Years Of Love

by: Snoopy

Disclaimer: I do not own them. They belong to Joss Whedon a.k.a The Devil.

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Summary: AU. Buffy moves to Sunnydale and makes friends with some of her neighbours friends. She dislikes one of them the most, the neighbour that was mentioned, but ends up falling for him. Can anyone guess who I'm talking about?? LOL.

Spoilers: None that I can think of.

Dedication: To all those B/A fans. Also everyone who takes the time to read my fanfiction. It is really nice of you.

Rating: NC-17

Couples: B/A C/X W/O

Note: I changed some of the characters styles, since this is AU. Buffy is some what geeky, but don't worry she get's cool.

Note2: Everyone's human. No Slayers. No Demons. No Vampires.


Part 1

Sunnydale 1996

The Summers family had just moved into the house on Revello Drive. Their only daughter, Buffy, was grabbing boxes from the back of her mothers jeep, when she notice the neighbour's son, sitting outside with a group of friends staring at her.

Feeling self consious under their gazes, she cleared her throat and tried to smooth out her long blonde hair that was in desperate need of a trim. Buffy had just moved to this little town called Sunnydale with her mom from San Diego. She had been okay with the move itself, considering she really didn't have anything holding her back there. How many people could called their study group 'friends' when they only saw them once every two weeks?

Buffy wasn't known for her style or incredible beauty, which she thought she was lacking, she was known for her smarts and her quick tongue. Even though she considered herself a good girl, she was known to get into trouble because she mouthed off.

She made another quick glance toward the group, noting that they were still staring at her and whispering, and also noting how gorgeous they all seemed to look. She took a deep breath and exhale it on a sigh. Would her life always be dull?

Picking up a pretty heavy box, she completely missed the 'THIS SIDE UP' writing on the box, and the top folds opened up, spilling the contents all over her drive way. She muttered a curse, and glanced next door hoping that they weren't paying attention to her.

No such luck.

One of the guy's was laughing hysterically, while a girl with red hair was frowning at his behaviour. Feeling a blush creep upon her, she ducked down to pick up the books and pile them back in the box. Having her head ducked down, she failed to notice a few of the teenagers walk over to her until a voice spoke up.

"Uh, do you need any help with those?" She was about to decline, when she glanced up at the guy that spoke to her, she found herself staring at the deepest brown eyes she had ever seen.

She noticed that the deep eyes, where attached to a gorgeous face, with a perfect straight nose, soft looking lips, and high cheek bones. Glancing down, she could see some of his muscled chest peeking out from under his black silk shirt. His very nice arms were out stretched towards her, and in his hands he held one of the books, offering it to her.

Feeling like a moron for staring at him, she grabbed the book, and rose to stand, as he did. "Uh, thanks. I'm Buffy Summers," she said.

"I'm Angel O'Connor. Where'd you move from?"

"San Diego," she automatically answered. Someone cleared their throat behind Angel. Angel looked a little sheepish before introducing the two girls behind him.

"Ah, that's Cordelia," he said pointing to a brunette, then turned to a redhead and said,"and this is Willow."

Buffy smiled and said hello to each of them. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad here in Sunnydale after all.


Sunnydale 1998

"Cordelia, I'm not getting in those clothes!" Buffy exclaimed. Cordelia only made a face at her, but pushed the clothes that she held in her hands towards Buffy.

"Willow, tell Buffy she would absolutally look gorgeous in these," Cordelia complained.

"She does have a point Buffy. Whether you like it or not, you are very pretty." Buffy only groaned in annoyance.

"Okay, fine but if people laugh at me tomorrow, I'm going to hunt the both of you down, and make you pay." And with that she grabbed the clothes and headed into the changing rooms.

Cordelia and Willow both smiled to each other in victory. Now Buffy would finally be able to stand up to Angel in her new confidence inspiring outfit.

In the past two years that the three of them had been friends, they only saw the same thing between Buffy and Angel; bickering. It was like verbal foreplay, but they didn't seem to know they were indulging in it. From the casual observer, it would seem like they hated each other, but both Cordelia and Willow, and the rest of gang new other wise. Only the two that were bickering seemed clueless.

"Guys," Buffy whined from the dressing room,"it's way too short, and tight."

Sighing in frustration Cordelia ordered her to get out here and show them.

Coming out of the rooms slowly, Buffy had her head hanging down so no one could she the embarrased expression on her face. Both Cordelia and Willow were shocked at what they saw.

"Buffy....WOW, that looks so good on you. Are you sure you never wore anything like this before?" Cordelia asked. Buffy lifted her head up, and gave her a small smile.

"No, trust me, I have never worn see through sheets before," Buffy joked. Willow laughed, still examing the outfit. It consisted of a pale yellow tank top, under a sheer white top, and a tan seude skirt, which tied up on one side. Buffy was trying to pull the skirt down, so it didn't show so much leg.

"Mmm I know some guys at school that are gonna be totally amazed at the transformation," Willow beamed. Cordelia nodded, already knowing who she was talking about.

"Oh! We need some boots," Cordelia exlaimed. She got a wide smile on her face and her eye's lit up.

"Oh God. Shoe shopping with Cordy. Ah, could this day get any worse?" Buffy muttered, then cursed herself for jinxing it.

Finally after two hours of shoe shopping, and a pair of brown knee high boots later, they were all set for the first day back to school as seniors.


"Buffy! Come on now, get up. I'll be driving you so you have a half hour to get ready," her mother yelled, early the next morning.

Buffy groaned, and pulled the sheets over her head some more to block out the early morning light. First day of school. The torture of first day of school was more like it. Finally accepting the fact that hiding under the covers wasn't going to make this day go away, she got up and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

Finishing up her shower she went through the process of brushing her teeth, washing her face, moisturizing, and adding some light make up. Buffy smiled, as a memory of the first time Cordelia taught her the basic way of applying make up, popped into her head. They were stuck in her room for five hours going over the deadly process.

Adding some light brown and gold eyeshadow, she outlined her eyes in brown and added some mascara. A quick sweep of blush and she was all set. Saving the lip gloss for later she entered her room again and put on her new 'Not Buffy' outfit. Fixing her now stylish hair-do, which fell just pass her shoulders, she headed down stairs for some breakfast.

"Wow, don't you look great," her mother complimented. Buffy smiled. She drank down her orange juice. Glancing out the kitchen window she spotted Angel leaving the house.

"Actually mom, I think I'll walk to school instead. In fact I think I see Angel, so you don't have to bother driving me. See yah later." Kissing her mom on the cheek she grabbed her books and rushed out of the door, heading in Angel's direction.

She hadn't seen him all summer. He had been away in Ireland visiting family, and then spent the last two weeks of August in Hawaii. From the look of it, the sun had been very gracious to Angel's now tanned skin.

"Angel!" she called up, walking fast, in her heeled boots to catch up to him. Holding her books more tightly against her chest, she made her way up beside him.

Angel was surprised to see a non-recognizable blonde make her way toward him. As she saddled up next to him, he noticed for the first time that he did recognize her.

"Buffy?" he asked confused, at the way she looked. Not that it was bad. In fact, he found his attraction to her rise a couple of notches.

"Hey! Didn't you recognize me?" she asked. He smiled at her.

"Actually, no I didn't. What did Cordelia do to you?" he asked, trying to tell himself that being mean wouldn't matter because Buffy didn't like him anyways. She had stated that fact more then once.

Buffy on the other hand felt her heart drop a little at his statement. Trying to shake of the hurt feelings she put a smile back on her face and said,"Yeah I know. I tried to talk her out of it, but she told me that I needed a change. It's just for today though."

"You don't look bad. In fact if you weren't one of my friends, I'd probably do you right now," he said giving her a teasing smirk. Buffy, knowing where this was going, gave him a smirk of her own.

"Oh, that hasn't stopped you before." They continued to walk.

"True, it hasn't, but you have to admit you know you want me." He lifted an arm and placed it on her shoulders pulling her closer. Buffy let herself be pulled, but said in a sarcastic voice,"Oh yah Baby, I think about you naked all the time." Angel chuckled.

