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Draco/Hermione fic recs

Sadly, Coloured Grey is dead, so I tried to hunt down new links for the fics posted there. Those I haven't found (yet) are marked with ***.

November 12th, 2015

     by      complete     M

Better Off Forgotten     by Delancey654     complete     M

The Light side won the battle but lost the war. By Ministry decree, all Mudbloods have been Obliviated and "repatriated" to the Muggle world. When Draco Malfoy seeks out Hermione Granger, he wants only one thing . . . but gets far more.

The Fires of Samhain     by MistressMalfoyGE     complete     E

They were lovers under the ancient banners of Samhain.

Gingerbread Germs     by scarlettcat     complete     M

Pansy's plan for revenge couldn't be sweeter. Too bad she forgot about Draco's sweet tooth.

Impeccable Bloody Timing     by Ally147     complete     E

Blaise braced his hands on the sill of the window to haul himself back to his feet, and immediately froze at the scene playing out through the window. "Oh, for f*ck's sake, Draco!". D/Hr, Post-Hogwarts AU, EWE. Written for the 2015 Do Me Veela Fest on LJ.

It's not easy, being a badass     by disco biscuit     complete     T

Draco tries to impress Hermione with his badassness.

Sweaty Palms      by y3llowdaisi3s     complete     M

Hermione is having a slight hormonal problem that may be related to a gene she didn't know she had.

The Best Laid Plans...      by ningloreth     complete     M

Give your house-elves an inch of freedom and some of them will take a mile. Luckily, this house-elf has a heart of gold.

The Ebony Wand     by ningloreth     complete     E

It's thirteen inches long, exceptionally stiff, and a menace to the entire wizarding world...

The Wrong Man     by Snegurochka     complete     E

A man who looked very much like Draco Malfoy walked into Hermione's office, brandishing a piece of parchment and a pitch-perfect insult. That would have been right before she grabbed him by the front of his robes and dragged him inside, silently thanking her husband, the inventors of Polyjuice potion, and anyone else who might have had a hand in making her secret fantasy come to life for Valentine's Day. That also would have been one hour and fifteen minutes ago.

Veelantine Surprise     by UnseenLibrarian     complete     E

After sharing a New Year's Eve kiss with Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy begins a journey of self-discovery. Who knew a male Veela would suffer such trials and tribulations as he pursues his mate?

Added Mai 27th, 2014

Reverse     by Lady Moonglow     25/??     M

During the final battle, Hermione is transferred to an alternate reality where Dumbledore rules as Dark Lord and Muggle technology and Dark Magic have revolutionized Britain. Light families who attempted resistance under Tom Riddle and the Malfoys' leadership have no hope left... until the new Hermione arrives. Can she fix this world and still get back to her own?

Trembling, I Listened     by Darkrivertempest     complete     T

Hermione Granger has been given a gift - one that she desperately wants to return, thank you very much. If only it were that easy.

Marriage Material     by CherryWolf-chan     complete     M

My family, is much more agreeable to the prospect of a bride of supposed 'impure blood' than they are to once of impure virtue, lack of morals, and lack of self-respect. A Malfoy must respect himself or herself above all else. That includes blood status.

March 8th, 2013

Inside the Garden of Good and Evil     by moonlitefaery     complete     T

Four completely different women thrown together to discover an ancient power. Old love, new lovers, nothing is as it seems. She intrigues him, he fascinates her. Can they put aside years of prejudice and pride to help save the ones they love?

Mine     by Curiositykils     28/??     R

Veela Fic set Ten Years after the War. Draco is a Veela. Hermione isn't his Healer. She's just his.

Outside the Dawn is Breaking     by LittleRobbin     6/?     T

In a world where Wizards rule supreme and non-magical folk are forced into submission, Hermione Granger, the first Muggle-born in almost thirty years, must infiltrate the elitist world of Pureblood aristocracy for a chance to save her people.

Playmate     by Aradia1013     35/??     R

Scorpius gets a new playmate. Hermione gets in on the fun. A few bad words, some suggestiveness. Story has changed to include some angst. Nothing too terrible otherwise.

Added April 6th, 2012

Amazing Grace     by RZZMG     complete     R / NC-17

Having both been killed in the Final Battle of Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger remained behind as ghosts, not crossing over. Trapped at the school, never able to leave the boundaries of the walls surrounding the castle and its property, it was inevitable that they would run into each other again… Perhaps it's true that one's salvation comes from a single amazing act of grace.

