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We have quite a few challenges left that didn't make it into the 'challficathon', therefore we're offering them to everybody else hoping that they'll be turned into fics someday . So please feel free to pick 1 or 2 or more, but please don't forget to mention who issued the challenge you answered.

Mistressless Challenges

Challenge #1
sired by: Ares & Psycho Slayer

Type: AU
Genre: Angst
Rating: up to NC-17
Characters: Angel, Buffy and anyone else you want except Willow, Xander and Dawn.

In the ep. Normal Again Buffy kills the Scoobies, going back to the 'real world'. There, while being in a club, a group of vamps take over the club and Angel comes in and saves the day (kinda like in The Harvest but instead of Buffy killing the leader, Angel does). Then she realises that vampires are real but she's not the Slayer.


  • Buffy and Angel meeting and falling in love.
  • Angel's not a vamp but he does have a dark past (it's up to you what happened).
  • Buffy telling Angel about being in the mental hospital.
  • Angel teaching Buffy how to fight.
  • A big bad related to Angel's past (please, NOT Darla).
  • A happy ending.
  • The lines ' Welcome to the Buffy show' and ' God! Not THAT again!'

  • Challenge #2
    sired by: Ares & Psycho Slayer

    Type: Rewrite
    Genre: Humour a must and anything else you please.
    Rating: Up to NC 17
    Characters: Angel, Andrew, Wesley and Spike and anyone else you wish from the show.
    POV: Angel's

    AtS 5 Damage. Andrew is called in to Wolfram and Hart to help with the capture of Dana and once he sees Angel he becomes besotted with him.
    How Andrew is treated is up to you.
    How the episode ends is also up to you.
    No Angel bashing but others are fair game.


  • No slash.

  • Must have Wesley put Andrew in his place, Wesley's so good at that.
  • A little torture would be fun. Blood play even better.
  • A phone call between Angel and Giles.
  • The lines: 'It goes where?' is to be used and 'You Drink It, and 'Is this a date?"'
  • No character deaths.

  • Challenge #3
    sired by: Briony Cain & Rehatha

    Timeline: after Darla was resurrected but definitely before she and Angel did their mattress tango.

    Darla captures Angel and Buffy. Doesn't want to give Buffy an easy death, even if it is in front of Angel because Darla still wants Angelus back. ( and Angelus did seem to be obsessed with Buffy too, but his obsessions fade once the girl is turned. ) Plan is to turn Buffy, give her a soul ( or maybe she keeps it )

    So, Darla turns Buffy.

    Casts a spell to oust Angel and get back Angelus.

    Darla plans to spend decades happily torturing the Slayer turned vampire with "her boy".

    Only things don't turn out quite as Darla intended since Angelus doesn't want her anymore.

    After all, she did ditch him with that pesky soul for 100 years. But does Angelus want either one of them? Or worse still, does the demon want the Slayer still.

    Challenge #4
    sired by: Briony Cain & Rehatha

    Instead of going to the tower after her resurrection, Buffy goes to the mansion and is hiding there. She's horrified, scared, thinks she's in hell. Can't understand, maybe can't really hear clearly, everything being too everything, bright, loud painful.

    Willow and co., thinking they've failed and Sunnydale falling to biker gang from hell call Angel to save them. They can't fight them all, they can try but badly outnumbered here and no muscle, which means Angel either is back from Tibet already or never went.

    He comes to town, maybe does the fight thing, takes care of the bikers but there are more monsters in town than the bikers. He goes to the mansion for a last look around and finds grave-fresh Buffy huddled in a corner crying, with the bodies of various demons and piles of ash surrounding her. Other monsters came after her but she's fended them off, thinks she's in hell. She's nearly maddened by what's happened to her.

    Will Angel save her? Or abandon her to the friends that forced a living woman to dig her way out of her steel coffin and her grave.

    Challenge #5
    sired by: Cendari & Karen

    Post Chosen/NFA

    Every Christmas Eve. Angel has returned to Sunnydale and stood in the approximate spot wher he once tried to kill himself to remember she who had convinced him not to. This year, it's different. How and why?

    Challenge #6
    sired by: Cendari & Karen

    For as long as she can remember, Anna Summers-O'Connell has been told how wonderful, loyal, and brave her parents were. While she hasn't suffered from a lack of parental figures (an overload, more like it), Anna wants to experience her parents for herself rather than relying on others' memories. On the eve of her 18th birthday, Anna casts a spell, unbeknownst to her guardians, that whisks her back twenty years to before she was born. How will meeting and getting to know the people who sacrificed themselves to save the world - yet again - change her?

    1. BA must have died together, and made the conscious decision to sacrifice themselves (a la "The Gift").
    2. One can have BA together or not when Anna first meets them. If not, what is their attitude towards each other and how does it affect Anna's perception of them?

