Soul Balm

Author: Briony (

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Timeline: Set immediately after Angel season 5 episode Damage.

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Rating: NC-17

Synopsis: The events of Damage send Angel to see Buffy in Italy. Stars indicate actual dialogue taken from that episode.

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Author's Note: Written for the Chosenfics kinkathon. This fic is for Gia.


“Any sign of the boss this morning?”

“Don’t expect me to go in there. I’m not getting yelled at again.”

Inside the darkened office, a figure sat staring into space, his only movement, a drumming of fingers on the polished desktop, a shifting of shoulders in the large, leather chair. He turned to the desk, one hand scrubbing at his face. A deep sigh escaped as he went to the window staring out the treated frames at another beautiful day L.A. day that once again he couldn’t enjoy. Wolfram and Hart believed he would enjoy being able to see the sun. All he felt was more isolated from the world outside. A large hand hit the glass window wishing just once it would shatter and end his torment.

An incessant ringing prompted him to the sofa and his jacket. He grasped the small phone intending to bash it on the floor when he caught sight of the caller id. Breathing deeply he moved to his chair again while pushing the familiar green button.



A cooling wind swept steadily across the hilltop plateau giving welcome relief from the Mediterranean heat. In the valley below the inhabitants of Poggio Mirteto continued about their daily lives of loving, living, and working, seemingly unaware of the world above them.

The people of the valley were accustomed to the hilltop villa of Il Giardino degli Ulivi-Vacuna or simply Vacuna as it was known,  being silent, for its owners were world travelers and were often abroad. However, if one were to study the usually dark home this evening, one would be aware of a single light.

Tonight a solitary figure moved silently about the garden leading into the house, arms wrapped about slim shoulders as they scanned the hillside below.

“He said I would see him soon,” she said aloud. “What does that mean, soon? Is it tonight or tomorrow night? Or did he mean next week?”

In the time since Buffy had spoken to Angel on the phone two nights ago, she had been worried, uneasy. He had sounded so distant; she had known something was wrong, but he hadn’t been willing to confide in her. She wondered initially if once again he was trying to protect her but somehow she knew this time it was something else.

In the years they had known each other, she had heard the different timbres of his voice, later she had come to understand them and this time was different. This time it wasn’t just a sadness she could read in his tone, but a resignation, a reckoning that held no hope, no faith and above all else no promise of tomorrows. The realization had scared her thus prompting her to issue an invitation.

“Angel, why don’t you take a few days off? I would really like to see you. Will you come?”

The phone remained silent on the other end. “Please Angel, I really need to see you,” she implored.

“Okay,” he replied tersely. “I have to go now.”

She heard him take a deep breath.



“Thank you for calling.”

In the months since the army of both Slayers and civilians had managed to sink Sunnydale into the ground, the former Chosen One had spent much of her time on the move but not before she had placed a call to the one man who would always hold her heart. She had called to inform him that she and the others were safe, the crisis was averted, and there was no need for the second front. In the weeks and months that followed, Buffy found herself picking up a phone often, just to hear his voice, just to tell him where she was, just to…well, just to. He had asked few questions and she, being grateful for his allowing her to move at her own pace, had given numerous details of her travels but few regarding her personal status.  It was during one of these calls that he had taken the opportunity to offer her a cell phone.

“It’s just so you won’t have to rely on payphones. If you had my private number you would always be able to reach me.”

The small blonde had found herself agreeing and now it sat on the patio table, silent and right now she felt it was useless.

“Please Angel, where are you?”

A little less than a hundred yards up the hill a dark figure waited in the darkness. He had been there since shortly after sunset watching the woman pacing below. Buffy was waiting for him, he knew. She was watching the valley below for a vehicle, any vehicle from the small hill town below to make its way carefully up the unpaved bumpy road to the villa. She hadn’t any way of knowing he had come from the other side. A helicopter had carried him here, he and the pilot waiting inside the necro-tempered bubble until sundown before he remained and the pilot headed back for the airport of Fiumicino to rest and await further instructions. Sometimes being the boss of a major corporation, albeit an evil one did have its benefits.

Fragments of conversations filled his head as he watched her.