Firstborn Sons     by Tickle2Kill     complete     R

Hermione Granger, the star journalist at the Daily Prophet, writes about the truths of war some people don't want to face. But the war is long over, the people want more...and the Dark Mark on Firstborn Sons frontman Issac Turin's wrist is a hot topic.

Laws of Love      by revjo     complete     R

The Ministry enacts a Marriage Law after the end of the war. This is the story of how the brightest witch of her age fights back.

The Devil's Secretary     by frostykitten     7/?     R

Malfoy ran his eyes over her from foot to hair. "I told her big breasts," he muttered irritably before putting his head back down on the desk, looking entirely uninterested and hungover. Hermione added sexual harassment to the growing list against him.

The Five Fs     by MizSphinx     complete     R

Hermione thinks being in love is a worthless waste of time and energy. She's determined to prove this fact to the world, and has found the perfect person to help her in this mission. But it's just too bad that Draco has other plans...

They All Taste the Same     by Mistress Lynn     14/??     R

Draco has always wanted Hermione, but a recent change has him wanting her even more.

Weather or Not: A Love Story     by foggybythebay     complete     R

Draco and Hermione are on a journey to the Ministry to fight the Marriage Law. But the weather infiltrates their carriage, there's a bit of wrestling, and suddenly, Draco realizes how the rain on her skin smells like perfection... 

Added December 20th, 2011

Blood Bound      by Vashka     wip (3/?)     NC-17

Draco needs a bride. Hermione needs a new start. A new Ministry mandate solves both of their problems. Fighting a war was definitely easier than this.

Dance with the One that Brought You     by KatDiva     wip (20/??)     NC-17

“Want to give it a go, Granger?” He challenged. “Finally your chance for a little tête à tête with me, wand to wand, no bloody bodyguards to save your day, what do you say?”

More Than Meets The Eye     by ryzmah     wip (17/??)     NC-17

Loosely based on marriage law challenge. Hermione is shocked when she learns of Dumbledore's choice for her. She has always prided herself on her logic, but how can she be logical about this?

The Price of Knowledge     by HappilyJaded     complete     NC-17

Hermione embarks on her latest quest for knowledge, but is she prepared for the consequences?

The Uneventful Story     by SnowflakeImp      wip (21/??)     NC-17

What can I say, it's an uneventful story where nothing happens. And when nothing happens, EVERYTHING happens. Post-Hogwarts.

***Watch For Me By Moonlight      by SlytherinsWench     wip (12/??)     R

Hermione Granger takes on the role of a highwayman to help The Resistance. And who should she accost carrying tithes for the Dark Lord? Why, Draco Malfoy of course.

Added November 12th, 2010

All I Want     by blue movies     complete

Draco Malfoy mourns Hermione Granger the only way a spoiled rich kid knows how. Told from Narcissa Malfoy's POV. Oneshot.

The Beast Within     by la_rubinita     wip (18/??)     R

Fifteen months on the run have left Draco with little options, and soon finds himself in a most awkward position. Hermione was seriously injured in the search for the remaining Horcruxes, and was left behind. Will she find companionship in the most unlikely of places, or will things just go downhill...

Burning Hunger     by Vashka     wip (5/?)

In a world where Dragons prey on the innocent countryside, Hermione Granger is sacrificed to assuage the Silver Dragon’s terrible appetite. Trapped between her blazing sensuality and her desire for home, she must choose where she belongs.

Ghosts     by Rizzle     complete     NC-17

Five years after the end of Voldemort and Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy is out of Azkaban and is a shell of his former self. Hermione Granger is doing her best, but she has demons of her own to deal with.

Hermione Malfoy     by Scarlet     wip (18/??)     R

At the request of Dumbledore, Hermione Granger marries Draco Malfoy.

Only Logical     by scifichick774     complete     NC-17

Sometimes it sucked to be the logical one. Sometimes it didn't.

Pansy's Volcano     by Bluemidget     wip (55/??)     NC-17

7th yr story, AU from OtP, in which Pansy is a bitch, Hermione and Draco are confused, and Ron is mature. Smut is not immediate.

Sunday Night Sex Talk     by Priah     wip (13/??)

With only a trace left of 7th year, Hermione makes a startling discovery. She is given the task of teaching her peers of the sexual phenomenon, with only Draco Malfoy as an assist. Too much sex talk with Malfoy can lead to interesting things.

The Stories That Weren't     by Praefecta.Praetorio     complete

Hermione thanks Malfoy for the stories that weren't. An angsty little canon-compliant fic that came to me while I was musing over particle physics.