    Challenge #7
    sired by: Christine & Lela Rose

    Pairing: B/Aus
    Rating: up to NC-17 (preferred)
    Setting: Salvage (Angel ep S4)

    Must haves:

  • Wes breaking Faith out of jail just as in the show.
  • Faith telling Cordelia at the hotel - when Cordelia doesn't like the idea of them needing a slayer, especially the psycho one -that if she wanted, Faith could call Buffy, and see how that went over with Queen C.
  • Cordelia hating that idea, and verbally expressing it, much to the confusion, and possibly humor, of the AI gang.
  • Sunnydale hearing about the Rain of Fire and perpetual night.
  • Buffy hearing about Faith's breakout, and realizes Faith is in LA.
  • When Angelus hears "That the slayer is in town" and calls Sunnydale, he gets Buffy instead of Dawn.
  • Asks how she is, usual Angel things…and ends the call with "See you around, lover," which tips her off.
  • Buffy going to LA without anyone from Sunnydale with her, or knowing she left.
  • Faith saying to Buffy: "Hey, B, I heard you were dead." Buffy's reply, "Hey, F, I heard you were in jail."
  • Angelus goes to someone to get a spell that ensures he can't be resouled; this time he's proactive.
  • Instead of Faith, he feeds off its Buffy.
  • If he turns her, she must retain a strong sense of who she is. For example: Still want to help save the world from the First and the Beast/Cordelia.
  • If not, he must give a reason for not wanting her turned.
  • Up to you if Angelus helps her save the world from the various apocalypses that are overrunning California.
  • Regardless, he takes her away from LA/ Sunnydale. Where is up to you.
  • You can have him deciding to kill his team or not.
  • Without Angel or Buffy in their respective towns, things progress as they do.
  • Buffy/Angelus must have a happily ever unlife together...
  • I'd love it if someone snapped and killed Cordelia, but suspect if Connor stayed with her then he would eventually be the one to go nuts and kill Cordelia. But that's up to you.


  • Someone saying "Well, this defies all laws of gravity."
  • A demonic doorman
  • The line, "Do these things happen in any other state?"
  • A pink elephant
  • Bananas
  • A cab and a non-English speaking driver
  • The Song "As Time Goes By" or another reference to Casablanca

  • Challenge #8
    sired by: Christine & Lela Rose

    Pairing: B/A
    Rating: up to NC-17 (preferred)
    Setting: Maybe two years after the Angel Season Finale

    Must haves:

  • Buffy, Angel, Giles, Willow, Gunn, Xander, Dawn, Faith
  • At the end of Season Five Buffy and the slayers show up to help Angel and his remaining crew defeat the demons. (this can be summarized)
  • All the demons were not defeated. Some escaped and went underground to regain their strength.
  • Angel and his remaining crew are still in LA fighting to keep the demons that survived from wrecking havoc.
  • Angel has moved to a new apartment.
  • Buffy and Dawn are living in London with Giles.
  • Buffy is about to get married.
  • Everyone is happy that she is finally over Angel and has found a nice human to marry.
    Angel receives an invitation to the wedding.
  • The Gang is giving Buffy a Bachlorette party. At the party, she realizes that although she loves her fiancé and she wants to make everyone happy with her decision she is not in love with her fiancé. She realized that she was so busy making everyone else happy she forgot about her own happiness.
  • The day of Buffy's wedding Dawn and Willow go to her room only to find her missing. Her wedding dress still hanging on the door. Some of her clothes are missing.
  • Buffy goes to LA. She gets to Angel's apartment.
  • Either by breaking in or another means, up to you.
  • As Angel is out during the night, he senses Buffy but he attributes it to his depression that she has gotten married.
  • Angel walks into his new apartment close to dawn and finds Buffy sleeping on his sofa. He snuggles with her and she is so tired she remains asleep. He holds her as she sleeps.
  • Buffy is the first to wake up and she spends the time watching Angel and realizing this is what her life had been missing while she was in London. That Angel is the only man she has ever truly loved.
  • Buffy and Angel finally talk (can also be summarized)
  • A real and very valid reason as to why Perfect Happiness is no longer a problem.
    Happy ending.
  • Optional:

  • An American Flag
  • Snow - mentioned or actually seen, it doesn't matter
  • The line, "And to think, I once had such high hopes for you."
  • The song, "Leaving on a Jet Plane" by John Denver
  • Someone other than Buffy sending the invitation to Angel (as a mean spirited gesture.)
    Andrew in a tutu
  • A reference to the whole "Cookie Baking" analogy.

  • Challenge #10
    sired by: Danielle & Lise

    Timeline: AU
    Rating: R to NC-17

    Angel O'Connor is a very wealthy business man who travels quite often. On one trip to Paris he catches site of something spectacular to him and follows this something all over the city. Her name was Buffy Summers. He woos her over the week that he stays there and learns that she is an Art Major from America who wanted to study in Paris where the "real art is". They fall madly in love but Angel has to go back to America and promises to call and write. They keep in touch and one day Buffy deiced that she wants to see him and buys a ticket to Sunnydale, California where he told her he lives. But when she finally sees him on the streets of Sunnydale, she sees him kissing his wife.

    Must Haves:
    1. Must be a happy ending for both Buffy and Angel… meaning they end up together.
    2. Angel not telling Buffy that he is married in his stay in Paris.
    3. Doesn't matter when but sometime in her stay in Sunnydale Buffy and Angel are alone and they get into a fight and Buffy slaps him and then they have wild sex.
    4. Buffy befriending Gunn, Angel's best friend, and when she tells him what happened with Angel when he came to Paris and how Angel didn't tell her about his wife, Gunn wants to teach Angel a lesson and helps Buffy make Angel jealous.
    5. Use at least parts of dialogue from the shows Buffy or Angel.