*‘I’ve got 12 slayers behind me, and not one of them has ever dated you.’

*‘You’re way out of your league here. I’ll just clear this with Buffy.’

*‘Where do you think my orders came from? News flash-nobody in our camp trusts you anymore. Nobody. You work for Wolfram and Hart. Don’t fool yourself….we’re not on the same side.’

His hand had gone instinctively for the cell phone in his pocket, wanting to dial a familiar number. Wanting to hear her voice but he had stopped. The irritating Watcher-in-training had made it clear. She didn’t trust him anymore.

That night he had sat in the darkness of his office forcing himself to relive all the painful memories that had been their relationship. He had been the one to force the phone on her and even though she used it regularly, he really didn’t know just where he stood in her life. She had claimed to be baking, to be finding herself. What if his intrusion was keeping her from doing just that?

He continued to watch as she made her way into the small house. He could see her extinguishing the garden light before proceeding. His former love had given up for the evening. Once again, he wasn’t coming.

Moving swiftly, he entered the small garden coming to halt outside the wood framed door. As he hesitated, the door swung open.

There she stood, smiling up at him. “I wondered when you were going to quit hiding out there.”

She reached for his hand gently tugging him inside. “Please come in Angel. I’ve been waiting for you.”

He stepped inside a small entryway taking a moment to really look at the small blonde in front of him. Her hair was down, brushing past her shoulders, the front held back by two small clips. She wore a simple red print dress that hung to her slender calves leading down to bare feet. Her only jewelry was a pair of single hoops in her ears. She stirred under his gaze, her eyes dropping down to his chest. He frowned as she turned away.

She led him through the entryway into a small eat-in kitchen in which a scarred wooden table sat filled to overflowing with fresh vegetables and fruits.

He raised an eyebrow. The Buffy he had known years earlier had been more attuned to junk food than this healthy fare.

She took notice of his perusal.

“There is a market about 20 minutes from here I just can’t resist. It seems since I got here all I do is eat.” She shrugged sheepishly and he took in the twinkle in her eye, the soft sheen of her skin.

“You’re looking well. Italy agrees with you.”

She paused in front of the refrigerator. “Are you hungry Angel? I took the liberty of getting some lamb’s blood just in case. It’s actually pretty fresh.”

He was taken aback for a moment. She had brought him blood back in Sunnydale when he was still recovering from his stay in Hell but it amazed him at how easily she fell back into it again.

Sinking his hands in his pockets, he studied her. “I’m fine Buffy, maybe later.”

Her hands clasped in front of her, she looked him over nervously, biting her bottom lip. “Okay, well, why don’t I show you the rest of the house? It’s small but it’s cozy.”

She led him through the kitchen into a small sitting area, which held a loveseat, a single chair and table and a few scattered rugs and lamps. One entire wall was a stone fireplace with a step-up hearth each side flanked by built-in bookcases full of books. He paused to take it all in but she once again took his hand to lead him down a narrow hallway. She took a step up into a bedroom and turned quickly to face him.

Sliding her arms around his neck, she took advantage of the fact the step evened their height a bit.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you how happy I am to see you.”

She tightened her hold around his neck pulling him closer until she could softly kiss his lips.

“I am happy to see you.”

He kissed her back hesitantly, allowing his hands to slide along her slender arms to meet at her waist.

He had to admit he was confused.

He stepped away from her shaking his head in denial. “I don’t know why you really wanted to see me Buffy but if you’re upset with me you can just tell me. I already know what you think of my decisions …”

“Angel,” she interrupted, “would you mind terribly if I asked you to hold me, just for a minute?”

Looking in to her eyes, he couldn’t answer but realized he had opened his arms inviting her into them. She quickly wrapped her arms around his waist; her head lay on his broad chest. He raised his hand, hesitating just a moment before stroking her hair. 

Her face buried in his chest, her voice sounded small. “You feel so good. I have missed you so much.”

He sighed heavily. “I’ve missed you too, Buffy.”

‘You will never know how much,’ he thought.

She searched his face hopefully.

“Maybe I have a pretty good idea.”