There are Some     by dizzydragon     complete

She knew of truths: One was that she'd never wanted to see him again. Two was that she really, really liked ice cream. Three was that he was still a weak, pathetic failure of a man and that he knew it too.

Added August 15th 2008

101 Ways to Woo Hermione Granger      by KatDiva      complete

Draco attempts to woo and win back a relunctant Hermione via OWL messages.

A Life Sentence     by Bambu     complete

Desolation is Draco's only company in Azkaban... is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

***Acceptable Loss      by CelticSass      wip (6/?)     NC-17

After she is given a mission by The Order, Hermione must choose between changing the past or ignoring the possibilities of her own future.

Are You Experienced?     by marksykins      complete     NC-17

Boy wanking

Contrary to Popular Belief     by x_ning     complete     NC-17

Was inspired by Jadarene's limerick, hehe.

Flexible Ethics     by scifichick774     complete

It was the last place she expected to see him.

Legacy      by Madame Malfoys Mirror      complete     R

Draco is held hostage by a band of powerful wizards...why?

Marriage     by silvernatasha     complete     R

She understood that this was something he had to do, that he had to give back something when he had taken so much from her. Marriage Law.

Mischief Managed      by Vashka     complete

Crazy things happen sometimes. Like utter Bedlam. Like learning how to fly a broom without dying. Like sudden verbal diarrhea. Like taking a chance. Like love.

Out of the Silent Planet     by ianthe_waiting     complete     NC-17

Post-Hogwarts - Hermione Granger fulfills Severus Snape's final wish, to journey to Japan to ‘retrieve' something of importance. Set eleven years after HBP, and the question of...Draco Malfoy.

Prey     by Elysium     complete     R

Hermione is back at Hogwarts for her final year, only this time it is without the company of Harry and Ron. As well as completing her NEWT's Hermione is to watch closely the son of renowned Death Eater Lucius Malfoy and her sworn enemy - Draco Malfoy - to gather what information she can about Voldemort's activities. However, she never planned on him finding out, but he did. And now he has his mind set on catching his new prey...

***Save Me From Myself     by FallinSlowly     wip (5/?)     R

If I wasn't a werewolf, we wouldn't exist. Me and Granger and the others. It's a bittersweet relationship, but still a relationship. And I have to say, despite everything, I like it.

The Dragon's Bride    by Rizzle      complete     NC-17

After their 7th Year graduation party, D/Hr awaken in a Muggle hotel room, naked, hung over and tattooed. Thus begins the desperate search for a solution to their sticky situation. Response to D/Hr community challenge.

Through Trial and Error     by little_murmurs      complete

Post Deathly Hallows: EWE? Hermione unintentionally thwarts Draco Malfoy in the course of her duty and must suffer – so to speak – the consequences.

Thunder On The Hill     by muse_of_misery     wip (3/?)     NC-17

(Chapter Summery): "PS. Stop mollifying my bird, will you? He’ll be a Hufflepuff soon. Or worse, a Gryffindor. PPS. Forgive me if I woke you … but if you were sleeping, just for curiosities sake, what are you wearing? PPPS. I’ve charmed the parchment. Feel free to answer now."

Vengeance     by Vashka     wip (13/??)     NC-17

Harry Potter is dead. Voldemort is king. But Hermione Granger is alive, and she is very, very angry.

***Where a Star Used to Be     by blacklotus     complete

The Second War is over and Voldemort is no more. The only thing now standing in the way of the increasingly totalitarian British Ministry of Magic is a mysterious group known as the Freedom Alliance…

Added January 11th, 2008

Love Fated     by Cappuccino     wip (15/??)     NC-17

The body cannot live without the soul and the soul cannot live without love. Can Draco find his mate and bond with her in order to save his soul? What happens when that mate is none other than Hermione Granger?

Misguided Sympathy     by Vashka     complete

An earth-shattering conversation with Draco Malfoy makes Hermione see the errors of her ways. Will the Slytherins and Gryffindors survive Hermione’s kindness intact? Or will the spirit of Interhouse Cooperation triumph?

***Moonlit Ritual     by CelticSass      wip (4/?)

Taken from her bed in the middle of the night, Hermione learns more about Veela, and Draco and Blaise, than she may be able to handle.

***Oblique     by Heathen Respite     wip (8/?)

The course of the Wizarding World is set in murk, with Lord Voldemort's transitory eclipse, but something more treacherous brews in lieu of his splintered magic. Hermione Granger's been missing, and Draco Malfoy is in the wake of it all as he uncovers a deceit that has remained dormant for many centuries.