    Challenge #11
    sired by: Desdemona & Kyria

    Episode rewrite: Amends Dec. 15, 2998 (At Christmas-time, evil haunts Angel, torturing him with visions of his murderous past and urging him to kill Buffy.)

    When Angel is tempted by The First to have sex with Buffy, he does but he keeps himself from draining her. After all of that mental torture, he doesn't lose his soul.

    1. Buffy and Angel sitting on the bed glancing at their watches obsessively. Kind of a, "Can you feel your soul now? How 'bout now?" moment.
    2. Buffy wants to stop, but can't help herself. Rationalizes by thinking she can contain Angelus and Willow can re-soul Angel.
    3. Angel realizing he must not be that bad if The PTBs graced him with a permenant soul.
    4. Buffy and Angel bonding in a way that leaves no doubt they are soul mates.

    Challenge #12
    sired by: Desdemona & Kyria

    Episode rewrite: Anne/All Men Are Beasts (3.1/3.4)

    When Buffy's trapped in Ken's little piece of hell, bestial Angel scents her and begins to track her from his deeper level (think Dante's Inferno with the 9 levels of hell, Buffy being in purgatory (1) and Angel being around level 8 (Malebolge)).Angel reaches Buffy as she's getting everyone out, helps her win the battle,and joins her back on earth in LA. So the story revolves around Buffy sheltering emotionally and physically scarred Angel while trying to lead a somewhat normal life in LA.

    ~Some internal dialogue from Angel, but he can be as lucid or as primitive as you like
    ~Angel still acting very much like an animal. Predatory, possessive and visceral.
    ~Angel attempting to mark her
    ~Angel has serious problems adjusting to civilization and he is a threat to people
    ~Buffy is trying to lead a normal life, without slaying and attempting to make friends and have a relationship
    ~Buffy ultimately calling Giles for help
    ~Scooby gang is still unaware of Buffy's whereabouts and Angel's return
    ~Buffy returns to Sunnydale in the end, with Angel on her heels ( I don't really want a definitive conclusion.)

    Challenge #13
    sired by: Emelie & Kittenbug

    Character: Angelus
    Highest rating possible: NC-17
    Type: RW
    Genre: dark

    Season 2 Ats/Season 6 BtVS. Set right after Darla and Drusilla disappears. Angel takes on a case with a demon that takes form into your greatest desire (Buffy of course). Angelus wants to make a trip to Sunnydale and visit his old lover, to find everything changed.

    Must contain at leased two of these things:
    1) Angelus ends up trying to get his soul back for Buffy
    2) Angelus rapes Buffy in attempt to make her react at all
    3) Angelus beating up Spike
    4) Desire demon comes to Sunnydale, followed by the AI gang

    Challenge #14
    sired by: Emelie & Kittenbug

    Genre: AU
    Rating: R or NC-17

    Buffy Summers has been ordinary all her life. Ordinary grades, ordinary clothes, ordinary life. Her plain blonde hair doesn't do her justice and her friend from birth, William Derevco, won't notice her crush. Her father left her mom and married Rupert Giles. What happens when the O'Connor family comes however- Angelus O'Connor heir to the investment fim starts to shake things up. Aside from being one of world's largest investment firms they also specialize in technology. When O'Connor sees Buffy Summers, however, he decides that she will be his once and for all. The problem, however, is that she's 16. He, however, is 23. What's worse is that this squeaky little brunette is on a mission, with the help of Faith and Willow to get William to be hers. She sets her sights on losing her virginity to the man she loves... But can she figure it out before it's too late?

    Challenge #15
    sired by: Jo & Lisa P

    Type: AU
    Rating: NC-17
    Characters: AI Team, Buffy

    Basic Plot:
    In the episode 'Spin the Bottle', members of the AI team are bespelled to think that they are teenagers again. What if the spell had been different, and actually made them all teenagers again, Lorne included? And what if it made them all human teenagers, including Angel and Lorne? What would happen next?

    Challenge #16
    sired by: Jo & Lisa P

    Type: AU
    Rating: NC-17
    Characters: Wesley, Angel/us, Giles, Buffy, all other characters to be original- or people from the movies.

    Basic Plot:
    Wesley Wyndham-Pryce is a famous author of horror stories (like Stephen King). His latest story about vampires is being turned into a movie. Things start to get interesting when Wesley wants a real vampire to audition for the leading part? How will his co-starts feel about this?

    1) Include the sentence "How many women do you think you'll need?"
    2) Angel *must* be a vampire.

    Challenge #17
    sired by: Kristi & Rachel

    Set during 'Darla' (Ats S2)

    Darla's call to Angel is Buffy instead. The corresponding Btvs episode, Fool For Love, is the one in which Buffy finds out her mom is sick. Buffy is ambiguous about the reason she is calling. Angel goes to Sunnydale leaving Gunn, Wes and Cordy to handle Darla.

