Prince Darkness - Sneak Peek

Author: Hannahbee

Disclaimer: Did we ever get served a hot Dramionaise triangle? No? Not my fault. I don't own them.

Rating: Safe for now.

Summary: People always underestimated Narcissa. And she used it to her advantage. After all, she was not just another perfect pureblooded trophy wife. She was an Old Blood and determined to do whatever it took to fulfill Ravenclaw's prophecy. She'd see to Voldemort's death. Not personally, but she would pull all neccessary strings. It would her family's greatest accomplishment.

AN: [...] = scenes I haven't written yet

Warning: not beta-ed and this fic is far from done


Harry and Ron were still on the hunt, but Hermione and Draco had just returned to their stronghold with the latest Horcrux. Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem.

“We couldn’t destroy it there. We created some damage, but two people aren’t enough. We know fire is the key.” Hermione explained.

“We’re too tired. Four people should do. Use Firebreath.” It was a suggestion bordering on order and the adults took it in stride. They all wanted the fight against Voldemort over. He turned to his bushy-haired partner. “Come on, let’s go. There are two beds with our names on it.”

She yawned in reply.

“Go sleep. We’ll take care of it.” his mother promised.

Once they’d left, Kassiopeya Zabini suggested, “Go find your husband and Snape. I’ll prepare a room in the dungeons we can work in.”


The Hocrux was destroyed, but there were no ashes. The diadem had crumbled into a mass of 3 different minerals instead.

“What is this?” Kassiopeya exclaimed.

“I do believe it’s rock crystal, aquamarine and tiger’s-eye.” Snape answered, snarky as ever.

She was not impressed. “I can see that, dear Sevi.”

“Rowena always had preference for jewels.” Narcissa remembered.

“There are markings on some stones.” Lucius remarked. “I believe this is a puzzle.”


When they finished putting all minerals together as the markings suggested, they had three intersecting circles. The part in the middle where they overlayed created a triangle and the stones inside had turned red.

“Carneol.” Narcissa stated.

“They represent the four elements. Rock crystal for air, aquamarine for water, tiger’s-eye for earth and they created the carneols. Fire.” Lady Zabini touched each circle when she named them and as soon as her finger left the last one runes appeared on the jewels.


“Earth/tiger’s-eye is light engulfed by dark. Air/ rock crystal is dark engulfed by light. Water/ aquamarine is the balance between them. Together they create the weapon: fire.”

They had learned that touching the stones after solving the puzzle was the key to the final solution, so nobody was surprised when new runes appeared.


“We’re sure they refer to people, not things.” Narcissa summarized what they’d found. “Earth with a connection to Ravenclaw is a new blood and female.”

“Air is connected to Slytherin, old blood and male.” Kassiopeya continued. ”Water is connected to Helena of Troy. A nymph and male.”

Both women hid the fact that they had already found out to which person air referred to.

But Snape was not so easily mislead. “Peya, are you not a descendant of Helena?”

That’s it for now, folks. I hope you enjoyed.

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