He always enjoyed his little bouts with Buffy. They always made his day. He could always joke around with her, and instead of her getting defensive like most girl's, she just shot remarks back at him.

"I'm sure you can get some other no brain bimbo to sleep with you. I mean all the ones you go out with are either mentally retared or blind."

"Ouch, see now you hurt my feelings. Now I won't be able to look at another girl again, knowing that's probably all their thinking too. I'll be all alone tonight," he said, giving her a mock glare.

"Ah don't worry, you won't be alone tonight," she told him.

"I won't?" he asked.

"Nope. I mean God did give you hands, put them in good use." And with that she walked on ahead, catching up with the gang as they reached the school yard.

Angel just looked at her retreating back, a little shocked at what she told him to do. Shaking it off, he smiled and followed her.


"Buffy! Is that you? Wow, you look good enough to eat!" Xander exclaimed, before getting smacked up side the head by his girlfriend, Cordelia.

"Thanks Xand. Actually you should thank Cordy and Will for putting it together. I would never put myself in this."

"Yeah, the guy's are going to be all over her. I guess your going to have to protect her, eh Angel?" Cordelia asked, winking at Angel. He smiled in return.

"Ugh, no way. I don't need any protection. Plus have you seen Angel fight. He hits like a girl," Buffy replied, shooting a teasing smile at Angel. He got all offensive and placed his books down next to Oz.

"Hit's like a girl huh? I'll show you." Before Buffy knew what was happening, she was lifted off of the ground and spun in the air. Giggling like crazy, Angel finally put her down, completely missing the knowing glances of his friends. He rested his hands on her shoulders and placed his chin ontop of her head.

"You say anything about the short thing and I'm gonna punch you," she threatened, which made him chuckle.


Part 2

The bell rang before Angel could make a reply. Groaning in annoyance, everyone said bye for the time being, and headed off toward their seperate classes. By fifth period, Buffy was out of her mind with boredom. Thankfully she shared it with Willow, and they spent their time sending notes back and forth to each other.

"Buffy, will you please repeat what Chris just said," Mr. Heathrow asked.

"Uh...Chris?--Chris was just saying.....," she stammered, looking around as some people started laughing at her.

"He was talking about ants and their mating habits," Willow whispered.

"Ants!" Buffy shouted, giving Willow a grateful smile. "Ants and their habits. The habits they have when they mate, right?"

"Yes, that's correct. Maybe next time, you could pay better attention in class, so Miss. Rosenburg won't have to spend her time telling you the correct answers." With a final glare, he continued with the lecture.

Finally after what seemed like forever, the bell rang, and everyone spilled out of the doors toward the cafeteria.

Placing her books down on the table, Buffy sighed. "Wow, could this day be any longer?" she asked her friends, as everyone sat down with assorted meals.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Honestly, how could one person stand in front of a group of people for 55 minutes, and drone on and on about a useless topic?" Cordelia whined.

Noticing for the first time that no one was paying her any attention, she turned to the person who had stolen it.

One of Buffy's books had slipped from the table, landing on the floor with a thud. Sighing in frustration, she bent at the waist to pick it up, completely forgetting about the extremely short skirt she was wearing. Unfortunatly, some guy's didn't and they stopped to admire the view of her ass in the air. Xander was about to make a comment to the perverts, when he noticed Angel making his way to the table. And from the looks of it, Angel had also noticed the guy's staring at her too.

Coming to stand in front of Buffy, he blocked the view from the guy's who were staring at her.

"Hey man, we were enjoying that," one of them complained. The other was about to also, but from the death glare Angel was giving them they backed off and walked away. Turning around he was met with the surprised eye's of Buffy.

"Next time, try to conserve your dignity when you wear clothes like that," he gritted out through his teeth. He walked around her and was about to take a seat when he paused and finished his rude sentence,"Of course when youíre not wearing much of them, it's kinda hard." Buffy was shocked like the rest of the gang at Angel's mean words. Maybe he didn't have feelings for her after all. With as much *dignity* as she could muster, she picked up her books and walked out of the cafeteria. Everyone was silent as they stared at Buffy's retreating back. If they weren't so into her exit, they would have notice the shame and sadness that entered Angel's eye's. For the first time in forever, Angel realized that he had just hurt her feelings. Badly.


Part 3

The next couple of days went by the same. Buffy and Angel avoided each other like a disease.

Everytime he entered the room, she would make an excuse and exit. The gang was really worried that the plan's they had of setting them up, was quickly becoming a dream in the past.

Finally after the third day, and a few hundred excuses, the gang was fed up with the non-sense that going on between them. They set up a plan that they thought was the only key element to bringing back the close friendship they had accumalated, and the relationship that was to come.

"Cordelia, I really don't feel like going to the Bronze tonight," Buffy said as she stared out her window. The light in Angel's room was on, but there was no one in it. She gave a sigh.

"I don't care if Angel's not going to be there, I just don't feel like it." She listened as Cordelia threatened her, and she couldn't help but smile. After about five more minutes of hearing how Cordelia was going to murder her if she didn't stop moping, she agreed to go.

Hanging up, she went to take a shower. Scrubbing her hair, she thought back to the time that she accidentally walked in on Angel getting dressed after his shower. She couldn't help but giggle at the memory.


She knocked on the door, arguing with herself that she should have called first. Mrs. O'Connor answered and gave her a sweet smile.

"Buffy, darling what can I do for you?" she asked, and let her in.

"Oh, I just wanted to know if Angel was in. I thought we could go to the mall," she told her. Mrs. O'Connor smiled at her, and told her she could wait for Angel in his room, since he was busy at the moment.

Walking up the step's, she took the familiar path to his room. Not thinking it was necessary to knock, she walked in, to discover Angel walking over to his dresser, holding the towel that was suppose to be around his waist. She got a good look at him, before realizing what she was doing, and gasped. Angel looked at her, then pulled the towel down to cover his dignity. But the damage had been done. One of Buffy's hand's flew to her eye's.

"Oh my God!," she exclaimed.

"What the Hell are you doing," Angel shouted.

Buffy, hand still placed firmly placed on her eyes walked backward, and slammed into the side of his door, injuring the side of her hip.

"Can you please put some clothes on, before I give myself a concussion," she told him, blushing. She heard a drawer open, then the sound of clothing being pulled out.

"Okay," he told her. She slowly removed her hand, to find him standing there in a pair of black boxers, which wasn't any better then him being naked, because his skin was still visible.

"Sorry, I should have knocked, but your mom told me to go up. I thought you were still going to be in the shower. If I woulda known...," she said trailing off.

He sighed. "No it's fine," he said, then added as an after thought,"now I get an excuse to see you naked, since it's only fair."

"What?" Buffy gasped. He gave her an devilish grin.

"Relax, Buff. I was just joking."

After the incident, they didn't end up going to the mall. Instead they went to a movie, trying to get their minds off earlier events. Well, Buffy was at least.

**End Flashback**

Finishing up her shower, she went through the process of getting ready. Picking out a pair of black pants, and a gold tie-up shirt, she was already.

Deciding to walk to the club, she absorbed her surroundings. The pass few days had been hard on her, and she was still upset at Angel, but her hurt feelings were starting to mend. He had sent her flowers and candy, and even threatened to sing, just to show how sorry he was.

Arriving at the exact time Cordelia told her to come, she spotted her friends at their favourite table. Sighing, she made her way over to them.

"Hey," she said, smiling brightly.

"Buffy, you made it!" Willow said excitedly.

"Well, I really didn't have a choice, you see. Cordelia discribed some very impressive torturing skills if I refussed to make an appearance," she said with a chuckle. Xander wrapped an arm around Cordelia's shoulder and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"That's my girl."

"So, who's up for som--," Willow was about to ask, when she was inturrupted by Cordelia.

"Oh, look who just got here," she said. They all turned to look, as Angel made his way toward the table. Buffy sighed, and glared at Cordelia.

