Hannabee's Buffy/Angel(us) wallpapers

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B/A - bathtowel


DH entry pic #7

B/A blood moon

Blood Moon

wp for "bluot mânde"

B/A familly


wp for "Phantom Limb Pains"

B/A letter


DH entry pic #4

B/A red room

Red Room

DH entry pic #3

B/A swwet dreams

Sweet Dreams #1

DH entry pic # 10

B/A sweet dreams

Sweet Dreams #2

I made 2 versions, but couldn't decide
which I liked more, so you get both, too.

B/A the bite

THE Bite

DH entry pic #1

B/A green


DH entry pic #6

B/Aus wolves


wp for "Mate's Kiss"

B/A xmas


DH entry pic #11

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