    by     Mindy    complete

Who said Vulcan women can't undergo Pon-Farr? Saavik begins going through it and only Spock can help.

Contact    by     Kerjen    complete

A little bit of fun showing when diplomacy isn't going well for Spock and all because Saavik is not there...

Genesis    by     Saavant    complete

The events leading up to the ceremony at the beginning of the novel "Vulcan's Heart."

Mirror Fires    by     Kerjen    complete   NC-17

Sequel to 'Mirror Vulcan, Mirror Not': Spock's life is threatened, but Saavik is held back from saving it.

Mirror Vulcan, Mirror Not    by     Kerjen    complete

In the Mirror, Mirror universe, Saavik becomes a player in Spock's plans to overthrow the Empire.

Nightime Wonders    by     LadyRavena    complete

A 'little' discussion

Quality Time    by     Marla    complete

This so much fun, sweet and humorous, a tongue in cheek piece set after Spock and Saavik have been married for awhile. It's all dialogue and you'll have no trouble following it. It goes in order of Spock then Saavik then Spock then Saavik etc.

The Race of Cain    by     Kerjen    complete

Someone is killing the Hellguard survivors and Saavik is the latest victim. Now the crew of the Enterprise fights along side of Sarek and Amanda to catch the killer.

Wishing on Stars    by     Larael    complete

Saavik reflects on her memories of her time with Spock on the Genesis planet.

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