"Hey guy's sorry I'm late. Hey Buffy, I thought you weren't coming?" he said, a confused look on his face.

Buffy, still glaring at Cordelia said,"Funny, I was given the impression that you weren't going to be here."

Angel, noticing that Buffy was glaring at Cordelia, finally understood that they had been setup.

"Thanks for the fun, but I'm feeling awfully tired all of a sudden. See yah guys tomorrow." Buffy turned and stomped out of the club. Angel looked at Cordelia, who smiled back.

"Go after her. You can thank me later." He sighed, but followed Buffy.

"I am so good," Cordelia bragged. Everyone rolled their eye's at her.


"Buffy wait up," Angel called as he ran after her. She stopped, but didn't turn to face him. He finally reached her, and came to stand in front of her.

"Look, I wasn't in the whole setup. Cordelia told me you weren't going to be here," he explained.

"Oh, well that makes me feel so much better," she huffed, and then walked around him, continuing her walk home. He wouldn't give up, and followed.

"No, that's not what I meant. I just didn't think you would want to see me, after I acted like an ass in the caf." She stopped walking again, and turned to face him.

"Well, you were really mean. And I wasn't flaunting myself to them," she told him, then smiled."But the look on their faces was priceless. I think you scared the shit out of them."

He laughed along with her. Grabbing one of her hands, he pulled her in close and gave her a huge bear hug.

"I'm sorry," he told her sincerely. She smiled into his chest.

"Okay, your forgiven." She pushed herself away, and looped one arm through his, and dragged him in the direction of her house.

"Let's go, I've had enough Bronze for one night," she told him.

"Movies at your house?" he asked.

"Yup. Oh maybe there's even some Independent ones on. Show Case has some really neat flicks," she told him excitedly. They didn't talk for the rest of the walk, just enjoyed each other's company.


Part 4

"Are you sure it's okay for me to be here?" Angel asked, as they made their way to Buffy's room.

"Yes, Angel I'm sure. Plus mom's not home, so it's fine," she reassured him. She opened the door, and switched on one of her bedside lamps. She turned around to find Angel staring at one of her bras that she had carelessly left on her bed. She quickly walked over and snatched it up, and threw it in her hamper.

"But what if she comes home early and find's me here?" he asked nerveously, playing with one of his rings.

"Angel, shut up." He smiled, but still was feeling uneasy. Last time he was in Buffy's room alone with her, her mother wouldn't leave them alone. She would always inturrupt them every five minutes asking them if they needed anything. He was pretty sure that she didn't trust Angel alone with Buffy, given his reputation of being a player. It was true, but he would never play Buffy. He liked her too much.

They took off their shoes, and Angel placed his duster on the back of her vanity chair. They stretched out on her bed, and Buffy turned on the t.v.

They spent a good 20 minutes looking for something to watch.

"Maybe I should decide," Angel suggested as he reached out to grab the remote. Buffy pulled away and moved away from him.

"Uh, I don't think so." He wasn't going to give up. He moved over also, and grabbed at her right wrist. She shrieked, and rolled onto her back to try and put some distance between Angel and the remote. He wrestled her hands down and plucked it out of her fingers.

"Ha, got it!" He exclaimed a triumphant smile on his face. He looked down to notice Buffy giving him a weird look. He glanced down, and noticed that he was on top of her. He made a move to roll off, but she grabbed him around the collar of his shirt and brought his lips to hers. Angel surprised by the kiss, didn't respond for the first few seconds. After the inital shock was over, he gave himself over to her mouth. His lips were soft, and she traced his bottom lip with her tongue until he opened up and gave her access. They kissed for what seemed like forever, until air became an issue. Angel tore his lips away, making a path to her neck. He sucked at her pulse point, making Buffy moan. He gave her a moan also, when she ran her hands inside the front of his shirt. Kissing down to her collerbone, he scraped his teeth along it, then soathed it with his tongue.

"Angel," she sighed. Buffy started to unbutton his shirt. Pulling it off, he moved his arms around to Buffy's back and hesitated. Buffy glanced up and noticed Angel was asking her permission. She smiled and nodded her head. He smiled, and untied her shirt. Slipping it from her, he was graced with her perfect breasts. He had to take a deep breath to control himself, before he bent his head and took a nipple between his lips. Buffy gasped, arching her back toward the pleasure of his mouth. He spent a few minutes on her right breast before moving to her left, and repeating the process. He trailed down, kissing around her belly-button. He stopped at her pants, and undid the top button, and zipper. Pulling them down, he was faced with a pair of black panties. He kissed along the elastic band, then hooked his fingers in the sides and pulled them down her legs. Once bare to his gaze, he examined the perfection beneath him. He found Buffy's gaze and gave her a smile, which she returned. Buffy moved her hands to his belt. She undid it, then his button and zipper. Angel stood next to the bed, and took the pants off. He stood before Buffy, nude. Buffy gazed at him, remembering that one time she had seen him. This did not compare to that. The up-close version was much better.

Sliding back ontop of her, Buffy cradled his hips between her thighs, waiting for him to make a move.

"Buffy...," he sighed. She gave him a groan of approval, when he slid his manhood back and forth between her dripping folds.

"Angel....need you inside," she whispered. He nodded, and placed his large hands on her hips.

Pushing himself forward, the tip of his penis was encased in her liquid hot depths.

Buffy gasped, from the pain when he encountered her hymen.

"Sorry," he said. She gave him a teary smile.

"It's okay, it's really okay," she sighed as he started to move. They kept their gazes locked through the whole experience.


Part 5

Buffy and Angel lay next to each other in the afterglow. They each took quick glances, but quickly averted their gazes, the situation becoming extremely akward.

"We just had sex," Buffy whispered.

"Yeah," Angel whispered, still shocked that his dream had come true.

"I just had sex," she told herself.

"Yeah," he said again, this time alittle forceful.

She sat up quickly in her bed, holding the sheet to her chest tightly, and looked at him.

"I just had sex with you!" she exclaimed. He got a hurt look on his face, and Buffy cursed herself for being so stupid.

"Yeah, okay we've established that," he told her.

He also sat up, and moved to the edge of the bed and grabbed his pants. Rising from the bed, completely unashamed of his nakedness, he pulled them on. Turning to face her, he caught the appreciative look Buffy was giving him. Meeting his eyes, she turned away and started to pick at her bedspread, blushing.

"I um, I should go," he told her. She nodded, but didn't say anything. He grabbed his duster, and was about to open her bedroom door, but stopped and turned to face her.

"Maybe we should keep this just between the two of us. I don't think everyone needs to know. I mean it's not going to change anything between us, so let's not bring it up, okay?"

Buffy snapped her head in his direction, swallowing the lump in her throat, and nodded. She wasn't going to cry infront of him. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing that he had hurt her again.

"Alright, I'm gonna...go," he said, and then left.

She stared at the closed door for a few minutes, before laying down again, and curling herself up in the space he had accupied only moment's ago. Pulling the blanket around herself, she felt the first tear escape her eye. It was followed by a sob, and then more tears. She closed her eye's, and cried her heart out.

She knew from the moment that she gave him the okay to continue undressing her, that things would be different.

But nothing had prepared her for this.


Part 7

Sunnydale, 1999

"Angel, baby, I'm bored. Can we go now?" the redhead that was draped all over Angel asked, giving him a pouty look. He sighed, and glanced around at his friends. They all smirked at him, all of them except for one. That missing person was out on the dance floor. She seemed to be lost in the flow of gyrating bodies that were around her. A form of jealousy stirred up inside him. Even though the night they slept together happened a year ago, he was still inclined to act like a bastard whenever she got a new boyfriend.

"Angel," she whined again. He let out a frustrated sigh, but agreed nonetheless. Standing up, he told everyone goodnight, and started to make his way to the exit, when a commotion on the dance floor caught his attention.