    1. Buffy saying "I just wanted to hear your voice."
    2. Mr Gordo
    3. Angel saying "I felt like I was falling off a cliff… that it would have just been easier to give into the darkness… and then you called."
    4. Raspberry nail polish
    5. Lyrics/Ideas/Inspiration from Norah Jones' song "Sleepless Nights."
    6. The quote: The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.

    Challenge #19
    sired by: Lara & Lyssa

    Genre(s): Fluff, Humor, Angst
    Rating: PG-13 or higher
    Pairing: Buffy/Angel

    Buffy Summers-Giles,17, has been raised with many brothers, one of which happens to be her best friend, Xander. Her mom, Joyce Summers-Giles died of brain cancer when she was 5 leaving her father Giles to raise them along with her uncle Wesley. Her father and uncle both great teachers get offers from a prestigious private school in a small town, Sunnydale. So the whole family moves down there. The school offers Buffy, Andrew and Conner a place in the school. Lindsey goes to UCLA for a degree in Law, Xander goes to UC Sunnydale for a degree in Construction Management.

    At the school Buffy has to dorm with 3 girls, Faith, Willow, and Fred. Takes Buffy awhile to warm up to them seeing as she grew up around boys and like virtually no girls, only female friend bake in Boston was Kendra when she was 7. In Buffy's Class their is a quite boy Angel who everyone except 2 boys, Doyle and Gunn, avoid. She easily becomes friends with Gunn and Doyle, but Angel doesn't like her present or atleast pretends not to by arguing with her.

    Then one night she goes with them to a local club El Boco Del Inferno (The Hellmouth) and finds out Angel isn't as quite as he seems if you know what I mean. Those to start dancing around each other. After a few months Giles has a heart attack and they find out that he as a rare heart disorder (don't know any so make one up if you want or look it up, that's your choice). Buffy goes to Angel for help. They get together, and after 2- 3 months Giles dies. During the whole ordeal Buffy has to deal with this while her closest brother, Xander, gets his 1st serious girlfriend Cordy.

    1. Buffy's many brothers (respectivel by age): Lindsey,21; Xander,19; Andrew and Conner,16. Her Father is Giles, Mother was Joyce.
    2. Buffy, Willow, Faith, Fred bonding moments at their club.
    3. Andrew and Conner have to fight about Dawn, who is a student on scholarship at their school. Conner ending up with Dawn and Andrew with Kennedy, Dawn's faternal twin (the kinda twin were they look very different, just like Andrew and Conner) which goes to Sunnydale High.
    4. Buffy and Angel having a stupid fight about Buffy being afriad of butterflies.
    5. Buffy kinda of running away for a day or 2 to get away from everything and going back to Boston where her mom would take her as kid.
    6. Doyle/Faith, Fred/Gunn getting together by the end
    7. One person's favorite greeting must be the word "Begaw!" (heard it in a play)
    8. Most importantly lots of B/A moments

    Challenge #20
    sired by: Lara & Lyssa

    Genre(s): Fluff, Humor, Angst
    Rating: R
    Pairing: Buffy/Angel

    Buffy Summers is a volunteer worker for a homeless shelter. Angel O'Connor is a handsome young homeless man with a mysterious past. During a cold Thanksgiving Day fate brings the two together. They see something in one other, something special that no one else is willing to see in them. Knowing little of his past Buffy makes the hasty decision of allowing Angel to stay at her home until he can obtain a more permanent residence of his own. Living with Buffy shows Angel a life he has never known or ever thought could exist. Though Angel's new perfect life with Buffy is soon jeopardize when his past catches up with him and threatens to ruin the relationship he has made with the young and beautiful Buffy Summers.

    1. Angel's family must be extremely wealthy, devious, cruel . . . basically just really evil.
    2. His family must consist of Giles, Cordelia and Spike. How they are related to Angel is your choice.
    3. There must be a moment between Buffy and Angel were tickling and giggles are involved.

    Challenge #21
    sired by: Liz & Stacie

    Requirements: AU, NC-17, Angst, Angel

    Angel and Buffy work together when they're in their late teens and Angel is slightly ahead of her on the ladder and then something happens where B/A hate each other, and Buffy leaves the company.

    A few years later, Angel's the head of a company Buffy's trying to take over.
    - The reason they hate each other can't be completely stupid.
    - Buffy uses Angel (NC-17) to try to get control.

    Challenge #22
    sired by: Liz & Stacie

    Requirements: AU; Angst, NC-17

    Buffy and Angel are married. They've kept a lot of secrets from each other and, after seeing a marriage counsellor, decide that they need to find a way to unveil said secrets.

    Angel gets Buffy drunk and everytime she gives him information, he gives her a (metaphorical) cookie.

    One of the secrets must be that Buffy had sex with either his mother or father.

    The rest are fair game as long as they aren't stupid or cliche.

    Challenge #23
    sired by: Morganna & Wicked Insanity

    Timeline: After the ending of both BtVS and AtS
    Rating: R/NC-17
    Pairings: B/Aus, possible B/Drac in the beginning (It's up to the authors).

