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Hannahbee's fics

edk bannerEncounters Of A Different Kind Series      NC-17

Dramionaise. A series of strange encounters, starting 5th year.

Encounter #1 - Restricted Section      complete
Hermione makes some startling discoveries in the Restricted Section.

Encounter #2 - Adult Fantasy Section       on hold
Hermione finds herself back in the 'Adult Fantasy Section'.

Encounter #3 - Forbidden Forest       on hold
Hermione is not only surrounded by Death Eaters, she is also trapped between two dangerous Slytherins. And even though the revelation following her capture is disappointing, it just fuels her fire.

Encounter #4 - Battlefield       on hold
It's the middle of the war and Hermione is caught unaware. Filled with hope, she can take a reprieve.

Encounter #5 - (Un)Restricted Section       on hold
Having finished her education at Beauxbatons, Hermione returns to Hogwarts and finds herself back where it all started.

Sometimes We Need Darkness To Survive

Part 1      Part 2       wip      NC-17 (later)

Dramione. It's a dark secret he's harboured for more than 10 years. But now that the fruits of his labours arrive at Hogwarts, the revelation is near. Beware if she ever finds out.

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