Taking this opportunity, she rose on her tiptoes to kiss him. At first, their kiss was merely sweet but he moaned deep in his throat pulling her to him. Lifting her up, he stepped up into the bedroom keeping his hold tight around her. Her breasts were pressed against his chest and he allowed himself to remember this feeling before the growing tightness in his groin forced him to pull away. Buffy wouldn’t release him but held him fast unwilling to severe their connection.

“Don’t pull away from me Angel” Her voice broke with emotion as she trembled in his arms. “I just want to feel you. I just want to hope that you still want me like I want you.”

She moved closer into him, feeling his erection growing against her belly. Angel moved one hand down her side to settle on her hip while the other buried itself in the hair on the back of her neck before tugging her head back. She lifted her face to greet him, her hunger for his kiss making them forget everything but each other.  Her small hands made short work of his jacket, slipping it off his shoulders and tossing it on the chair beside them. Small fingers moved to the front of his shirt quickly undoing the top buttons and pushing it aside to reveal the pale skin. Buffy placed a single kiss on his chest, a choked sob escaped from her throat as she reveled in the comfort only he could provide. He allowed them this closeness for a few moments before he remembered his earlier ire and forcefully pulled away.

The dark haired vampire turned to confront her, anger evident in his face.

“What are you doing Buffy? You asked me here to what, seduce me? You don’t have to remind me of what I can’t have. I get it. I remember.”

She watched bewildered as he went for his jacket slinging over one shoulder before turning to her again.

“I don’t know why I’m here but if you wanted to tell me how disappointed you are in me I didn’t have to come all this way. That boy you and Giles sent made it all clear. You don’t trust me.”

Buffy took a step toward him but he turned away from her to find he was facing her bed. Concern was evident on her face as she tried to talk to him.

“Angel, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t talked…”

He shook his head before moving to the open patio doors leading from the bedroom and flipping open his cell phone.

She stared up at him, her eyes wide. “What are you doing?”

“I’m getting out of here. I need to call my pilot to come pick me up and then I will wait outside. Don’t worry; you won’t have to bother with me anymore.”

The small blonde stepped in front of him trying to block his way. “What if I don’t want you to go?”

I don’t have any reason to stay, he retorted. “I think it’s better that I make my call outside.”

He turned to the doorway with her behind him.

“Angel, wait.”

He stopped but refused to look back at her. His parting words were barely audible. “Goodbye, Buffy.”

“No,” she cried frantically. The tiny Slayer grabbed his arm causing him to turn to her. Raising her small fist, she punched him in the temple. He slumped to the floor immediately.

Dropping down beside him, she smoothed his hair touching his face as she leaned over him.

“I’m sorry baby. I didn’t want to do that.”


The dark haired vampire opened his eyes to find himself lying on his back on an iron bed. Looking beside him, he could see a small table.  

Against one wall stood a dresser, a tall screen next to it and on the other side, a writing desk on which sat a laptop computer. A linen sheet was drawn over him and he realized his clothing had been removed except for his boxers.

‘Where in the Hell were his clothes?’

His head pounded a bit as he remembered that he had tried to leave, Buffy had grabbed him and then she had knocked him out.

A shadow moved in the corner of the room from behind the screen. She stepped into view dressed in a long white gown with spaghetti straps and a deep v neckline.

He blinked rapidly trying to clear his head.

“Buffy, what in Hell is going on?”

He tried to lower his arms before he realized he was tied to the bedposts with thin cords. A series of knots were tied at evenly spaced intervals to strengthen the bonds.  He wondered fleetingly just who had taught her about this form of restraint and Spike immediately came to mind.  The thought incensed him and he wrenched at the ties.

She leaned over him, a soft expression on her face.

“Hi, I need your complete attention so here we are.”

Angel’s eyes narrowed. “Well, seeing that you have me at a disadvantage I guess we are.”

“I know you’re probably upset right now,” she observed.

“Who taught you how to tie people up,” he bit out. “Was it a Spike lesson?”

She crawled up on the bed beside him allowing him a breathtaking view of her cleavage. “No, but we aren’t here to talk about Spike. I can imagine having him around gives you the proverbial headache all the time. Is he helping or just being a pain in your ass?”

