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A Tale of the Multiverse: Blinding    by    Kala Lane-Kent     complete

On the eve of battle, the past and present of two different worlds combine to allow something extraordinary that may only be allowed to exist in a stolen moment. A second Tale of the Multiverse.

Across The Universe    by    Kala Lane-Kent     51/??

On the day that we shot down the alien scout ships skimming the Earth's surface, a sixteen-year-old Lois Lane's world changed forever.

As I See It    by    xAnnabel     3/?

Child; noun. A small, well-loved little thing with a bad habit of affixing two otherwise unassociated and/or disparate persons together indefinitely. At least, that was Lois Lane's current definition of the word.

Illuminated: A Tale of the Multiverse    by    Kala Lane-Kent     complete

At what could be the end a world that lost its Superman, a dangerous chance brings hope in the form of a Superman from a world where he lost his Lois.

Martha Kent's Interesting Discovery    by    Wahoogal06     complete

Follow Martha Kent in the months and years following her son's departure, and the interesting discovery she makes while Clark's away. Set in the Superman Returns universe, but before Superman returns. One shot.

Physics    by    AmeliaFaulks     complete

No Krypton, superheroes, supervillains, or Superman. But there is a Lois and Clark.

Clark Kent: Sex Fiend    by    Nefertiri's Handmaiden     complete

Lois always knew they'd slip up sometime. She just never thought it would be because of a wardrobe malfunction.

Little Secrets    by    Kala Lane-Kent     complete

Set after the events of SII, Lois Lane's memories return, leaving her to struggle alone with secrets now reveal, as well as two little secrets she never imagined. Life moves on. But when Superman reappears on Earth, can they repair what they've lost?

Adventures In Babysitting   (9 pages)    by  Countess Jackman     complete

Lois asks Clark to watch Jason while she and Richard attend a gala. While the parents, at least one anyway, are away, the child and superhero will play.

D�j� Vu   (40 pages)    by  htbthomas     complete

Lois slowly remembers details about the time that was erased. When she remembers it all, how will she react?

Diatomic    by  dress-without-sleeves     complete

She drives by his apartment she doesn't know why, except that she was eating a hotdog at the stand outside of the Planet and suddenly she had to know where he lived, where he slept, where he ate his dinners.

Everything Light and Good    by  LostNSpace     complete

Armed with an interview assignment, a reluctant Lois finds herself truly alone with Superman for the first time since he discovered the bittersweet secret they share.

Love Will Come Through    by  thedeadparrot     complete

In which Lois falls in and out of love. Post Superman Returns.

Right Before Your Eyes    by  Darth Stitch     complete

Richard White has always felt a sense of disquiet around Clark Kent. Part 4 of The Little Things Series.

Sick Day    by  Sostenuto     complete

Jason�s unfortunate day leads to an unexpected meeting with his favorite superhero.

Sunday Fathers    by  Julia456      complete

After all, what can a father do but baby-sit sometimes?

The Little Things: Lois Lane    by  Darth Stitch      complete

Sequel to The Little Things. Lois Lane reflects about the little things on her son, a certain Big Blue Boy Scout and a certain Mild Mannered Reporter.

The Invisible Man    by  Darth Stitch     complete

Sometimes, Clark wishes he weren't so darn good at being invisible. Part 3 of The Little Things Series story arc.

Those Eyes    by  Tin Heart     complete

Richard had seen those eyes before...

If Wishes Were Horses    by  Alamo Girl     complete

It's nearing Valentine's Day, and Lois and Clark find themselves in a "compromising" position while investigating a drug syndicate linked to highstakes horse racing.

One Night at the Planet    by  Saavikam77     complete     R

Set seven months after Superman Returns, Clark and Lois seek each other out as work and life stresses get to them, finding solace with each other late one night at the Daily Planet. Slightly AU, romantic, and angst ridden. Brief one-shot.

The Little Things    by  Darth Stitch      complete

Five year old Jason White takes note of the little things, especially when it comes to Clark Kent and a certain Big Blue Boy Scout.

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