***Psyche's Labyrinth     by blacklotus     complete

After HBP, Draco makes an interesting deal with the Order of the Phoenix involving a horcrux, his mother, and a certain bushy-haired know-it-all...

Added June 21th, 2007

Basket Cases     by a bees buzz     complete     R

Voldemort won. Hermione is broken. Draco wonders what use a broken, failed hero could be.

Caught     by Hunnypeach     complete     R

Hermione finds herself fit to be tied.

Second Hand Goods     by ruafair     complete     NC-17

It made her feel used... but she couldn't stop!

***Spiders Web     by Infinity_Error     complete     NC-17

Like a wolf stalking prey, he began to circle her slowly and intently...........‘Why would I let you go when I have you in such a Compromising position?’........Despite the heat of the fire, she felt a chill run through her body........Malfoy growled lowly, one hand lowering to seize her ass...... In the dead of night she wandered straight into the Spiders Web. Is being caught really all that bad?

Added April 30th, 2007

The Slytherin Curse      by a_bees_buzz      complete

There is a curse on Slytherin House. Hermione finds that it suits her purposes quite nicely.

***Why Draco Malfoy Suffers From Post-coital Narcolepsy     by EmmandEnn     complete     R

A a few visits with a Healer was all Draco needed to remedy his strange constitution.

Added November 13th, 2006

By The Duckpond     by Rizzle     complete

Five years into their tumultuous marriage, Draco and Hermione find themselves sitting beside the duck pond at the back of Malfoy Manor, one balmy summer afternoon, contemplating life. Short and sugary.

Foe Transfiguration - Chapter 3: Challenging (1-9)    by RJ     wip

A Draco/Hermione fan comic.

Step By Step     by a_bees_buzz     complete     NC-17

Draco has a plan, but Hermione isn't playing fair.

***Sleep Well My Teddy Bear     by Infinity_Error      complete     R

Suddenly and unexpectedly, a hand snaked around her waist....... ‘Promise not to make a noise and I will lift the spell.’....... Draco Malfoy was smirking maliciously at her ........... "‘Let go of me now and don’t ever, ever do that again you evil, evil snake"
When all are asleep The Snake came to protect her. How in Merlin's name can she endure him?

The Wrong Idea Left Behind     by yesterday4     complete     R

For pumahmistress, who requested a drabble with the line, "And through the darkness, he could see her naked skin like purest ivory against blackest velvet." Obviously I suck at drabbles because this turned into a rather angsty one shot. Post war. :)

Through the Valley     by Pen     complete     R

"Gods, she was like a drug. So addictive, so wanton. Like nothing, nothing he had ever come across before. This filthy, dirty, muddy girl had somehow burrowed herself so deep into him. So deep that he could feel her moving restlessly beneath his skin."

Through Time and Space     by Athena Linborn     wip (5/?)

Sequel to "Blood". Six years after leaving the wizarding world, Hermione Granger has no desire to return. Her husband however, has other ideas and is determined to find her no matter the cost!

You’re No Fool     by Ning     complete     NC-17

Malfoy's back from hiding and he's very mad with Hermione.

Added August 3rd, 2006

Freedom's Consequence, Rapture's Reward     by CelticSass     complete     R

When trying to fulfill the terms of a relative's will Hermione Granger enters into a dangerous bargain with her childhood nemesis Draco Malfoy. Fate conspires against Hermione and the arrangment grows more complicated.

The Sun From Both Sides     by idea_of_sarcasm     complete     NC-17

They crash over and over again.

Added May 4th, 2006

Morning, Noon, Night     by zarah joyce     complete

"For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo." DHr with a twist.

Old Moon Fades     by Taigan     wip (25/??)

Draco learns that appearances can be deceiving and that hate can mask even the greatest of all human emotions, Love. Beliefs are shattered and new bonds are formed.

Temporary Insanity     by arbitrary     wip (25/??)

Don't dip your quill in the company ink... I should have known better than to get involved with my boss, but who knew would lead to me, back on the job market, and Malfoy with a job offer I couldn't refuse?

Their Child- of Voldemort's     by Professor Mary     complete

Hermione has kept her enemy's secret for 5 years. She knows about Draco's daughter! But she doesn't know as much as she'd like. When Draco needs her help, he must tell her the truth about their child- their child of Voldemort's.

