Author: Hannahbee
Disclaimer: If these characters were mine, I'd give them to you, Lucey-Twinkie, and you'd know me as the meat in the Des-Sayid sandwich.
Pairing: Jawyer = Jack/Sawyer.
Summary: Jack's obsessing and a cocky smirk gets him into trouble.
Rating: You're legal, Twinkie. That's all that matters.
Warning: Slash ahead! My first attempt at that.
Distribution: Denial Haven.
AN: unbeta-ed, pic-inspired *points to the right* fic

Happy Birthday, Lucey!


Jack never thought he'd sink so low. Then again, he's been sinking low for quite a while now. Hiding, watching, stalking. It brought him here, to a secluded spot on the beach his obsession chose for his private swims.

Jack knows Sawyer's routine and he's waiting for the right moment, hiding in the bushes, watching him mastering the waves in the distance. He's not waiting for long.

Sawyer finally dives into the waves, disappearing beneath the surface.

It's Jack's one and only chance. He strolls out into the open, pretending he's looking for some solitude here. He plops down into the sand, just as Sawyer rises from the waves, like Poseidon himself, only without his trident. Jack pretends surprise, then nods in greeting, his eyes never leaving the other man. Anticipation is coiling in his gut as Sawyer is slowly coming towards him, as inch by naked inch is revealed to his hungry gaze. He wants to lick his lips, but he doesn't.

Tanned skin gives away to white, dusted with a dark trail of hair… it disappears into dark blue. Sawyer's wearing shorts after all. They're hanging very low and Jack doesn't know whether he's disappointed or relieved. And he doesn't even realize that his gaze is riveted on them.

"See something you like, doc?"

Jack snaps back to attention and looks up, his eyes locking with Sawyer's. They're sparkling and he's smirking that awfully cocky smirk again.

Jack cringes mentally.


And he doesn't like it.

"I'm not into men." And it's not even a lie. He's not into MEN. He likes and loves Kate. But he hasn't bedded her yet. Maybe because there are no beds here. And Kate deserves a bed. Sawyer though… stirs something primal in Jack, brings out the alpha in him. He wants to put that cocky, grumpy, talkative, sometimes downright mean, egoistic bastard in his place. He wants to dominate the man who causes so much chaos in him.

But really… is there a way to dominate chaos?

"I didn't say you were." Sawyer kneels in front of him.

"But you…" offered.

"Wondered what had you staring so hard."

"I was just thinking."



"Nothing you want to talk about." It's a statement not a question.


The cocky smirk plays around Sawyer's lips again. "You'll tell me the whole story, if I can guess what you were brooding so hard about. Deal?"

This is a dangerous bet. Jack needs to think about it, but there's no time. Sawyer attacks, grabs the back of Jack's neck and pulls him closer. Plump lips crash into his, teeth capture and bite his lower lip, and Jack gasps. Sawyer's tongue pushes into his mouth, clashes with his own. A battle ensues… wild, animalistic, primal. Then Sawyer pushes Jack flat onto his back, follows quickly and reclaims his mouth as he thrusts his leg between Jack's. Jack is helpless, drowning, his cock rock-hard, straining against the fly of his jeans, towards its mate in Sawyer's shorts. He moans his surrender, but the pressure of Sawyer's weight is suddenly gone.

Jack opens his eyes.

Sawyer is kneeling over him, the cocky smirk back in its place. "So… was my guess right?"


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