A girl, as it seemed from his position, was trying to fend off a few guys that were getting to close. Angel let go of his date hand and took a step closer. What he saw made his blood boil. Buffy was trying to fend off a few guys that were putting their hands on places only lovers did. Or him.

Abandoning his date, he made his way to the dance floor. Just as one of the guys was about to grab Buffy's ass, Angel grabbed a hold of his wrist, and twisted his arm. The guy yelped in pain as his buddies stopped dead in their tracks.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you how to treat a lady, you jackass?" Angel hissed through gritted teeth. He pulled harder on the guyís wrist as he crumbled to the floor. None of his friends came to his rescue. They were all too scared of the sinister look that was passing through Angelís face as he heard a bone crack. Raising his head, Angel glared at the rest of them. Pushing the now crying guy away from him, he told them to, "Get gone!"

They picked up their wounded friend and scurried away. Taking a deep breath, he turned around to face a very pissed off Buffy.

"I could have handled it!" she told him as she stormed off the dance floor. Angel exhaled his breath, and followed her.

"Buffy!" He walked faster, until he reached her. Grabbing her hand, he turned her so he could see her face. He wasn't surprised by what was there. A few tears leaked down her left cheek as she lowered her head down, as if she was ashamed of what she would find in his face. He pulled her closer to him and engulfed her in a hug.

"Hey," he told her softly, "Don't cry, it's okay. I'm not angry, Thereís no reason why I should be." That made her cry even harder. He smoothed his hands down her back and glanced at his friends, that now were around them. He glanced toward the exit and noticed that his date was nowhere to be found.

"I'm gonna take her home. I'll see you guys tomorrow in class," Angel said as he grabbed Buffy's coat and guided her to the exit.

Once outside, she stopped crying and looked up at Angel.

"Sorry," she whispered. He looked down at her and gave her a puzzled look.

"Buffy I told you I'm not m-..."

"No, thatís not what I'm talking about. I'm sorry I spoiled your date." She quickly looked away as Angel stopped and grabbed Buffy's hand.

"Buffy, hey look at me," he told her softly as he raised her chin. "There is no reason why you should be sorry. Truthfully you did me a favour." He gave her one of his half smiles and she let out a sigh before she too smiled in return.

"Do you want to go back to my dorm and watch a few movies?" Angel asked. Buffy gave him a little giggle as she walked on ahead of him.

"Just as long as you promise you won't sleep with me." Behind her Angel gave a pained look.

"I won't make that promise," he whispered to himself, as he ran to catch up with her.


Part 8

"He's doing it again," Buffy whispered to Willow. Willow followed the direction of Buffy's gaze as it fell upon Riley Finn, their TA in Psyche. He was staring at Buffy, which wasn't anything new to her, but the way he was doing it made Buffy give a shiver of distrust.

"It feels like he's undressing me with his eyes." Willow gave her a small giggle.

"Buffy, he's a guy. Guys do that all the time." Buffy glanced at Willow and gave her look.

"Yes, even Angel. But I'm sure he does it to you, rather then Cordelia and me." Willow earned a light slap on her arm for that comment.

"How many times do I have to tell you that he's not interested in me. If he was, then he would have made a move, oh say a year ago?" Buffy stated. Willow rolled her eyes at her friends' stupid behaviour. Before she could make a comment, the teacher interrupted them.

"Buffy, Willow, I'm sure whatever you have to talk about is fascinating in its own sense, but can you please shut up and pay attention?" Professor Walsh asked, glaring at the two blushing girls. They nodded their heads meekly and the teacher continued on with her lecture.


Later they met up for lunch, each carrying a tray with assorted food neatly piled in them. Buffy heaved a sigh, and sat down next to Angel, who was absorbed in his latest girlfriend. He glanced over to her and gave her a small smile. She returned it, but quickly looked away as his girlfriend leaned over and gave him a long slow kiss on the mouth.

Buffy soon was absorbed in her own conversations with Willow and Cordelia. Just as she was about to respond to one of Willows questions, someone caught her attention. And that someone was headed right for their table.

"Shit! Uh, I have to go guys," she quickly told them as she shot straight up, out of her seat and started to collect her books.

"Buffy..what are yo-," Willow tried to get out, but was interrupted by the sound of a male voice.

"Buffy, I was just looking for you," Riley Finn said as he gave her a goofy smile. Buffy forced herself to smile back in return, hoping it was convincing enough. From the look of Riley's glowing eyes it had worked.

Angel, as well as the rest of the guys, was glaring at him. Of course Riley didn't seem to notice any of it.

"What can I do for you?" Buffy asked him, telling herself that the faster she got this over with, the faster he would leave her alone.

"I was wondering if you were free tonight? See a bunch of the guys and me are going to the Bronze, and I wanted to know if you would like to come with me. As my date?" Riley asked her, a hopeful look on his face.

Buffy glanced from Riley's face to the separate faces of each of her friends. Looking back at Riley, she gave him a regretful look.

"I'm sorry Riley. I can't tonight. I promised the gang that I would go with them." Riley's smile turned into a frown as he looked away.

"Oh. Yeah, I understand. Sorry to bother you." With that said he turned and headed back to his table.

"Geez Buff, you sure know how to make a guy feel loved," Xander told her. He got a glare from her and a slap from Cordelia.


"Didn't go to well?" Forrest asked Riley as he came back to the table.

"What the fuck do you think?" he snapped back.

"Man that girl has seriously got you whipped," Graham said, getting an agreement from Forrest.

"I'm not whipped. I just need something to screw and she seemed like a shy virgin. I just thought she would put out," he defended. His two best friends gave him a disbelieving look. Ignoring them, he turned back to staring at Buffy from across the room. He narrowed his eyes at the way she smiled at Angel.

I will have her, he promised himself. No matter the cost.


Part 9

"Hey Bunny, can you get me a refill of this?" the so far nameless brunette asked Buffy. Giving her a glare, Buffy told her to ask Angel, who was in deep conversation with Xander about a certain hockey game that was on the previous night.

"No, I think you should go get it, considering I asked so nicely and all." The brunette gave Buffy a sugar sweet smile, but the menace in her eyes was clearly visible.

"Fine!" Buffy snapped, pushing back from the table and snatching up the empty cup, she stormed over to the bar. When it was her turn, she placed her order, and turned to stare at her table of friends. Some of them were looking at her in concern and some of them were staring at Angel's new girlfriend with pure hate. Angel himself was staring at Buffy in an apologetic manner. She shrugged her shoulders to show that this wasn't affecting her and snatched up the shot. Making sure the Bitch was staring, Buffy gave her a toast and swallowed it down in one gulp. She smirked at the incredulous look the brunette gave her. She placed the empty glass on the bar top and headed for the dance floor.


At the table everyone was grinning, except the very pissed off date of Angel.

"I can't believe that tramp did that. Angel, you actually associate with her?" she asked, glancing at him. He gave her a sheepish smile.

"Donna, Buffy's a great person. She just doesn't like being told what to do," he tried to explain. He glanced at his friends for help, but they all gave him helpless shrugs. Taking a deep breath, he let his gaze wander as his date cooled off.

Buffy was having the time of her life, grinding to the beat and being asked on numerous occasions to dance. She wouldn't let the incident earlier get to her. She had shown the brunette that Buffy Summers would take nothing from no one.

Feeling a pair of large hands grab her hips, she was about to tell the person off, when she felt him whisper in her ear.

"I'm sorry." Sighing, she turned around and stared into Angel's deep brown eyes.

"It's fine. What are you doing out here anyways? From the death looks your date is giving us, she's about ready to come over here, bitch slap me and cut your penis off, so you won't be able to do anything stupid." Angel smiled at Buffy's attitude towards the situation.

She still hadn't changed.

"See that's why I have you here. You can be my bodyguard. I'm sure she won't be able to get to my penis as long as your here." Buffy gave him a light giggle.

"Naughty, naughty Angel. Are you implying something here?" she murmured, wrapping her arms around his neck as she swayed back and forth to the music. He gave her one of his evil grins and let his hands drift down, so the were almost touching the beginning slope of her ass.

