Forbidden Fruit

Author: Hannahbee

Disclaimer: Is Anna still alive? No? So not mine.

Summary: He's never really understood the concept. Until now.

Rating: Safe.

AN: Used to be a peek not too long ago. But it's finished now. I admit I didn't add much. I guess I don't have more to say. For now. Maybe later when I've had the time to re-watch Jer/Anna scenes.

Warning: As usual... not beta-ed. And my 'Word' has been acting weird for a while. It's even blinder than I am.

Forbidden fruit.

He’s never really understood the concept.

Never mind applied it to his life, even though he lives in a world full of witches, werewolves and vampires.

Anna – when she was alive, dead, undead, whatever - should’ve been his forbidden fruit, but when your sister is dating a vampire long before you hook up with vampire-Vicky, the act itself resembles normalcy.

Now though, now that he has a witchy girlfriend who told him to push his ghosty ex back into the whatever-zone, he realizes the danger of the forbidden.

And also it’s lure.

It’s so hard to ignore the craving when trying to suppress it makes him think of her and ultimately results in calling her back to his side.

It’s addictive to see her, hear her, touch her. He just can’t let go, because she soothes him like no one’s ever done before. She makes him happy and he loves her, is in love with her. So much more than with Bonnie. Who is alive.

But it’s Anna who makes him feel alive.

And isn’t it ironic that she’s dead. Or some kind of dead. Who knows with ghosts in this wacky town.

She’s very much alive to him.

Since his death.

He stops dead in his tracks at this thought.

This event has not only changed him, but his relationship with Bonnie, too. There are secrets, there’s distance, all because she brought him back. She gave him back his life. He’s grateful of course, but wonders if that experience shouldn’t have brought them closer and not ripped them apart.

Her jealousy doesn’t help either. Why should they not approach the source of knowledge from the other side if it helps them save themselves, their families and friends?

But there’s more to it. There always is.

When love is involved.

Especially when it's forbidden.



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