He lay back against the pillows. “So you do know, about Spike’s resurrection. Did your flunky Andrew tell you? He was very happy to deliver your message.” He shifted again and his agitation grew. “I expected you to come get the girl. I guess I was wrong.”

She sighed heavily before moving closer to him. Reaching to him, she caressed the side of his face. He turned his head away from her but not before she could see he wasn’t angry so much as he was hurt.

“Angel, first off, I don’t know how Spike could expect to keep his resurrection a secret. You forget about the demon network.  You might be surprised how much some of them want to share right before you take their heads off.” She ran her fingertips through the front of his hair. “You’ve cut your hair. It’s not as long anymore.”

He wanted to flinch away but instead found himself leaning into her touch as she talked.

“And the last time, with the First, it was about you. This time it wanted him. There wasn’t any other choice and he knew it.  It was his sacrifice to make.”

“And you needed him. All you wanted from me was the amulet and then you wanted me gone”.

“I just wanted you safe. If I had come to you, would you have done it any differently? You almost gave up last time. I didn’t want it anywhere near you Angel. I want you to know this, we almost didn’t make it.”

He glanced at her quickly before looking away again. “It doesn’t explain your errand boy or why I’m here tied up in your bed wearing nothing but my underwear,” he complained. ‘She had her hands all over me and I wasn’t even awake to enjoy it.’

She laughed lightly. “I don’t know, having you here in your underwear works for me.”

He turned to fix her with a steely glare so she gulped down her impending laugh and continued, “Now as for Andrew, he is not now nor has he ever been my friend or my flunky and above all else he does not speak for me. No one does. I made a call while you were um, sleeping,” she said sheepishly, “and I wouldn’t have hit you but you were trying to leave and I’m sorry I did that.”

“Buffy,” he interrupted impatiently, “get to the point. You made a phone call.”

She looked at him pleadingly. “I didn’t have anything to do with Andrew’s visit nor did I know anything about it. I’m not exactly keeping in close contact with the others right now. I can tell you I don’t understand why Giles would send him, of all people, to take care of anything.”

Angel didn’t acknowledge he heard her but instead groaned as he shifted on the bed. His head hurt, he was still angry and he was still vulnerable with a Slayer dressed for seduction sitting beside him. The fact that she would undress and restrain him while dressed like a goddess was a fantasy at one time but now it just irritated him.

“I’m very sorry I hurt you. But you said that word.” She licked her lips nervously. “I just reacted.”

Angel remained silent while he listened to her words. Even he couldn’t believe he had actually said it and he knew in his heart he didn’t mean it.

Buffy traced a finger lightly across his chest. “We have been talking for months now. If something was bothering you, why didn’t you just call me? I thought that was why you sent me the phone. So we could keep in touch.”

He dipped his head, looking away from her before answering softly. “I don’t want to bother you while you’re baking.”

She shook her head in disbelief. “I still can’t believe I said that. That takes the prize for all time Buffy lameness.”

Placing her fingers under his chin, she gently turned his head to her. “Angel, I know you aren’t in to eating but let me tell you this. No one likes burnt cookies. Besides, I really wanted to see you, I have something to give you.”

“So you invited me here to give me a present,” he asked incredulously.

She left the bed and went to the writing desk. From a drawer she removed a velvet bag. Opening the bag, she removed a silver medallion with a long chain attached. Holding it up in front of her, Buffy slipped it over his head.

“What’s this,” he asked trying to inspect the carvings.

“This is a present from a group of gypsies I met here in Italy. A demon was trying to carry off their grandmother and I killed him.”

He moved nervously. “Uh Buffy, you know that gypsies and I don’t exactly blend well.” He shrank away from the chain, expecting it to burn him at the least. “I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Her small hand clasped the medallion holding it to his chest. “This time is different Angel. I don’t know how they knew we, well you, needed this but they did. I even told them I didn’t trust gypsies as they had harmed someone I care deeply about. Their elders informed me that Romanian gypsies harmed my friend and I got the idea they weren’t very fond of them. They told me they had always found the Romanians to be too full of vengeance and too lacking in sense. Don’t you see Angel? They gave me this for you.”