So caught up in staring into Buffy's eyes, Angel almost missed the light tap on his shoulder. Letting go off Buffy, he turned around to find his extremely pissed off date staring at them.

"I'm tired. I wanna go home now!" she told him through clenched teeth. Angel sighed in annoyance, but nodded his head either way. Letting go off Buffy, he spotted the rest of the gang getting up from their position at the table as well.

"Are we leaving?" Buffy asked. They all nodded. Cordelia and Xander were practically out the door.

"Oz is driving everyone home, except Xander and Cordy. Are going to come with us?" Willow asked as she held out Buffy's coat. She accepted it, but declined the offer for a ride. Willow was about to protest, but the look in Buffy's eyes told her otherwise. She glanced at Angel and Donna, and the way the womanís face lit up with joy at hearing Buffy decline the offer.

"Are you sure your going to be okay walking?" Angel asked, concern evident in his eyes. She gave him a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, I'm a big girl. I can manage a ten minute walk."

"Yes Angel, if she wants to walk, let her walk. Bunny knows what she's doing," Donna said. Buffy glared at the woman that was in Angel's arms and couldn't help feeling a few pinpricks of jealousy. Shaking it off, she said goodnight and headed for the exit.

From a few tables away, a few guys got up and headed for the exit as well.


Part 10

Buffy made her way through the dark alley, arguing with herself for not accepting the ride with Willow and Oz. She had decided that a nice walk back to campus was in order after the fast beat dancing that she had just endured. Who was she kidding? The only reason she had declined the offer for a ride was because Angel and his girlfriend of the week were also going to be in the van. And that was something Buffy didn't want to witness.

There was a crash overhead as the clouds opened up and rain started to pour down on her in buckets. She groaned in frustration and placed her hands over her head to guard it from the water as she ducked under a guarded area.

"Perfect! Just what I need. As if my night could get any worse," she said, then mentally slapped herself for jinxing it. So lost in her thoughts she almost didn't hear the footsteps behind her.

Someone grabbed her arm.

She was swung around and came face to face with Riley Finn. She was kind of relieved to see him, except he wasn't alone. A bunch of guys, that were unfamiliar to her, fanned out around him, their smirking faces visible in the dim light.

"Hey Why you walkin' all alone?" Riley asked, slurring some words together. She didn't respond to his question, she only glanced from guy to guy, counting four in total, including Riley. And from the looks of it they all seemed drunk.

"I'm sorry, I have to get to my dorm," she quickly told them as she tried to break away from his hold on her arm. He tightened his grip, which made her wince in pain. He shoved her up against a wall and started to unbutton her top. She tried to swing at him with her other arm, but he caught it and placed it in the hand that was holding her other wrist. With his free hand, he pulled the top flaps of her shirt and the buttons came off with a 'pop' scattering in all directions. With her chest now bared, he leaned down and started to press sloppy kisses on her collarbone and neck. She struggled to move away, the hot breath that he was breathing on her, making her cry out in disgust.

"Stop! Riley, I said stop!" she screamed at him. It didn't seem to affect him as he continued, getting braver as his friends cheered him on. Buffy was starting to panic as tears streamed down her cheeks. With one more attempt, which was kneeing him in the groin, she broke free and started to run. Hearing Riley yell at his friends to give chase, she ran faster.

Soaked through with rain and her shirt flapping open with the wind, she made it onto the campus. They could be heard behind her as they chased her still. The run, mixed in with the rain, had sobered them up a bit and now their mission was to find Buffy, and shut her up before she spilled any of this to the board.

She was almost to her dorm when she ran straight into a wall of hard muscle. Looking up, she sobbed in relief to find Angel staring down at her. He grabbed a hold of her shoulders and steadied her before she lost her balance. Noticing the state of her clothing, he asked her, "What happened? Are you okay?"

"Angel, help," she pleaded. He then noticed the guys chasing her and an extreme rage took over his body. Part 6

When Buffy got to school the next day, she noticed that Angel was already there. She tried to catch his eye, but he wouldn't look at her. She sighed, and gave up. Sitting next to Willow on the bench, she tried to focus on the questions that they were asking her, instead of remembering what Angel looked like naked.

"Hey Buffy, you look flushed," Xander told her. She blushed, making her face even more pink, and looked away.

"No, I'm fine," she said. Angel had looked up when Xander had mentioned that, but looked away quickly when Willow gave him an odd look.

"So, did you and Angel make up yesterday night?" Cordelia asked.

"What?" Buffy ask sharply.

" make...up," she said, slower this time.

"Yeah," Angel said, absently. Everyone gave him a strange look, but continued.

"So you guys talked it out? Willow asked.

"Yeah, there was some talking...," 'and a lot of something else too,' she said, but added the last part silently.

"Yeah, talking," Angel said. Again he got strange look's.

"You two are okay then? No more ignoring each other. So it's back to touchy-feely teasing, and bickering," Cordelia chirpped.

"No one's touching anyone," Buffy snapped. She quickly apologized, when she saw the looks they gave her.

"I uh, have to go," Angel stammered, and before anyone could say anything, grabbed his bag and walked away.

"Yeah, me too. See yah guy's later." She walked in the opposite direction that Angel had taken.

"Geez, there acting weirder then normal," Xander said.

"Oh, no we thought they were just being themselves, only not," Cordelia said sarcasticly. Willow was watching both Buffy and Angel, trying to figure out what had happened. She replayed the conversation in her head, when it dawned on her.

"Oh!" she exclaimed. Cordelia looked at her, and could read something in her eyes. She gasped.


"Do you ladies care to share what all the Oh-ing is about?" Xander asked. They looked at him.

"They had sex!" Cordelia exclaimed. Xander's eye's got wide.

"Oh!" he said.

"Excuse us, but we have to talk to Buffy." Willow and Cordelia left their boyfriends, insearch of their friend. Oz looked to Xander.

"Do you think Angel needs a man to man talk?"

"I don't care if he does. All I wanna know is how the Buffster was in bed," he told Oz, who rolled his eyes, but followed Xander nonetheless.


"Angel! Hey man wait up," Xander shouted. Oz followed behind him at a fast pase. Angel stopped, letting out a soft sigh. He really wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone.

"Xander, I have to get to class," he told his friend.

"Fine, fine we'll walk you then. But I'm not holding your books." That comment gave Angel his first smile, since last night. Thinking that, his smile turned into a frown. Xander grabbed his arm and pulled him to the side.

"We know what happened between you and Buffy," Xander whispered. Angel looked at him, then turned to Oz, who nodded.

"Did Buffy tell you?" he asked.

"No, actually Willow figured it out," Oz told him.

"Willow!" Angel exclaimed.

"Hey, man don't worry. We can deal with you and Buffy being a couple. Infact we were kinda hoping it would happen soon," Xander told him.

"We're not," Angel said quietly.

"Your not? But you slept with her."

"I know, and then I blew her off. God! She must hate me." Angel leaned back against the wall, and hung his head in shame.

"Man! What the Hell were you thinking?" Xander yelled at him, getting a couple of strange looks from the people passing in the hall.

"I wasn't. I thought she was upset that she had slept with me. I mean she made a comment, and I guess I took it the wrong way," he told him.

"Great, just great. Now I'll never get the award for 'Matchmaker of the Year'," Xander mourned. Oz patted him on the back and gave him a simpathetic smile. Angel sighed and continued to walk to class.


"Buffy! Wait up," Willow shouted. Buffy stopped, and turned to look at her friends as they ran up to her.

"I'm suppose to be in History," she said and continued walking.

"Yeah, so? You were suppose to make up with Angel yesterday, but that didn't stop you from sleeping with him," Cordelia said. Willow gave her a mean look.

"How did you....Did Angel tell you?" she asked.

"No actually, we figured it out. The way you two were acting, I think it would be pretty obvious to anyone with a brain," Willow told her. Buffy smacked her head.

"Oh God. It's not even the second week of school, and I already had sex," she told them. Cordelia laughed.