    Drac finds Buffy in Rome and turns her. She has NO soul. Whether she sticks with Drac and lives it up or takes off on her own is up to the author. Buffy is EVIL. I always thought she had the potential to be one of the darkest characters in fandom if she were ever to switch sides so to speak. I would also like to see a return to the feisty, quippy, happy Buffy. She can still be evil with a sense of humor ;o)

    Angel turns into Angelus in the battle in LA. How is up to the authors. He either finds out about Buffy being turned and goes to look for her or he goes after her just for the hell of it. Again it's up to the authors. Lots of fun and games ensue after they meet.

    Must Haves:

  • Buffy being turned by Drac.
  • Buffy has NO soul.
  • Angel turning into Angelus.
  • B/Aus pairing by the end.
  • You can include none, any or all of the following:

  • Buffy kills at least one Scooby.
  • Buffy and Angelus fighting over a video game.
  • Buffy kicking Angelus' butt.
  • Angelus and/or Buffy kicking Dracula's butt.
  • A red dress.

  • Challenge #24
    sired by: Morganna & Wicked Insanity

    Timeline: AU Post Buffy Season 7
    Rating: R/NC-17
    Pairing: B/A or B/A(us)

    After Buffy loses her close family and friends in the battle with The First, she's nearly catatonic and perhaps destructive. Needing the brutal truth versus someone telling her that it wasn't her fault, she winds up in L.A. to convince Angel to give her the one thing that she believes could bring about the end of her stupor... Angelus.

    Must Haves:

  • A few or all of Buffy's closest friends dying in the apocalypse.
  • Buffy seeking out Angel at Wolfram and Hart.
  • Angel acting like, or becoming Angelus
  • A Buffy/Angel pairing in the end, even if it's still 'long distance for now.'
  • Optional:

  • Angel losing his soul with Buffy.
  • Angel merely summoning a darker part of himself that resembles Angelus.
  • Buffy almost staking Harmony in the lobby of Wolfram and Hart the day she shows up.
  • Buffy leaving in the end.

    Challenge #25
    sired by: Nocturnal Delirium & Rae

    Buffy is a princess of one half of a country, Liam (Also known as Angel) and his twin brother Angelus princes of the other. There is a feud between the fathers of the children . Buffy and Angel meet after Buffy saves Angel's baby sister Katherine and as a thank you he invites her to the masked ball in honour of the princes' birthday. She accepts, upon arriving at the ball she meets Angelus (Big bad sexiness that he is) realises how his brother feels about her and tries to destroy his brothers chances with her.

    Option #A Option #B
    Pairing B/A B/Aus
    Rating R - NC-17 NC-17
    Genre Fluff/ angst Fluff
    *Must have's* - After a long and suffering time full of angsty and Angelus, we have a B/A fluffy ending
    - There is a curse that keeps B/A apart (solve it anyway u want)
    - A really cruel heart breaking for Angel (think about all the times that Angel slept w/ Cordy! i mean come on! Cordy?)
    - Lots of smutty fun
    - A moderate Angelus (it's fluff ppl)

    Challenge #26
    sired by: Nocturnal Delirium & Rae

    Genre: Fluff
    Rating: NC-17
    Pairing: B/A/Aus

    - Angel and Angelus are twins
    - Angel and Angelus are librarians ( curators for a museum, take ur pick)
    - Both of them are suppose to work but Angelus, being Angelus, usually doesn't but Angel covers up for him
    - Buffy is new to town
    - Buffy meets Angel at the library(museum)
    - Later, at a club, thinking that it was Angel, Buffy meets Angelus
    - Angelus, wanting to meet buffy more starts to work at the library(museum) also
    - After many courtships, some heartaches, and confessions later, all three get together (it's fluff ppl!)

    - All three getting caugth while doing the vertical (the more public the better)
    - as many threesome position as possible ^_~ (look at the rating!)
    - a plot, since it's not a PWP

    Challenge #29 "Pirate"
    sired by: Dani & Hannahbee

    Type: AU
    Rating: NC-17

    Basic Plot:
    Angelus' life as pirate and captain of his own ship has never been better. Well, at least until another pirate ship appeared on the horizon. Sailing under the fearsome pirate captain Summers, this crew is always just a little quicker in raiding ships than Angelus and his men.

    That of course doesn't sit well with Angelus, so he starts hunting down his rival and it doesn't take long before the competeting pirates face off against each other. But this time luck is on Angelus' side. He wins, but his rivals are not completely discouraged yet. To keep their captain Summers' safe, her crew dresses her up as boy, hoping she'll soon be able to break free.

    Plot Requirements:
    1) Decide…
            a.) When and how Angelus finds out that Summers is actually a woman or
            b.) If he already figured it out and waits for the right moment to confront her.
    2) Angelus having his way with Buffy or trying to at least till she kicks his ass, maroons him on an island and takes his ship.
    3) Whatever will he do when he finds her again, captain of his ship?
    4) Angelus being so pissed not even his mistresses can distract and calm him down.
    5) Angelus punishing Spike for being cocky by showing him the thin line between pain and pleasure.

    Little things to incorporate into the fic:
    1) Some one saying, "Shiver-me-timbers."
    2) A white squall.
    3) A moldy piece of bread with maggots on it.
    4) Names for both ships.

