The Darker Side Of The Marriage Law - Sneak Peek

Author: Hannahbee

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Rating: Safe for now.

Summary: Thorough plotting. Careful selection. Still, the pairing they put most of their hopes and all their expectations on became their biggest failure. The brightest witch of her age and the heir of the Malfoy empire could not be forced. Even bound heavily by law and magic, they found a way out.

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Warning: not beta-ed and this fic is far from done


The room was dimly lit, safe from other prying eyes and ears. The people inside had buried their real names, features and voices many sessions ago. Heavily glamoured and their voices altered, they’d cast a group oblivate to erase their identities from each other’s minds, so they could say what needed to be said and implement the resulting rules for the welfare of the magical community in Britain. Their people needed new ways to survive, thrive and become a society above of what they’d been before.

The Marriage Law was already decided upon, but the real challenge was in finding matching partners who would benefit the Magical World, who would achieve greatness in their field of expertise and be pillars of society others would strive to become.


“I know you will not look kindly upon my suggestion, but please hear me out. Lucius Malfoy must be released from Azkaban…” the person known as G started, but was immediately interrupted by loud disagreements.

“Quiet! Let G speak.” B commanded.

“A large part of our economy is dependent on the Malfoy businesses. We cannot access the Malfoy fortune and the young Malfoy heir has just finished at Hogwart’s. He lacks experience, but is as suspicous of the Ministry as no one else. If Lord Malfoy is released under regulations - we can discuss them later - he’s able to groom the boy, so he may achieve what his ancestors have. Further, having both Malfoys running business will benefit our economy greatly. And we must not forget that Malfoys combine the ancient and powerful houses of Black and Malfoy in the current heir. Therefore my stipulation for Lucius’ release is that he and his wife will produce at least one other child. Power is everything my colleages; that we agreed on.”


“Now we come to Miss Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of her age. Is it wise to allow the union between her and the youngest male Weasley Ronald?”

“Point in favor of Ronald is his family’s well-known fertility.” C stated.

“But he’s a sportsman, she an intellectual. It does seem like a waste of talent.” F argued.

“He’s no challenge. She’ll be bored easily.” H agreed.

D, who’d been looking at the NEWTS results from the past five years, made a bold suggestion: “She needs someone closer to her level. Say, the second or third behind her in grades. Blaise Zabini or Draco Malfoy. Maybe both.”

Shocked gasps greeted his daring words, especially the last ones.

I, sitting across D, smirked, knowing his neighbours’ flare for unpredictable and uncommon, sometimes insane ideas. “It has merit.”

“I find a Granger/Malfoy pairing potentially dangerous.” A worried.

“Exactly. There wouldn’t be problems with the Zabini boy. No possibility of hostility. That family has always been neutral. He would be a better choice for our War Heroine.” E voiced his opinion.

“That is true, but that pairing wouldn’t have a big impact. Granger and Malfoy on the other hand… can’t you see it? There are no better opposites. Muggleborn and Pureblood, the Gryffindor Princess and the Prince of Slytherin, the good girl and the bad boy. The masses will eat it up. It could become the stuff of legends. Or at least it fill the papers” D explained.

“I do like that idea.” H admitted. “And some may think they’ve gotten a better deal than those two, an assigned partner who is much easier to handle.”

“I doubt there aren’t a few who won’t gloat about Granger’s and Malfoy’s misfortune.” B added.

“All in all it’ll distract them all from the evil schemes we plan to implement.” G concluded. “Besides I wanted to partner Blaise with Luna Lovegood.”

“Is it advisable to let that insane girl reproduce?” A worried again.

“It is what I’m counting on. Despite popular belief at least half of the creatures she sees or talks about are actually real, but invisible or so small we cannot see them. She has a rare gift and with the right partner it is possible the mental problems could be bred out of future generations. The talent could be refined, reach the highest potential and we could benefit greatly from the expertise.”

“Understood. But why Blaise?” F asked.

“His past dalliances leaned towards intellectual stimulation as well as - to put it bluntly - gratification. He has a healthy inquisitiveness and is interested in everything going on around him, although he likes to hide and prefers to be the quiet observant. Luna can provide him with what he needs. And he’s probably the only one patient enough to put up with her talks about invisible creatures. In addition, he will not be able to resist investigating these creatures.”

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