"Don't worry, it's okay to have sex when youíre a couple Buffy."

"A couple of what?" Buffy asked, dreading where the conversation was heading. Cordelia got a confused look on her face.

"A couple. Like relationship wise. I mean, you are, aren't you?" Buffy looked away.

"Youíre not!" Cordelia shrieked, getting strange looks from some people in the hall, much like Xander did.

"No. I mean sure I wouldn't mind, but I think Angel made it pretty clear that he really didn't want one. I can't even be around him, without remembering what he looks like, without clothes on. God I'm doomed," Buffy cried.

"Buffy, Angel cares about you...wait, just what does he look like without clothes on?" Cordelia asked, leaning in close.

"Cordelia, that's not the point. What we're trying to tell you is Angel does care about you. It's the fact that both of you are to stupid to see it," Willow said.

"Yeah, and the bickering is seriously getting old and fast. I mean we all know that it's a disguise for the total flirt fest you two put on everyday." Buffy looked from one to the other. She frowned.

"You guys have spent way to much time analyzing this." They both nodded.

"I still don't know. I think I'll wait until he makes the first move." Willow and Cordelia both nodded. Buffy said goodbye and headed to her class.

Maybe it would work out. Maybe.


Part 11

Angel shrugged off his coat and placed it on Buffy's slim shoulders. He then placed her behind him, and out of danger.

Riley and his friends were still running towards them at full force. They slowed down when the figure of Angel stood before them instead of Buffy.

"Gentlemen, can I help you?" Angel asked. Even though his voice was calm, his eyes were cold and filled with hate. Buffy peaked her head out from behind his arm. Forrest noticed and nodded his head towards Buffy.

"Oh no, all we want to do is just talk with Buffy," he said. Angel seemed to take what he said into consideration, before dismissing it with a wave of his hand.

"No, I don't think that's possible. You've all overstepped your boundaries with Buffy," he said, taking a step closer to Riley. "Especially you."

"Hey man, nothing happened. We were just having some fun," Riley said, turning to stare at his friends to confirm his statement. They all nodded. Riley turned back, totally ignoring Angel as he leered at Buffy. "Wasn't it fun baby?"

He didn't see the fist until he flew back a few feet to land on the wet pavement, blood running down his broken nose. His friends moved back a step, trying to move away from the sinister look in Angel's eyes.

"Stay away from Buffy. Don't look at her, don't talk to her, don't touch her. In fact, don't even breath around her, you fucking bastard." Making his point, he turned around and aided Buffy to his dorm.

Riley got up off the ground and looked around. Lightning struck near by, making his face look pitiful.



Part 12

Angel opened the door and let Buffy walk in first. He moved around grabbing some fresh clothes and a towel so she could dry off.

"Here. Dry off, put these on and get under the covers, so you're not cold, okay?" he told her. Buffy nodded, but remained silent. She took off his coat and placed it on the back of his desk chair. She took of her ruined shirt and towelled herself dry. She grabbed Angelís oversized sweater and put it on. Next she removed her pants and dried off her legs. She didn't put on the sweat pants, but instead just climbed in Angelís bed and pulled up the covers. She turned to look at Angel, who was pulling on his own pair of sweats. They had seen each other naked before and didn't find changing in front of the other uncomfortable. He turned to find her staring at him.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked her, moving over to sit on the bed. Buffy wouldn't accept that, so she tugged on his arm and he climbed in under with her.

"There's nothing to talk about. It happened and I just want to put it in the past..the past..with...every.." she couldn't finish her sentence, because she broke down in tears. Angel pulled her so she could lie half on him to use his shoulder to cry on. Wrapping his arm around her, he smoothed his hands up and down her back, comforting her. He rubbed his cheek against her hair and kissed the top of her head.

After a few minutes, she calmed down, so her misery only consisted of a few whimpers and sniffles. As Buffy was settling down, Angel went back through his memory and all the things that happened between them. The good was there, but it was over shadowed by most of the bad. He gave a big sigh and hugged her closer.

"Buffy," he said softly. She lifted her head, looking at his eyes. He sighed again, but continued. "I'm sorry I haven't been a good friend to you. I've been thinking, about everything thatís happened to us, and the more I do, the more I want to kill myself for treating you like shit. Not such a nice wording, but true nonetheless. I just..I just want to apologise. I know you don't have to accept anything I say, I don't even think you should, Ďcause honestly I wouldn't if I was--" he was cut off as Buffy's lips descended on his. It was a gentle kiss. They were each rediscovering each other again. After a few minutes Buffy pulled away and gave a small smile.

"Angel, you talk to much. And of course I accept your apology...Just don't do it again, or I'll rip your spine out." He gave a small chuckle, and gave her a tight squeeze. Snuggling into him, Buffy closed her eyes and was soon fast asleep.

Looking down at her, he felt regret shoot through him. All this time had been wasted. Wasted on nothings that meant just that much to him. He silently promised himself that things were going to change. And hopefully, she would be willing to let him in her heart again as she had gotten into his.

"I love you. I wish I had told you sooner." With that said, he fell asleep fast, too.


Part 13

The past week flew by with out so much as a hitch. After a brief confrontation with the dean of the school, Riley and his would-be rapist friends were expelled from their position as TA's and letters of disappointment were sent out to their family members.

Everyone was supportive and careful around Buffy, which she was frankly getting sick and tired of. Finally one night when Xander had made a comment to about something he had seen on t.v that had disturbed him, then quickly apologizing to Buffy, as everyone else started at her reaction she let out a frustrated sigh, and exploded in fury.

"I'm sick of this tip-toing all of you are doing. Don't give me that look Will, even you have been doing some major 'beware of what you say around Buffy' things too. Now honestly, I've gotten over it, and thank you all for the help and support, but please can we just go back to how it was, pre-attack?"

Everyone glanced around at each other, then as if a huge boulder was lifted off of all of their shoulders, they sighed as one, and began to explain their hesitation towards her.

"I'm sorry Buffy, we didn't mean to make you feel like you were under a microscope, or fragile like a china cup. It's just that we weren't sure that you were fully over it, and now that we know, we promise that we will never ever again behave like a bunch of psyhco loonies," Willow said, as everyone else nodded their heads enthusiasticaly. Buffy grinned, shaking her head as a sense of joy filled her.

"Sorry I exploded like that. You guys are seriously the best." They all moved in for a group hug, all except Xander and Oz, who hung back, replying that their male pride's didn't do group hugs.

Someone cleared their throat, breaking up the hug session. Angel walked over and placed the tray of coffee he was holding on his desk.

"Wow, I leave for a few minutes to go get coffee, and already I miss a lot. Couldn't you girls wait until I got back to indulge yourselves in some lesbian action?" A teasing smile lite the corners of his mouth. He promtely got a slap to his upper arm by Buffy, who also smiled at him inreturn.

"Hey how are you doing?" he asked her, handing her a paper cup. She groaned.

"Ugh, I wish people would stop asking me that." He only shrugged, sitting down next to her. She moved in a little closer, unnoticed by her friends. But Angel did notice. She placed one of her hands behind her back, and he grabbed it with one of his own that was held out of the way if by any chance some curious gazes settled on them. He rubbed his thumb over the top of her hand, making her smile.

"So Buffy, are you up for Bronz-ing it tonight?" Xander asked, Cordelia sitting snuggly in his lap.

Buffy's head snapped up to attention, still feeling tingles in her hand from where Angel was still massaging it, to their friends unseeing eyes.

"Uh..yah, um sure. That, yah sounds good," she stammered out, getting a weird look from four pairs of eyes. "What?"

"Are you two having sex again?" Cordelia asked matter of factly.

"Wh..what? Cordelia...Angel and my are not having sex..there is no sex. Got it!" Buffy said, a little too fast. No one commented, but the skeptic looks on her friends faces said it all.

"Buffy and me have decided to take it slow. Get to know each other better. We're seeing each other, but no we are not have sex," Angel said. Buffy gave him a grateful smile.

