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Mastered Challenges

Challenge #9 Inescapable
sired by: Danielle & Lise mastered by: Ares & Pyscho Slayer

Timeline: AU (absolutely no demons, vampires, anything mystical etc.)
Angel's Friends: Doyle, Wesley
Buffy's Friends: Faith

Angel O'Connor has just moved to Sunnydale to be a professor at UC Sunnydale after his divorce with Fred Burkle. Buffy Summers who is always been known around the campus as the "easy teacher" is smitten when she first sees Angel. And when Angel firsts sees Buffy he is taken by her.

1. Angel's first experience ever with a woman was Darla when he was a freshman in college. But after Darla's one night with Angel she had left him and Angel was broken from his first time it was always hard for him to let someone in.
2. Buffy gets around… a lot. She is known to do many of the male's students and once in awhile has a shag with Spike.
3. Angel trying to side step all of Buffy's attempts to get him into her bed even though all he wants to do is make love her all night long but he is scared once again of getting hurt. Buffy will stop at anything to get the new broody professor in her bed.
4. When Buffy and Angel finally do make love Buffy understands that she wants more than a one night stand with Angel… she wants a relationship.
5. Happy Ending must for Buffy and Angel.

Challenge #18 Safe At Last Incomplete
sired by: Kristi & Rachel mastered by: Karen (blackbeltchic) mastered by: Cendari

During Ats S5 The Girl in Question: Angel and Spike catch up with Buffy.

1. Buffy is not actually dating the immortal.
2. No Spike bashing
3. Angel/Spike banter
4. Spike showing the maturity about Buffy and Angel that he showed in Chosen.
5. Mention of Puppet Angel
6. The quote: Love doesn't hide. It stays and fights. It goes the distance, that's why love is so strong. So it can carry you all the way home.

1. Popsicle Toes (Just whatever pops in your brain when you see that.)
2. A bottle of wine
3. A mention of Angel's last time in Rome.

Challenge #27 "Co-workers" Untitled Teaser
sired by: Dani & Hannahbee mastered by: Emelie & Kittenbug

Type: AU
Rating: R

Basic Plot:
It's a cut throat world, well at least in the office where Angelus and Buffy work. Buffy is your average perfectionist personified. To the outside person it would seem Buffy was obsessed with a job well done, and nothing else.

She comes to the office at the same time every day, completely immaculate and without a hair out of place. She's hard working, diligent in her business pursuit, and extremely inelegant. She's a shy no-nonsense kind of gal, which leads many to believe she's a brown-nosing-goody-two-shoes.

The only catch?

What happens when the two co-workers are both candidates for a make-or-break-your-career promotion? Angelus happens to be as ruthless in the business world as he is in real life, and refuses to let Buffy aka the "ice queen" beat him out of a position well deserved.

As things untangle we find out Buffy isn't so perfect and Angelus will be right there every step of the way to exploit it for his own personal gain. Lets just hope he doesn't ruffle any feathers in the process.

Plot Requirements:
1) As soon as Buffy clocks out, she becomes a completely different person that only her true friends know about. She's outgoing, flirty; loves to dance, party and drink till the wee hours of the morning to help her unwind.
2) Angelus stalking Buffy in an attempt to find some dirt on her so he can get her fired. In the process he finds out about her very sexy and outgoing "alter ego".
3) Angelus taking pictures of Buffy having lunch with the "boss". He assumes the worst and thinks he's hit the jackpot in the black mail department. But it turns out... the boss is really a long time family friend who has known Buffy her whole life, that is one of the reasons she acts so innocent at work. Said boss is actually gay... and gets upset at Angelus' tactics to try and beat Buffy out of the promotion. Or does he admire him for it? (Your choice).
4) Even though Buffy parties a lot and flirts shamelessly, she never lets any of the guys get close to her. This intrigues Angelus in a way he didn't expect and things slowly start to backfire, for both of them, when their feelings start getting involved.