    Challenge #30 "The Ring"
    sired by: Dani & Hannahbee

    Type: RW
    Rating: NC-17

    Basic Plot:
    Trying to get rid of Angel once and for all, W&H (or someone else) capture the Slayer, Buffy, and bring her into "The Ring" against her will. They let her know that the only way out is to kill ALL her opponents. So what will happen when she has to face off against Angel in a fight to the death?

    He pretends to be Angelus, hoping she'll kill him, so she can leave "The Ring" alive. Fooled, Buffy fights hard and dirty until she wounds Angel(us) badly and realizes she has been fighting Angel all along.

    What happens then? Do they make it out? If so, how? Or does one of them die?

    Plot requirements:
    1) Buffy and Angel going postal on everyone around them. It's connected to their bond.
    2) Angel getting pissed about them *man handling* the slayer (she has bruises on her arm or something...).
    3) Buffy drinking a goblet of blood, thus turning Angel on when he sees some of it leak out of the side of her mouth and down her chin.

    Little things to incorporate into the fic:
    1) Buffy having a tattoo.
    2) A new prophecy.
    3) Use the line: "No one touches my mate."
    4) A purple doggy-fish (no, it's not a real fish) named Kinsella.

    Challenge #32 "Parasite"
    sired by: Dani & Hannahbee

    Type: AU
    Rating: R to NC-17

    Basic Plot/Background Information:
    In a time where Lords and Noble men rule the world and mystical dangers plague man, an elite group of warriors was selected at birth to serve the lord and protect the kingdom. Angel and his "warrior brothers" were raised in seclusion knowing that they were special, told that they were supernatural beings. Their strength, healing abilities and cunning reflexes were far greater than any mortal man in the lands.

    What this small group of warriors (you choose the army) don't know, is that the source of their powers come to them from Elfin princesses which are bound to them in servitude, thus giving them superior strength and healing abilities. For each warrior a beautiful and ethereal elfin princess is bound to them until their death, where a new princess is called to take her place.

    Angel has always been stronger, and more cunning then the rest. Using his strength he often serves in the front lines of the battlefield, and takes the most damage. Darla, the princess that was bound to him at birth, can no longer sustain his life force any longer and feels herself dying as her powers drain until there is nothing left. As she lays on her deathbed, Angel can feel his "borrowed" strength, power and healing abilities diminish with each day that passes. After an especially life threatening injury Angel is forced into a rest bed where his own life lay balanced on a delicate line.

    Desperate to find a new princess that would be powerful enough to sustain Angel, they hastily choose the young Buffy. She is the youngest princess that was enslaved to them, and is already showing great power. What they didn't know is that they inadvertently bound Angel to his soul mate, which will have unseen consequences on the fate of both the warriors and the Elfin kingdom.

    Once Angel is well again, he sets out on a mission to find out why he lost his powers and why he feels stronger now than he ever had. He's plagued with dreams of a blonde princess who calls out to him in his dreams and haunts his waking thoughts. What he discovers will shatter any concept of power he was raised to believe in.

    Plot Requirements:
    1) Darla must be the original elf assigned to Angel.
    2) There is a prophecy that entails the binding of a warrior and his soul mate; the child that they create together will forever break the bind that enslaves the elfin princesses to their death. This "child of the light" will grow to rule the kingdom and bring peace between the lands.
    3) Once Buffy is bound to Angel, they begin to share dreams, making Angel start to question everything he's been taught.
    4) The connection that they share is unlike anything the "powers" have seen, so they take Buffy into seclusion so that Angel does not come into contact with her. Does that stop him? No.

    Little things to incorporate into the fic:
    1) A crystal pendant.
    2) Fairy dust.
    3) A moonlight riverboat ride.
    4) A dog-vampire.
    5) A chaste kiss.

    Challenge #33 "I Fall To Pieces"
    sired by: Dani & Hannahbee

    Type: AU (inspired by the AtS ep "I Fall To Pieces")
    Rating: NC-17

    Basic Plot:
    A long time ago Liam tried to save the life of his wife, his soulmate, by becoming a vampire. Bent on turning her, so she wouldn't die, he ignored his Sire and immediately rushed back to his wife's side right after he'd risen. Still it was too late. After seeing him one last time, she died peacefully, but painfully in his arms.

    Years later, Liam gets a second chance. Or does he?

    Living in the 21st century, Liam is now Angel and he finds his soulmate again, reincarnated as Buffy Summers. He doesn't waste time wooing and making her his wife, but the young couple isn't happy for long. Buffy has a brain tumor and no doctor is willing to operate. Except for one: a shady Dr. Metzler who demands a sickening favor in advance and a large sum once he succeeds.

    What will Angel do?

    Plot requirements:
    1) Angel is a vampire with a soul, a good guy with morals
    2) Angel is either a powerful business man or a PI and head of Angel Investigations or both.
    3) Dr. Metzler demands that Angel forces a woman named Melissa into becoming Metzler's fiancée.
    4) Dr. Metzler stalking Melissa.

    Little things to incorporate into the fic:
    1) A black rose.
    2) A purple cat with dreadlocks.
    3) A magenta thong.
    4) A gray blue wolf named Melinda.
    5) A vampire couple (Jack & Daniel).