"It's about time!" Willow, Xander, Cordelia, and Oz said in unison. Buffy and Angel groaned in annoyance.


Part 14

Later at the Bronze, they all chatted happily amongst each other. After the Dingoes break was over, Willow went to stand next to the stage gazing lovingly at Oz as he played with his band. Cordelia and Xander sat at the far table the gang occupied, as they watch Buffy and Angel dance.

"Can we dance now?" Xander asked.

"No," she replied.

"Why not? Do you see these shoes? I bought them especially for this evening. I wanna get my jiggy on. Come on, you don't even have to dance. You can just stand there," he pleaded with her. She gave a delicate sniff of her nose.

"Harris, if you think those shoes are fashionably acceptable on a dance floor, then who ever sold them to you should be shot. Plus, I've seen the way you dance. Even if I stood there, there would be some level of humiliation on my part."

"Is that all you think about? Your reputation?" he asked, a hint of anger in his voice.

"No, I think about how my hair will look in the morning, and what outfit will make me look the slimest, and how much more money I have on my credit cards. Oh and how many more hours it'll be till I get to see you again," she said, giving him a bright smile. Xander gave one in return.

"Aw, I think someone lowbes somebody. Come on Cordy, give little Xander a kiss," he said in a baby voice, and moved towards her. She giggled with girly adoration, but accepted nonetheless. Pulling back Xander gazed at her.

"Can we dance now?"



Part 15

Out on the dance floor, Buffy and Angel were in their own private world seeing no one and nothing around them except each other. Angel leaned down, and gave her soft cheek a graze from his lips.

"You know what?" Buffy asked.


"I never thought this would happen. You and me here, like this. Especially together like we are."

"And why's that?" he asked, running his hands lightly up and down her back.

"I don't know, I just never thought you would go for me, I mean you had all these girls practicaly throwing themselves at you. I didn't stand a chance."

"Every girl was not practicaly throwing themselves at me. Well at least not the girl that I wanted to see thrown at me. And how could you say I never cared? I don't sleep with people I don't care about Buffy," he told her, his voice dropping down an octave.

"You really wanted me to throw myself at you?" she said, a small giggle erupting from her lips. He smirked.

"Oh baby, you have no idea how badly I wanted you to throw yourself on me," he said, his voice taking on a seductive whisper.

"At. Throw myself at," she said correcting him, as her heart beat spead up. He shrugged not really pay attention to what they were talking about anymore. He was more consummed with staring at her lushish lips. Just to get a reaction out of him, she slipped her small pink tongue out and slowing moistened them. A small noise was heard in the back of Angel's throat, as he swooped down and captured her lips in a heated kiss.


From the table, Cordelia and Xander watched as Buffy and Angel practicaly mated right there on the dance floor.

"So much for taking it slow," Cordelia pointed out. Xander nodded in agreement.


Part 16

Sunnydale 2003

"I'm so nervous. What if I stumble and fall. I mean it could happen. Oh and what if I fall on the dean? And then he topples over and starts to fall on all the other professers. Then that really geeky kid that's always in all those movies, comes up with his camera and takes a picture, which gets plastered on all the newspapers and then the evening news. I can just see the headline now; 'Crazy graduate, didn't take medication. Five injured in her freak of nature accident.' Oh my God. I'm so nervous..." Willow said, as she paced back and forth in hers and Buffy's dorm room. Buffy stopped packing up her clothes long enough to stare at her friend.

"Will, did you have Mountain Dew today?" she asked suspisously.

Willow looked up with a guilty expressoin. "Just a little. But, I swear I thought it was green...juice. I'm sorry, I know I'm taking this a little to seriously."

"A little? More like full beam alert there, and can you please stop pacing. Besides that fact that it's making me dizzy, your going to burn a whole in the floor."

She quickly threw herself on her sheetless bed, and placed her hands in her lap. This only lasted a few seconds, because the second the knock at the door was heard, she bolted up again.

"See, it's not even graduation day, and they're already sending people after me. They know what I'm capable of Buffy. Quick, stuff me in your closet."

Buffy gave Willow a weird look, but chose to ignore her closet comment, as she went to answer the door. She opened it to a pair of hands that were clasped around at least three dozen or so long stemmed roses. The person with the hands poked his head out from the side of the roses, a sheepish smile on his face.

"Angel, what did I say about flowers?" Buffy asked with a stern voice even though a smile was slowly creeping on her face.

"Uh, to buy you hundreds and hundreds of them?" Shaking her head she attempted to grab them from him, so he could make his way inside the dorm room, but he ushered her aside, and walked in on his own, roses and all.

Setting them down on her empty desk, he looked around at all the boxes.

"So are you girls almost set for tomorrow?" he asked. Willow gave a muffle squeak before quickly exiting the room. Angel stared after her, a confused expression on his face.

"She had Mountain Dew again didn't she?" Buffy nodded her head. She went over to him and gave him a proper greeting. When they broke away to breath again he stared down at her.

"I can't believe it's been three years already. It just feels like yesterday when we decided to officially be acouple," she commented. He nodded his head. Grabbing her hand he pulled her so they could sit on her bare bed. She rested against his lap as he played with her hair.

"Are you nervous about tomorrow?" he asked her. She nodded her head.

"Yeah, I guess. I'm also kind of excited to get it over with. I want to walk away from this place and never look back. Especially since I'll be escaping school. Which is always a plus." Angel chuckled at his girlfriends revelation. He knew perfectly well how she despised school.

"After graduation tomorrow, can you come with me to my parents house for dinner? They want to see you, seeing as its been such a long while since they have." Buffy nodded her head.

"Of course I will. I really want to see them too. Oh and then maybe we can stop off at my house, and have a chat with my mom."

Angel groaned.


Part 17

"Cordelia Chase," the dean annouced. Cordelia strolled up to the stage, and accepted her diploma with grace. She waved at Xander who was in the audience. He gave her the thumbs up.

"Alexander Harris." Xander made his way up the stage, doing a little dance as he went from professer to professer. Cordelia put her head down in embarresment.

"Daniel Osbourne." Oz made his way up to the stage as well, and accepted his diploma with a calm acknowledgement.

"Angelus O'Conner." Angel shook hands with the dean, and turned to the audience. He spotted Buffy right away and mouth 'I love you.' She mouthed it right back.

"Willow Rosenburg." Willow took a deep breath and made her way to the front of the stage, taking each step slowly and one at a time. When she finally reached the dean, she took his offered hand, and shook it. Taking the diploma, she went from professer to professer. As she cleared the stage, she gave a little skip of joy, as her worst fear was over with. But that was short lived. As she skipped, she stepped on the front fold of her gown, which made her trip down the rest of the stairs. Everyone winced, but clapped when she got back up, blushing feriously.

"At least she didn't fall into anyone," Buffy whispered to herself.

"Buffy Anne Summers." Buffy made her way to the stage and also accepted her diploma. She too mouthed an 'I love you' to Angel, and waved her diploma proudly to her mother.

When the dean of the school finished off announcing the rest of the graduates, he stepped up to the microphone once more and in a loud cheerful voice announced,"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to announce your graduating class of 2003!"

Standing up everyone whipped off their hats in joy.


"So Buffy, did you enjoy your graduation?" Mr. O'Conner asked. Buffy nodded her head.

"Have you decided what you want to be?" Mrs. O'Conner asked. Buffy smiled politely.

"Actually, I was thinking of taking over my mothers gallery. I like the arts, and I enjoyed working their over the summer, so I guess that's what I'm going to do."

"Oh how lovely," Mrs. O'Conner said. She smiled at Angel, then she stood up and started to clear the plates. As did Mr. O'Conner. Before she left the room, she gave Angel a thumbs up gesture, which to Buffy seemed odd. She turned her gaze to him, wondering what was going on.

"Wow, your parents cleared the room really fast. Is there something going on I should know about?" she asked. Angel got up and moved to stand infront of her, taking both her hands in his.