Little things to incorporate into the fic:
1) A "Get Well Soon" Ballon that is in tidied color.
2) A red silk thong that shows up at the office.
3) A black poodle with a pink bow, which Angelus wants to shoot.
4) A cat taking a nap on top of the copier and injuring Buffy when she tries to shoo it away.

Challenge #28 "Tub" Insane Photographer VS. Difficult Cereal Man:
A Water Frolic
sired by: Dani & Hannahbee mastered by: Stacie & Liz

Type: AU
Rating: R

Basic Plot:
Angel is a musician/writer/singer/actor/whatever (your choice). He's popular in a small, but loyal fan-community. Meaning, he's no big celebrity yet. He's known to be pretty difficult during photo shoots, so most photographers avoid him at all costs. What nobody knows… he's no diva, he just feels uncomfortable …
a) Exposing himself like this or
b) Being controlled by a stranger.

Buffy is a young photographer. Her boss either doesn't like her or he/she wants to test her, so Buffy's next job is a shooting with Angel. Knowing his reputation she dreads it of course, but swallows the bitter pill and finds herself in for a pleasant surprise.

Plot Requirements:
1) Explain how Buffy manages to get Angel into a tub and pose half-nude.
2) Angel getting aroused and *not* wanting Buffy to see, which makes him much more difficult.
3) Buffy trying to be all no nonsense with a naked, grumpy, brooding Angel and failing miserably since she's drooling all over him.
4) Buffy getting to close to the tub and Angel pulls her in as a joke, she gets soaked. 5) Say what the tub-pics do for his career.

Little things to incorporate into the fic:
1) Include the name Angharad (this is a must because she inspired this challenge).
2) A black silk robe.
3) People calling Buffy a fairy.
4) A neon dolphin scaring the hell out of Angel.
5) The song "I Only Have Eyes For You"

Challenge #36 "Reunion" Twisted Fate - Prologue
sired by: Dani & Hannahbee mastered by: Morganna3 & Wicked Insanity

Type: RW
Rating: NC-17

Basic Plot:
After Dru turns Darla into a vampire again, they both try their best to make Angel return to his bad ways. It doesn't work, tho, so Dru finally reveals that Buffy is the key. But Darla - who's heard the rumors about perfect happiness - is not considering, never mind willing to let Buffy make love to Angel.

Still the evil duo heads to Sunnydale where Darla (in her desperation) turns Buffy, hoping that'll send Angel over the edge. It does indeed work, but not the way Darla planned.

Buffy doesn't rise as minion, but as a vampire without a soul that is more powerful than Darla and Dru combined. She becomes the leader of the evil trio after a catfight and makes Dru and Darla her bitches before they go back to LA, to Angel.

But to their surprise Angelus is waiting for them. Oh, whatever will happen now?

Plot Requirements:
1) Darla hoping that Angelus will torture some respect into Buffy.
2) Buffy and Angelus being equal in power.
3) Dru taunting Buffy that she can't make Angel lose his soul now that she's a vampire.
4) Angel's soul is bound to Buffy, so when she loses it with her turning, he loses it, too.

Little things to incorporate into the fic:
1) Buffy making a minion to do all of her dirty work.
2) A manicure.
3) A see through shirt made of silver beads (doesn't cover much...)
4) A crimson giraffe.
5) The Mists of Avalon.

Challenge #39 "Bounty Hunter" Midnight
sired by: Dani & Hannahbee mastered by: Christine & Lela Rose

Type: AU -- Feel free to make this as angsty, dark or fluffy as you want. We request something with SMUT, but you can include a plot :)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Buffy/Angelus, any others you want to include (Buffy might need a crew)

Basic Plot:
Set in a AU future where humanity has taken a nose dive, and it's a kill or be killed world plagued with poverty and nasty things waiting around every corner to harm you. Buffy is a bounty hunter, known for her beauty, strength, agility, and cunningness. She has something akin to slayer strength, but it's not the PTB that gives her supernatural power, it's the beast that rages within her.