    Challenge #34 "She"
    sired by: Dani & Hannahbee

    Type: RW/AU
    Rating: NC-17

    Basic Plot:
    Angel is a vampire with a soul who started fighting the good fight on his own volition. He now resides in LA and is the head of Angel Investigations, a detective agency dealing with strange cases. So it's actually no wonder that the mysterious, sexy and skimpy-clad Buffy literally falls into his arms.

    And it's no surprise either that Angel soon realizes what a gem he caught because Buffy is special in more ways than one. Not only is she the princess of Oden Tal, but she's the first female of her kind to escape slavedom and the neutralization of her true power.

    Since her first taste of freedom that Angel's world offers, she's been on a crusade to save the other young women from her world. But what happens once she meets Angel? Is he just another temporary distraction? A challenge she can't resist? Or is there more to this brooding, dark avenger who defends his world?

    Plot requirements:
    1) Unleashed vampire passion is a destructive force. Meaning, Angel can't have sex with humans or half-demons because he would break them. The only way to have "safe" sex is with vampires, but they shun him because his soul disgusts them.
    2) Buffy trying to seduce Angel into his bed and Angel trying to resist because he fears he'll hurt her.
    3) Angel accidentally touches the ridges on Buffy's back. It arouses her and results in her ridges heating up. In this state her ridges are used to arouse males and show her consent to mate, but Angel doesn't react like any other male. It pisses her off.
    4) Smelling Buffy's arousal is more potent for Angel than her ridges heating up.
    5) Wes walking in on 2 of Buffy's charges (2 young women from her world) in a compromising position.

    Little things to incorporate into the fic:
    1) A pet panther called Quickie.
    2) A fountain.
    3) A green-crimson snake called Spuffy.
    4) Cordy getting territorial when Buffy arrives.

    Challenge #35 "Expecting in Harsh Light"
    sired by: Dani & Hannahbee

    Type: RW (of ats S1 - "Expecting" & btvs S4 - "The Harsh Light Of Day")
    Rating: NC-17

    Basic Plot:
    Parker Abrams, controlled by a demon, seduces Buffy and gets her pregnant with his demon spawn. Even though Buffy has no idea, her true mate(s) can somehow sense the important change in her, even from LA. So Angel heads to Sunnydale to confront Buffy and when he finds out she was impregnated by someone else that is not him he is far from happy. In fact Angel loses it so much that he and Angelus are split into separate bodies.

    Finally free and beyond pissed, Angelus acts first and asks questions later. He seeks out Parker and rips his head off. Once Angelus has calmed down, tho, he returns to his mate's side and finds her huge with a pregnant belly, crying in Angel's arms.

    Burying their hostility, Angel and Angelus take care of their hormonally inbalanced mate while hunting down the demon that got Buffy pregnant.

    Plot Requirements:
    1) Buffy has to admit she had sex with someone and they have to deal with it.
    2) Buffy starts craving blood, but Angel won't let her have any because he fears what she'll think when its over. BUT…
    3) Angelus is all for the blood play, so he makes cuts on him self and Buffy drinks it *with pleasure*, which turns both Angel and Angelus on like nothing else.
    4) Buffy being completely appaled that she drank blood, and liked it, when the whole ordeal is over.

    Little things to incorporate into the fic:
    1) The demon spawn causing Buffy's pregnant belly to glow red.
    2) A ravenous dog.
    3) Someone (other than Buffy or Angel) loosing an appendage.
    4) Angel reading "The Highlander" to Buffy.
    5) Angelus watching "Forever Knight" with her and making crude comments.

    Challenge #37 "Pylea"
    sired by: Dani & Hannahbee

    Type: RW
    Rating: R to NC-17

    Basic Plot:
    Buffy died in "the gift", but instead of going into Slayer heaven, she lands in Pylea. Gifted with the power of visions, Buffy is soon made queen even though she's human. But every queen needs her king, right? That's what the Groosalug, a human-looking warrior, is thinking. So he goes to the castle to woo the queen.

    Buffy - who has no recollection of Angel, her old life or the rest of the AI team - is smitten with Groo and seriously considering a union. That's when the AI team strands there to rescue Cordy who got lost a few days ago in the real world.

    Upon first seeing Buffy, Angel is of course so happy he kisses her. First she responds, but then she pulls back and slaps him in front of everyone, telling him to never touch her again because she's royalty.

    Oh, how will Angel win back her heart?

    Plot Requirements:
    1) Time moves different (faster) in Pylea, which means that Buffy has been queen for quite some time when the AI team arrives.
    2) Angel trying to prove that the mark on her neck means she belongs to him.
    3) Angel challenging Groo to a duel and winning.
    4) A prophecy along the lines of: "The sunshine queen will give her visions to her rightful warrior king."

    Little things to incorporate into the fic:
    1) A blue eclipse.
    2) Someone comparing Buffy to a black widow.
    3) A rain storm with orange hail.
    4) Gunn laughing his ass off when Buffy slaps Angel.
    5) Cordy snickering when Buffy explains she's royalty. There are consequences.
    6) A cameo by a Harry Potter pairing you don't ship.