Seeing the hopeful look in her eyes, he paused. “These gypsies, did you tell them about me? Do they know why I am cursed?”

She shook her head. “I didn’t need to. Their grandmother, the woman I saved, she told me that sometimes ones own punishment is payment enough for their crime. I had already refused the gift but she placed it in my hands and told me this medallion would protect your soul but you needed me to heal your heart. She said you were lost and that you needed me. We need each other Angel. Don’t you feel it? I didn’t understand what she meant but she just said for you to wear this and we would understand. I believe her.”  

He met her gaze sadly. “Buffy, you know that you and I, we can’t be together. Not only will you get hurt but others are involved here.”

She shook her head in denial. “But with this you are safe Angel. You won’t have to worry about losing your soul again.”

The Romanians cursed me as a punishment Buffy. I don’t have only that crime. I have many of them.”

She rose to her knees next to him, the silky gown slipping up her thighs. One strap fell down her shoulder as she tried to reason with the man in her bed.

“But Angel, the Romanians are only concerned with one crime. They only care what Angelus did to one of theirs. They don’t care about anyone else. Even I know that. If they did they would never have cast such a stupid curse.”

Placing her hands on his chest, she moved over him sliding her body down to meld next to him. “This is a gift Angel. Don’t you think we deserve one after all this time?”

She froze for an instant before rising to sit beside him. One quick breath later, she forced herself to meet his eyes.

“Unless I’m out of line here and you don’t want me anymore that way.” She bit into her bottom lip as she leaned over him quickly releasing his bonds. “I mean, if you don’t I can understand. I can just let you go…”

She yelped in surprise as her former lover pulled her down to him, sealing his mouth to hers, his tongue sweeping out to taste the copper drop on her lip. A breathy moan escaped as he consumed her lips while his hand slid up her bare leg to rest on her hip. He released her and she licked at her bottom lip tasting the copper tang of her blood.

Her movement stilled him for a moment as he took in her flushed face. He smirked as he rose up over her.

“That still doesn’t explain how you learned about tying people up.”

A mischievous grin crossed her lips. “Well, I have been doing a lot of reading.”

He shook his head. “You can learn so much more by doing, don’t you know that?”

Her gaze met his, her small smile unwavering. “Well, I didn’t want to be a complete virgin my first time.”

“Were you planning on a first time,” he inquired.

She dropped her eyes, suddenly unsure of herself.  “A girl likes to be prepared, just in case.”

He rose from the bed taking a minute to reach for his clothes, pulling on his pants as he surveyed the room. His gaze fell on the set of cords tied to the headboard. He took her hands, raising them up above her head and using the discarded cords secured them to the iron headboard. Noticing the cords at the footboard, he inclined his head toward her.

“Were you planning to use these too?”

“I decided they weren’t necessary,” she answered quietly.

He chuckled at that. “I think this time they are necessary, don’t you? And just to be fair, let’s remove the gown.”  He untied each of the straps sliding the thin silky material down her body until it pooled at her ankles leaving her in nothing but a pair of matching panties. He tossed it on the chair and leaning over her he quickly wrapped each of her ankles and tied them securely to the foot of the bed.

“Not too tight I hope,” he asked.

She shook her head.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

“I said no, they aren’t too tight.”


He finished dressing and stood over her taking in his handiwork. Spying a scarf lying on the tall dresser, he retrieved it.

“Do you trust me Buffy?”

“I trust you.”

“Are you sure?”


Leaning over her, he looked into her eyes. “Do you trust me enough to let me blindfold you?”

Her green eyes were luminous, she fought to stay calm as she answered. “Yes…I trust you.”

He folded the scarf carefully before tying it around her eyes ensuring she couldn’t see through it. Stepping back, he took in the sight with a satisfied smile.

She laid there quietly as his gaze swept over her. Leaning against the wall, he studied her for a moment before turning off one lamp while allowing the other to bathe her in a golden light. A faint tremor shook her lightly tamed form and he smiled as she struggled to remain still and silent. Angel knew it took intense concentration on her part to allow anyone to handle her in this way. To be at the mercy of anyone went against everything in her Slayer nature and it was elating that she would put herself in this position for him.