Wants and Needs     by sundeygirl     complete     R

It was like a mad, intoxicating drug that she couldn't break herself of. It was a sickness, a disease. Draco Malfoy was her fatal addiction. She needed it.

Added March 1st, 2006

Blood     by Athena Linborn     complete

In order to ensure the continuation of a healthy bloodline, Draco Malfoy must marry a "Mudblood". Only the best will do for the Malfoy family, but things aren't as straight forward as they seem, as the best candidate is Hermione Granger!

Gemini     by Melissa Spitfire     complete     R

Gravity is on the increase / as time goes by / my body returns to the earth / there is sky up in the air / my body is in your sky / and your life is in my cosmos / we never come close to each other/ but here we exist as it is...

Chapter 9: "The Day Before The End"    by riotglassdoll     wip

A Draco/Hermione fan comic.

No Longer Helpless     by DB2020     complete     NC-17

Post sixth year. Tragedy&Romance come to Hermione all at once. Harry and Ron must accept a new addition to the Order, Draco Malfoy. Lots of action and very drawn out. Good plot and development.

Passions Secret Snare     by CelticSass     complete     R

Hermione is learning all is not as it appears concerning her engagement to Harry and her sudden friendship with Draco. Secrets are revealed and lies unfold as she is drawn more and more to Draco. However, will fear destroy true love?

Added February 3rd, 2006

Come Dowsed in Mud     by Tarie     complete     NC-17

Draco brought Granger's knickers up to his face and buried his nose in them to become acquainted with her scent. As he inhaled deeply, he knew his trousers were tenting out over the curve of his cock.

Dear Diary     by laverinth     complete     R

Sweat, toil, and irritation, as told by Draco Malfoy.

Observations of a Pure Blood Debutant     by Rain     complete

Narcissa watching Draco watching Hermione. One shot.

Trials of Affliction and Light Sleeping     by Padfoot the Marauder     complete     NC-17

Draco discovers that he is part Veela. The odd thing is that Veela’s are only supposed to be female. This little fact wouldn’t be bound to bring along some peculiar side effects during mating season, now would it?

Added December 19th, 2005

A Dowry of a Single Galleon     by Krissy     complete     NC-17

My take on the Marriage Law challenge. Draco, after a confrontation with Hermione in Diagon Alley, claims her as his new bride, much to her dismay.

Albus Watches     by Acony Bell     complete

Written for the Super Fast Exchange, savvyfairy requested Dangerous!Draco, Mistletoe and a stolen/non-con kiss, someone saying something along the lines of how they don't want to die a virgin, and angsty, but ending up happy, or at least mostly happy. I tried to deliver.

Caught in the Moment     by SarahC     complete     NC-17

Draco and Hermione get caught up in the moment, despite everything they've got going against them, and each other.

Complexities     by Bambu     complete     NC-17

After the Voldemort War, Draco Malfoy's family estate has been put into the hands of the Ministry of Magic and he has become an Apprentice at Hogwarts. In this, his second year at Hogwarts, Hermione Granger has begun her Apprenticeship to the DADA Professor.

Ophidia in Herba     by kurtcouper     complete     NC-17

Draco beats Hermione at a grade. Vanilla smut.

Secerne     by Brinker     complete     R

Hermione meets Draco for the first time in ten years right before he is sent to Azkaban.

The Lost Ones: Chapter 16-20    by Malena     wip

A Draco/Hermione webcomic.

Vampyre Kisses     by Saiyachick     complete     R

"You have committed treason four long years ago," Hermione whispered while kissing him wholly, "Then again, so have I."

Added October 21st, 2005

Cigarettes & Whiskey     by Kate     complete     NC-17

Lunch. Cigarettes. Whiskey. Martinis. Blaise. Put'em all together and disaster most certainly looms on the horizon.

Healing the Wounds     by SnarkyWench     complete     NC-17

HBP SPOILERS. Fate deposits an opportunity for Hermione to extend forgiveness for crimes past on her doorstep -- in the form of a wounded Slytherin who needs more than physical healing.

Hufflepuff Standoff     by Krissy aka Bunney     complete

Draco annoys Hermione.

In Between Classes     by slipperbread     complete     NC-17

Draco and Hermione find themselves pressed against each other amidst the crowd in the hallway in between classes.

Public Display of Affection     by Erythros     complete

They weren’t much for PDA – that is, Public Display of Affection. After all, he was Draco Malfoy and she was Hermione Granger.