"Buffy, you know that I love you right? That I would love you even if we weren't together--"

"Your not breaking up with me are you?" she asked, fear in her voice. Angel chuckled.

"No, actually I'm doing quite the opposite." He got down on one knee, as Buffy's eyes widened. "Buffy Anne Summers, I love you so very much, and you will make me the happiest man alive if you accept my marriage proposal." Before he finished, she propelled herself into his arms, kissing his face all over.

"Yes, oh God yes Angel. Of course. I love you so much too," she cried. Stirred by all the commotion, Angel's parents rushed into the dinning room to witness the happy scene. Angel pulled away from Buffy long enough to slip on the huge diamond ring he had specifically ordered for this occasion. Buffy squealed in delight, and turned to his parents, waving her hand around.

"We're getting married!"


Part 18

Within the week of the proposal, all their family and friends were informed. Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia were in paradise picking out the wedding dress, and bridesmaid dresses. They only had a month to decide all the arrangments before the big day finally came. Angel and Buffy both agreed that they wouldn't wait too long to get married, and decided to have a small wedding, that would only take a few weeks to organize.

"What about this one?" Willow asked, showing Buffy an off the shoulder wedding dress, with long embroidered sleeves. The skirt of the dress puffed out into a bell shape that had layers upon layers of lace and silk under it. Buffy's eyes widened.

"Oh it's gorgeous," she whispered, then looked at the price. She made a strangled noise. "If only I had five thousand dollars."

Buffy flipped through a few more pages until she spotted a simple yet elegant dress, that, looking at the price, knew she could afford.

"What about this one?" she said as she pointed to the dress. Willow and Cordelia glanced over, nodding their heads in approval.

The dress was strapless, and form fitting until it reached the knee area, there it flared out. The train had embroidary on it. Along the edge of the top there was also embroidary, enhancing the bust line.

"Alright, this one it is then." Buffy took a black marker and circled the dress id number and phone number of the place where she would need to go and get fitted at.

"Can you actually believe that in three more weeks your going to be Mrs. O'Conner?" Willow asked. Buffy got a dreamy look on her face.

"I've waited for this my whole life. It almost seems like a dream, but I know it's not. It's real. And it's going to last. I know it."


Part 19

"Do you want to come in?" Buffy asked, as she and Angel stood on her door step. He nodded his head.

"Don't worry my moms not home. She won't be home for at least two days. You know the usual art buying." She took Angels and hers jacket and hung them up in the closet.

Angel took her hand and pulled her to him when she was done. He inhaled her scent, closing his eyes in delight. They quickly snapped opened again when he felt Buffy undoing his belt buckle. Pulling her a few inches away he stared down at her.

"What are you up to?" he asked, as she gazed up at him innocently.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Even though she looked innocent in the face, her hands told a completely different story. She unzipped his zipper, and reached inside, slipping her hand under his boxers. His gasp of ecstacy urged her on. She continued to stroke him, as he moved along with her. Suddenly coming back to reality, he removed her hand from his pants, and grabbed the back of her head for a brief, yet deep kiss.

"Not here," he whispered, and grabbed her hand moving with frightening speed up the stairs and to her room. When they reached the bedroom, he slammed the door shut behind them, and pulled Buffy into his embrace again, devouring her mouth, as he reached for the zipper on the back of her dress. Buffy reached for his silk shirt, popping buttons open.

When they finally got all their clothes removed, Angel backed Buffy up until the backs of her knees hit the edge of the bed. He trailed his hands down her sides, until he reached her hips. Moving his hands to her bottom, he squeezed each firm globe, before picking her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist, breaking away from the kiss, to nibble down his throat to his chest. He turned with a moan, and sat down on the bed, Buffy in his lap. She rubbed up against his arousal, which got a groan out of both of them.

"Angel..oh I can't wait any..longer..please," she pleaded, as he laid down on his back, positioning her on his raging erection.

"No, no more waiting. Oh God, I want to make love to you so badly," he hissed out, as she slid down on him. Fully seated she went still savouring the moment.

"Yesss," she moaned. They made love over and over that night, sealing their souls together in a reunion that rang out everywhere.


Sunshine peaked in through the blinds cracks. One particular ray hit right across Buffy's eyes, jarring her away. Well that ray of sunshine, plus the hands that trailed up and down over her body. She snuggled back against Angels chest, feeling his groin grow harder by the second where it was nestled against her bottom.

"You are insatible," she said with a giggle. He chuckled in response, wrapping his arms around her front and placing one hand over her right breast, as the other hand cupped her mound. He slipped a finger in between her legs, lazily running it back and forth. Buffy moaned, moving against him, which caused her to rub her bottom into his erection.

"And you say I'm insatible," he whispered in her ear, as he slipped one of his legs between hers.

"Oh, Angel," she sighed, as she felt the tip of his penis enter her. She pushed back wanting more.

"Shh, patience." He slipped in little by little, stopping every few seconds to pull out, which was driving Buffy crazy.

"Angel, I swear, if you don't stop messing around, and just fuck me now..." She broke off into a groan, as he pinched one of her nipples.

"Tsk tsk, such language," he teased her, even though her dirty words had effected him more then she would know.

"Please..please..don't make me wait..I need--ANGEL!" she shrieked, as he pushed himself all the way in, in one hard thrust.

"Love you," she panted.

"I love you too," he moaned back. They mated in a hard, fast way that lasted all morning.


Part 20

One month later..

"Alright, breath Buffy, just breath," Willow said, as she passed a bag to her. Buffy stopped hyperventalating after a few seconds.

"I don't know why I'm so nervous. I mean I love Angel, I want to marry Angel. This is ridiculous. Right?" she asked, as she paced up and down in her dressing room. Willow and Cordelia looked at her, each wearing the same bridesmaid dresses. Deep green strapless ones, that were almost identical to Buffys wedding dress.

"Buffy, it's normal for people to be nervous. I mean this is the day you give yourself over to one person for the rest of your life," Cordelia said, then scrunched up her face in distain. "What the hell are you thinking!"

"Ugh, your not helping the situation Cordy," Buffy mused. Just then there was a knock at the door.


"Buffy, it's Angel, can I talk to you for a second?" Buffy shrieked and ran for the adjoining bathroom. Willow opened the door a crack and narrowed her eyes at him.

"You know the rules mister!"

"I know, but Xander said she was acting all freakish, and wouldn't stop pacing. I just wanted to talk to her, try and calm her down. Please?" he nearly begged. Willows face softened. Pulling the door even wider she motioned him in.

"Fine, but only for a few minutes. Cordy and me will leave you two alone." Before Cordelia could protest, Willow grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the room.

"Buffy?" Angel said softly, as he tapped on the bathroom door.

"Go away. It's bad luck. You're going to jinx us," came her muffled replied. He smiled at that.

"I promise I won't see you. I just came to ask if you were alright." The door opened a crack, but no one peeked out.

"Of course I am, why wouldn't I be?" she asked. He slipped his hand through the crack, and waited a few seconds before she clasped it.

"Xander said you were freaking out. Are you having second thoughts baby?" He felt Buffy squeeze his hand.

"No, Angel. Never. I want this so much. I'm just nervous thats all."

"Buffy, you know I love you, with all of my heart. And you know I would wait for you forever. It's alright to be nervous. Honestly so am I." The door opened a little bit more.

"Really?" came her surprised reply.

"Yes, really. Which is ridiculous, I know." He stepped up closer to the door, as he gripped her hand more firmly.

"No, it's perfectly normal. Willow even said so." Angel chuckled at that.

"Okay, so then we're agreed. Both of us are normally nervous." Buffy giggled.

"You know what else I feel?" he asked her.

"What?" she whispered.

"I feel excited, cause from this day on, your going to be in my life forever. I'll always get to see you, and wake up to you. I can't wait to watch you hold our children. God Buffy, we're going to have the most beautiful and best children in the world." He heard a soft sniffle.

"I love you," she said.

"I love you too. Now, let's get married."


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