Standing over her, he wanted nothing more than to touch her but he defeated the impulse. Denying himself the pleasure of touching Buffy was something he was accustomed to but the stillness of the room along with the growing erection in his pants propelled him down the hallway to the front door. Stepping through it, he closed it behind him leaving her in silence.

Buffy waited for a few minutes straining hard for any sound that would indicate that Angel had reentered the house.  The only sound she could discern was the beating of her heart as she wondered if he had indeed restrained her and then left her. The patio doors stood open slightly and a cool breeze wafted through them.  

She didn’t want to think that he was gone but with each passing moment that he didn’t return she was faced with the possibility.

She had told him she knew nothing about Andrew’s visit to Los Angeles and that had been the truth but what if he didn’t believe her? Her apology for hitting him had been heartfelt, a knee jerk reaction on her part, but when he had uttered the fateful word, ‘goodbye’, she had panicked. They didn’t do goodbyes, they didn’t say it, they didn’t think it and she didn’t want to believe that this time he might really mean it. A tear escaped from her eye as she contemplated life without ever seeing him again.

Outside the small house, Angel paced under the moonlight cell phone in hand. He had claimed he was leaving but now that he was standing here, he couldn’t make himself go.

Standing in the shadows of the patio, he knew she had yet to move. She was still in there, waiting for him to return. While he had retreated, he hadn’t left her vulnerable. At anytime she could break her bonds but she had so far chosen not to. He reached for the chain on his neck holding the medallion up for inspection. She had called him all the way across the ocean to give him this. Her thoughts had been only of him, of what this piece of magickal jewelry could mean for them, should he choose to believe.

But did he, could he? That was what he faced now. Did he trust in Buffy never to put him in the kind of danger that could affect not only her life but also the lives of others? The answer was yes. He jumped the small hedge that bordered the patio and moved to the glass doors. A small sound stopped him. Looking through the glass, she lay there still restrained, still waiting for his return. She shivered suddenly in the night air and he thought she might be cold with the doors open. A small smile crossed his lips as he entered through the doors taking care to close them behind him.

She felt his presence immediately and said a silent thank you to whoever might have been listening to her prayers. A slight kink in her back made her move slightly to get a bit more comfortable tied as she was. Her nipples hardened at the thought that he was standing over her looking down on her. She wished she could see his face but he had done a thorough job of the blindfold allowing her nothing but blue shadows. 

“You said you’ve been reading,” he spoke finally while allowing himself to take in her slender form, the lamplight glowing on her body.

“Yes,” she replied shakily.

“You do know then that the slave does not move without the Master’s permission?”

She swallowed the lump in her dry throat.


“And did I give you permission to move?”


“And am I your Master?”

“Always,” she whispered.

He took a seat in the chair beside the bed moving it closer in order to scrutinize her more closely. He knew in his soul that no one had ever seen her in this role and he reveled in the knowledge that he would be the only one so blessed.

Displayed as she was, he could see how her body had changed; matured in the time they had been apart. Her small breast sat up high on her chest, their rosy pink nipples hard under his sights.  She was still slender, always would be, but her waist and hips were shapely, capped off by a small navel he planned to explore thoroughly. He reached out for her, his hand poised over her covered mound the rush of air alerting her to his presence above her body. While she struggled to remain motionless, her body betrayed her, a delicious aroma wafting from her loins through her silky panties to tantalize his senses.

“Do you require a safe word,” he asked while allowing one fingertip to smooth its way down her throat until it reached her chest. “You may have any one you like.”

“No safe word. I don’t need it.”

He sat back in the chair, a smile on his face. That was exactly what he wanted to hear from her.

“Very well then. I only have a few simple instructions. You will not speak without permission. You will remain as you are until I instruct you otherwise. Do you understand these instructions?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“I know these situations call for you to address me as Master or Sir but in this case I don’t prefer it. It’s only important that you know I’m your Master.”

“Yes Angel,” she answered quietly.

Leaning forward, he pressed his lips tenderly to hers; he kissed his way down her face to her neck stopping to suck on the faded scar on her throat.