Shrapnel     by xylitol01     complete     NC-17

A redemption story without the redemption. A crooked Ministry forces Hermione to face an imprisoned Draco and grant him his freedom. These things happen.

The Lost Ones: Chapter 11-15    by Malena     wip

A Draco/Hermione webcomic.

The Real Malfoy     by jess_lovecat     complete     NC-17

Of Pansy, prostitution, prejudice, a prank and passion in a pleasure palace.

Added July 8th, 2005

A Devil's Prayer     by paradoxical aka Reese     complete

God. Where was that release? He needed.wanted.desired it. There was the molding of bodies, the intense euphoria that escalated beyond imagination and the endless skies.

Crooked     by Madame Malfoys Mirror     complete     NC-17

Hermione's got a lover, and someone's jealous.

Damn U     by TheScarlettLetter      complete     R

“Damn it, Granger,” he growled huskily, pressing the hardness of his staff against her. “I’m letting a filthy Mudblood get the best of me--"

Pure Lunacy     by xylitol     complete     R

Draco Malfoy explains how he fell in love with Hermione Granger.

Quiet, Quiet     by HappilyJaded     complete     NC-17

Words are often not necessary.

Rumours     by dellidel     complete

What better tool or mechanism to unite the divided houses into hormone-induced, drama-needy teenagers than the possibility of a relationship between the Head Boy and Head Girl?

The Lost Ones: Chapter 06-10    by Malena     wip

A Draco/Hermione webcomic.

Two to Tango (aka Shall We Dance?)     by TheScarlettLetter      complete     R

"You've a voracious appetite, Mr. Malfoy." He snapped her body into his. "I'm a growing boy, Ms. Granger."

Added May 2005

Alternate     by Madame Malfoys Mirror     wip (6/??)     NC-17

Pansy, Polyjuice, and Chaos.

Everything Has A Price      by scifichick774      complete

7th year fic. Blaise Zabini makes some interesting deals with the information he has.

Judgement     by silverphoenix      complete

“Draco Malfoy’s going to end up like his parents,” said the Gryffindors, shaking their heads sagely. “Anyone can see that.”

The Kiss Test     by jess_lovecat     complete

Draco keeps running into Granger kissing every wizard in the school – what the hell is she doing?

The Polyjuice Incedent     by Achaen_Girl     complete     NC-17

Hermione is sent to interrogate Draco, but he has other things in mind.

Verification     by Emily North     complete     R

Hermione sees something unexpected, and decides she wants to see more. Response to the IATQO September Theme/Kink challenge. M/F,Solo,Voy

April 2005

A Friendly Wager     by Krissy     complete

Draco wants Hermione and lets nothing get in his way.

A Kiss to Remember     by Jilly H/Hermione Malfoy     complete     NC-17

During the Christmas holidays, Hermione Granger discovers that a kiss from Draco Malfoy is something that you don't forget easily. Especially when he chooses just exactly where and how he intends on kissing you.

Accio Knickers     by slipperbread     complete     NC-17

Draco's mastered the spell but his aim isn't that accurate.

Adamo Fidelitas     by Pixiezombie     wip (14/??)     NC-17

When Draco makes a potion to fix his love life, things go completely awry. Will he and Hermione kill each other? Or will they find the way to deal with uncontrollable lust, while hiding it from the school, significant others, and Deatheaters?

Bigger Is Better     by superscar     complete     R

This is my DHr Valentine's Day request fic. Umm...there is shrinkage. (full body, not cold water) There is some side BZGW action.

Blood Red Rose     by AE Morgan     complete     NC-17

A dream of vampires, blood on her pillow and a pure white mouse.

Crash Into Me     by Mia Fitzpatrick     complete     NC-17

He watched her cry once and he never stopped.

Draco Malfoy the Amazing Bouncing... Rat?     by Maya     complete

Draco Malfoy, magically transformed into an evil rat. Who is it who always seems to get the evil rats as pets, and what is poor, poor Draco's new name? Eventually D/Hr, just now mainly D/coffee...

Passions Torrent      by Dani     wip (3/?)     NC-17

A one-night stand brewed out of emotional and drunken distress will throw Hermione's life into a triangle of love and passion. Will the truth be revealed? When it comes down to it, will she be able to make a choice?

The Children     by Sam Vimes      complete

After the War, we all gather to celebrate its end...but none escape unscathed, least of all Draco Malfoy.

Redemption     by innocenteen     complete     R

“I initiate death,” he said softly, tracing his finger up her face, to her temple. “I kill people, Hermione.”