    Challenge #38 "Blue Lagoon"
    sired by: Dani & Hannahbee

    Type: AU
    Rating: R

    Basic Plot:
    Buffy and Angel find themselves stranded on a deserted island after Angel's plane was sabotaged in an attempt to kill Buffy. Angel, being an expert pilot, managed to crash safely on an uncharted island. Here they find selves attacked by wild animals, natives and most of all...each other.

    Despite their beautiful surroundings, Buffy blames the crash on Angel's ability to fly and the quality of his plane, and vows to avoid him at all costs, which proves more difficult than she imagined. With no food, clothes or shelter they find themselves working together with much reluctance from both of them.

    Angel sees Buffy as a spoiled brat, Buffy sees Angel as an arrogant playboy. Underneath the hatred they feel for one another, they both try to tame the building attraction that their close proximty and lack of clothing creates.

    What happens when Buffy runs from Angel after an especially harsh verbal fight and finds herself face to face with a tribe of were-animals who decide they have found their new queen?

    Plot Requirements:
    1) Angel claiming Buffy as his mate in order to convince the tribe that she is already spoken for.
    2) A nasty storm ripping the island into near shreds.
    3) The native were-animals think they have offended Angel (they see him as sort of a god due to his speech, his looks, his ability to walk... you decide... maybe he does something fancy). They think he caused the storm that almost destroyed their village... In an attempt to appease him (and to stop the rain), they give the "couple" the best hut they have, blessing them with an aphrodisiac potion in order to stimulate fertility.
    4) Buffy & Angel being under the influence of the "potion" and can't stop touching each other... needless to say the storm ends.
    5) Buffy blaming Angel when she wakes up naked the next morning, Angel thinking she's beautiful when she's furious, blushing and naked.
    6) Either Angel or Buffy getting really sick or injured, this makes them realize their true feelings for each other.
    7) Angel and Buffy getting rescued somehow... you decided if they stay or go.

    Little things to incorporate into the fic:
    1) Black sand beach
    2) A loincloth *grins*
    3) Buffy taming a wild animal and keeping it as a pet, which hates Angel and attacks him when he gets close
    4) A black witch.
    5) Angel drawing a picture of Buffy.

    Challenge #41 "Ski-Resort"
    sired by: Dani & Hannahbee

    Type: AU
    Rating: R to NC-17

    Basic Plot:
    Angel and Buffy meet at a ski resort. The town is very small, and it's known for its incredible skiing and secluded romantic environment. Angel brings his long time "fiancée" there to vacation. His fiancée is really a closet lesbian, who gets the hots for Buffy just as Angel has, but only Angel knows she's a lesbian.

    Their parents are forcing them to marry, but both have an understanding when it comes to dating other people. They are best friends, and don't really mind being married to the other one for show.

    Buffy is a children's ski instructor, but Angel sets his eyes on her and is determined to win her over. Buffy who is commitment phobia has made it a rule never to date the people that vacation there. After several failed attempts to woo Buffy, he signs up for her children's ski class (his father has strings at the resort, so Buffy has to teach him). A side of Angel opens up while he's playing with the kids and rolling in the snow that Buffy hasn't seen and she finds her self falling for him.

    Plot Requirements:
    1) Angel really knowing how to ski, but making a fool of himself for Buffy's benefit
    2) Buffy seeing Angel with his fiancée and drawing the wrong conclusions
    3) Angel's fiancée having a major crush on Buffy

    Little things to incorporate into the fic:
    1) Spiked eggnog
    2) A hot pink ski jump suit
    3) One of the major characters running into a tree and being air lifted to the hospital.
    4) A book about a witch and her red and black cat.

    Challenge #42 "Falling"
    sired by: Dani & Hannahbee

    Type: AU
    Rating: R to NC-17

    Basic Plot:
    After living through her mothers nasty divorce, and watching her older sister go through a string of guys, Buffy Summers has written off the concept of love. Everyone around her is falling, and Buffy is scrambling not to become the next one. She has dismissed the notion of romance completely and is on a mission to ward everyone else off of love.

    Enter Angel… who's not discouraged even after she turned him down the third time. After all he's on a mission to prove that falling isn't so bad. Of course it's not as easy as he thinks since Buffy insists that her and Angel are just "friends" even though they are dating and making out all the time.

    Plot Requirements:
    1) Someone walking in on them while they are fooling around seriously for the first time. Angel's shirt must be off and his pants unzipped.
    2) Buffy and Angel almost having sex, but she changes her mind last minute style and runs from the room crying. She tells him she can't sleep with him because she doesn't love him. Since the mood is gone, Angel drives her home.
    3) Car accident (not their fault) neither is seriously hurt but one has to spend the night in the hospital with the comfort of the other one. But this isn't when she falls in love with him.
    4) There must be a big fight where Angel won't speak or see Buffy for a little while, despite her attempts to smooth things over with him.

    Little things to incorporate into the fic:
    1) A Halloween party with drinking.
    2) Faith as Buffy's older but not so wiser sister.
    3) Faith eloping with William aka Spike.
    4) A set of mutual friends (one from Buffy's group and one from Angel's) falls in love, and makes everyone around them sick.
    5) One of Buffy's very good friends becoming pregnant and them (Buffy and chosen girl) trying to keep it a secret.

    AN: Baised on a Mandy Moore movie... what the name of it? How To Deal or something like that.