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Added May 27th 2014

Like Thy Waters     by treeson     complete     E

In the Contamination Room, thirty levels under the Ministry, three people have dreams.

Added December 27th 2006

The Investigation of the Missing Knickers     by KurtCouper     complete     NC-17

Once old lovers, a trio meet up again.

Taste     by Avari20     complete     NC-17

Blaise and Hermione want to get their potions practicum done and over with, but things take a terrible turn for them. Draco races to save life, and the aftermath of their misadventure leaves students forever changed.

Added March 1st 2006

Love Letters     by Inell     complete     NC-17

Hermione receives love letters from an unlikely source.

Passing Time     by Krissy aka bunney     complete     NC-17

Blaise and Draco, looking for entertainment on the trip to Hogwarts. Takes place at the beginning of sixth year.

Puzzle Pieces (16 pages)     by Emily North     complete     NC-17

All Blaise wanted was some Transfiguration tutoring. What he got instead was a whole new world.

Added October 21st 2005

Never Again     by Em North     complete     NC-17

Those Slytherins make Hermione itch, in all sorts of interesting ways.

AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!     by Triospleasure     complete

Denial is not a word in Draco's vocabulary.

Admission     by Inell      complete     NC-17

Hermione realizes she’s in love.

Ravenous for Touch     by Cassie Blake     complete     NC-17

What are a couple of boys to do when they discover their plans have gone awry and the potion that they made had decided different effects than what they originally thought?

April 2005

The Fourth Winter of Voldemort's War     by Bunney     complete     NC-17

Written for Poetrychik in response to the Quiet Ones Secret Santa Exchange 2004. Blaise and Draco, disillusioned by the war, find a lonely and desperate Hermione trespassing on enemy territory.

The Dark Side (6 pages)     by jess_lovecat     complete     NC-17

After suffering the ultimate loss, Hermione makes the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the Wizarding World.

Gratitude to a Poltergeist     by jess_lovecat     complete     NC-17

Peeves causes chaos for Hermione...


Added January 8th 2012

Lineage     by scifichick774     wip (25/??/?)     NC-17

Some cultures don't appreciate new blood. Others seek it.

The Thrill of the Chase     by scifichick774     complete     R

The chase is on…Blaise just isn’t completely aware of it yet. HBP characters in a non-HBP compliant fic. Hope that makes sense.

Added August 3rd 2006

Louder than Words     by Kenda     complete     NC-17

She had only heard him speak once, and that fascinated her.

Added October 21st 2005

A Late Night Delivery     by Padfoot the Marauder     complete     NC-17

Hermione wanted to know what it was like to be in love. She wanted to experience sex, tenderness and intimacy; even if it was only for a little while... and even if she had to pay someone to feign it.

Not So Human Nature      by Tinas74     wip (5/?)    (unfinished)

Hermione learns Blaise Zabini is half-Veela and she is his mate. As head boy and girl it would seem this may be her most interesting year at Hogwarts yet.

The Simple Evolution of a Faceless Butterfly      by Seren     wip (3/?)    (unfinished)

In the evolution of a person, our personality grows, shifts, dies and is reborn again. Our views morph and grow, like a butterfly from its cocoon. But there's a price to pay for everything. Evolution is always painful.

Added May 2005

Diagon Venus     by tamlane     wip (9/?)    (unfinished)

Hermione is unwittingly selected to write a romance column for Witch Weekly. As her stories unfold, she realizes that the line between fiction and reality is not always so definite. Slytherin Blaise Zabini provides ample inspiration.


Added October 21st 2005

Choices On The Way (8 pages)     by Lady Draherm     complete

It’s the day to day life choices that create the path that leads the way to one’s destiny. Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini have made several choices that have made their paths intertwine, but will their destiny be shared together?

The Sweetness of Secrets     by Melody Triton     complete     NC-17

First-time sex.

Added May 2005

I Am a Camera     by Victoria P.     complete     NC-17

Blaise likes to be in control, or to believe he is, anyway, and Draco finds that useful.