“Mine,” he whispered reverently as he laved it with his tongue before nipping her with his teeth. Her body tensed beneath him.

“It’s okay, Buffy. You’re allowed to moan. I would prefer you did.”

He leaned closer to her ear. “I want to hear every sound of pleasure from your lips. Don’t be afraid and don’t hold back. No words, just sounds.”

His hand rested on her stomach that quivered beneath his fingers; her desire for him flowed through her body. His lips moved from her neck to her breast and without warning, he took the rosy tip into his mouth, her back arching beneath his mouth. He dropped his hands, moving away instantly.

“Buffy, you know you aren’t supposed to move. I’m afraid I’m going to have to punish you for that.”

Her heart beat louder under her breast as she waited.

‘She didn’t mean to move,’ she thought silently, ‘but this was Angel. She couldn’t help it.’  

A sharp slap to her outer thigh brought her back to reality.

His voice sounded next to her ear. “Once again, you will remain still or I will have to punish you again.”

He began to flick his tongue against her nipple; her nub

hardening under his tongue. Her body was a tool for his hands, a receptacle for his body. He sank his teeth into her breast, a low groan escaped from her lips before he licked the slight sting away. His mouth moved away leaving a mark but not breaking the skin. Her heart pounded beneath his fingers as he covered her other breast with his hand kneading the flesh before delivering another nip to her hardened nub.

She moaned low in her throat, struggling to hold her body still under his hands. There had never been enough time before to leisurely explore each other’s bodies and it stirred him to know he could generate such a response from just her breasts. He laved his way down her tight belly taking the time to elicit small licks and nips down her abdomen and around her navel. He nipped the area above her covered mound, his nose tingling at the fresh gush of moisture that rose from the top of her thighs.

Standing back for a moment to admire her, Angel tucked two fingers into the offensive panty ripping it from her body.

“I don’t think you need these anymore.”  

He stood back to admire her. Her nether lips faintly glistened in the lamplight and he couldn’t resist teasing her with his fingers, tracing the area around her mound before stroking her outer lips. Moisture covered his fingertips as he inserted first one, then two into her heated channel. Her silken walls clutched at his fingers and he fought back the demon that was shouting in his head to take her and claim what was theirs. He pulled his fingers from her heated core licking them, tasting her heat before plunging them back inside her.

She moaned loudly at his efforts his name almost escaping her lips.

He rewarded her efforts by untying her ankles taking care to smooth any ridges or creases where the bonds may have cut into her. She was the Slayer but he still didn’t want her body marked unnecessarily.

Moving over the footboard, his hands skimmed her bottom raising her legs and bending her knees so that she was fully exposed to his view.

“Beautiful,” he whispered just before pressing a kiss to her clit causing her to jump beneath his lips. Taking his fingers, he spread her open, her folds beckoned to him as he plunged his tongue into their depths.

She thrashed beneath him as he quickly delivered rapid flicks to her clit while feeling the tide rise within her.

He pulled himself away, his chin wet with her juices.

“Do you want to come Buffy? You have to ask me first.”

“Please Angel, please let me come.”

“Not yet, baby. I want you to squirm some more first.”

He inserted one finger into her delving carefully until he felt the fleshy area at the front wall of her vagina. Her reaction to his touch told him he had found the right spot. He alternated between rubbing it gently, forcing her hips higher as she struggled not to give in to the pleasure and pressing lightly on her clit with his thumb. As he slipped the scarf from her eyes, she blinked rapidly before focusing on him.

The dark eyes bore into her green ones.

“Tell me Buffy. Tell me what you want.”

“Please Angel, I want to come. Let me come.”

“Who do you belong to? Who will you always belong to?”

“You Angel, there’s only you.”

“Then don’t hold back. I want to hear you come.”

He pressed down on her clit while rubbing hard on her sweet spot. She cried deep in her throat, her breasts heaving as she exploded beneath his fingers. The sweat glistened on her chest and down her stomach as she took several deep breaths to calm herself and slow down her beating heart.

Her lips moved silently as he kissed her heated brow.

“You can speak Buffy.”

“I love you.”

He leaned over untying one of the bonds that held her wrists. She freed her other one while he stood over her removing his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. His hands dropped to his belt unbuckling the clasp and dropping them to his feet. He stepped out of them laying them on the chair before resuming his stance beside the bed.

She looked up at him, the love in her eyes evident as she opened her arms to him. Angel came to her, taking his place beside her and rolling onto his side to look into her eyes.

“I wouldn’t be truthful if I said I wasn’t scared here.”

She smoothed his cheek with her hand. “I need you to believe in me now. Believe that I love you, that I won’t hurt you.”

“I do.” The vampire rolled her under him, easing his way down, coming to the junction of her thighs; he braced his arms on either side of her.

She reached down between them to take him in hand, pointing him to her heated entrance. He entered her slowly, giving her body time to adjust, while relishing in the fact that finally he was were he belonged. Her hips rose up to meet him as her legs tightened around his waist. Her head lolled back as a moan escaped her lips. She raised her knees higher allowing him to hook his arms under them, allowing him to penetrate her deeper.

At first, they moved slowly, languishing in the feeling of being joined again but soon a burning formed low in his belly urging him to stroke faster, to lift them higher, and to take them where they hadn’t been in too long a time. She pulled his head down to her, kissing his lips, nipping his neck until a growl escaped him.

“Bite me Angel. Make me yours again.”

The Slayer pressed her neck to his lips as his fangs emerged to sink into the faded scar. Her warm blood spilled over his tongue as his cock tightened inside her quivering sheath. Her body convulsed beneath him as he erupted deep inside. The vampire pulled his fangs from her throat taking care to lave the reopened wound before sinking to the bed beside her. Buffy trembled beside him as the tiny aftershocks continued to swarm through her pussy to her breasts. He pulled her closer to his chest pulling the sheet up over them.

For what seemed like hours they laid there, enjoying the others presence, basking in the faint lamplight until the hour grew late. There were no worries for his soul, in fact, he felt lighter than he had in years and he knew it was all due to the woman dozing beside him. He rose from the bed and she shot up immediately her arms around his shoulders.

“Shhh, I’m not leaving. I just need to make a call.”

She tightened her hold, her body trembling and he stretched out beside her, laying the phone on the bedside table.

“Forget the call. It will keep.”

When the first pink signs of dawn began to spill across the sky, the small blonde had hurried from the bed taking care to pull the drapes across the patio doors before returning to Angel’s arms. She snuggled into him taking advantage of their time together.

“When do you have to leave,” she asked, dreading the answer but forcing herself to face the inevitable.

“I can stay a few days,” he answered, “just like you asked. After that, I have to go back. I still have a job to do.”

The next days passed all too quickly but the lovers took advantage of the time they had. They often found themselves talking late into the night and into the next day, reconnecting their souls, strengthening their bond and then making love until exhaustion overcame them and forced them to rest.

Finally, with just a few short hours before the sunrise, they stood in the garden. He took one last moment to kiss her once more, pushing the hair from her face while trying to soothe the torment in her eyes. He reached for the medallion pulling it over his head and slipping it around her neck.

“I’m leaving this with you. I know you are doing something important here and I want you to know that I love you and I fully expect you to return this to me soon.” He leaned closer to her. “Your Master demands it.”

Forcing himself to turn away, he moved to the helicopter that would take him away.

She hesitated but a moment before giving in to the emotion that swept over her as once again she watched him walk away. Her heart swelled in her chest threatening to choke her.

“Angel,” she called over the sound of the copter. He stopped allowing her to come to him. Her head dropped demurely but she was gazing up at him through her lashes.

“Slave asks for permission to speak.”

A big smile crossed his face. “Permission granted.”

“I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to stand here and watch you go again. I don’t need to bake. You don’t even eat.” She flushed slightly. “Cookies, that is.”

He leaned over to her. “Twenty minutes?”

“Give me fifteen.”

She ran into the house and he tilted his head back to smile up at the stars. For the first time since they had parted, he was actually looking ahead to what came next.

A door slammed and she hurried toward him carrying a bag that he realized had already been packed. Yes, for once, his unlife was going to be good.

The End

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