Angelus is the "angel of death" known for being ruthless and unmerciful, torturing any and all that get in his path. He is a hardened criminal seeking freedom from the government that has manipulated him into being their personal killing machine. The only problem, he's not a force that can be harnessed and molded into doing their dirty work. Angelus has survived their destruction by jumping from one prison to the next only to escape the impossible and leaving a trail of ruin in his path.

The government that has spent years hiding his true identity and trying to harness him has now officially turned their backs on him, afraid of the information he possesses and what his unstable and dangerous personality will do with it. Unknown to Angelus they placed the highest bounty ever to be heard of on his head. Where many have failed to capture him, Buffy will succeed.

What no one knows is that Angelus and Buffy have the same beast raging within them, fighting with each passing second to reclaim what is rightfully theirs, each other. After Buffy tracks down Angelus, they find themselves attracted to each other on an intense primal level, their beasts raging out of control until they've nearly killed each other with the explosion of their passion. While the beast within them recognizes its true mate, their human sides hate each other.

Will they come to a truce to find out the true nature of their beings, or will they end up killing each other?

Plot Requirements:
1) Buffy clawing Angelus up during a passionate moment of bliss, making him bleed.
2) Angelus *always* being the dominate one with his past lovers, he tries to pull that on Buffy and she's less then happy about it. She really teaches him his lesson when he wakes up tied to a bed thanks to Buffy.
3) After Buffy captures Angelus they live on a ship where she is transporting him.
4) Buffy actually turning him in for the money, even after they've slept together.
5) Angelus breaking free from the government facility, and the first thing he does is go after Buffy, payback's a bitch... but some how I don't think she'll mind.
6) Buffy & Angelus able to recognize each other by scent.
7) Buffy and Angelus eyes shifting in color depending on the mood and situation.
8) Angelus getting jealous when someone hits on Buffy, even though Angelus and Buffy swear they hate each other.
9) We'd like to see some primal sex, growling, biting... the works *grins*
10) Set in the future:
        a) You decide how mystical you want it: Vampires, Werewolves... other demons that go bump in the night. Angelus & Buffy must be of a similar (thought to be extinct) race that has the "beast" raging within them.
       b) The "government" lying to Angelus in order to manipulate him into working for them.

Little things to incorporate into the fic:
1) Someone saying, "I don't bite... hard."
2) A red sunset over the mountains.
3) Angelus splitting Buffy's lip, Buffy spitting the blood in his face and Angelus licking it off.
4) Bits of the monologue Angelus recites in the episode "Passions".
5) A surprise in a mall.

Feel free to change the setting... I got this idea from watching 'The Chronicles of Riddick', but you girls could put a different spin on it. Think Riddick/Kyra (Jack)

Challenge #40 "Bloody Marriage" A Bloody Marriage
sired by: Dani & Hannahbee mastered by: Desdemona & Kyria

Type: AU
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Buffy/Angelus

In a land ruled by Kings and Queens, mankind is driven by power and wealth. For the last decade two opposing kingdoms have been waging an open war against each other for a tug-of-war power struggle, both coming to a stale mate when neither refuses defeat.

Kingdom 1 (you make the name and location) is ruled by King Rupert Giles, nicknamed "Ripper" for his ruthless method of conquering all neighbouring lands. His son, Prince Angelus (age 22-26), has been groomed to take over the kingdom when his father passes.

Kingdom 2 (you make the name and location) is ruled by Queen Darla.... (You pick her last name). She is known through out the world for her grace, beauty and vindictiveness. Many underestimate her because she is a woman, but she has proven herself and her kingdom to all those who dare challenge her. Her daughter, Princess Buffy (age 17-18), has been groomed to take over the kingdom when her mother passes.

We begin the story when the two lands enter into a series of rocky negotiations for a peace treaty that will double their power and give them an unbreakable stronghold on the world. It is decided that the Prince Angelus & Princess Buffy are to marry, thus solidifying the union between the two lands. The only problem, neither Rupert nor Darla trust one another.

One of the stipulations on the trade agreement is that Buffy shall give her virginity to Angelus on the night of their wedding, Rupert believing that only the purest of women is suitable for his son and fit to co-rule his country when he passes.

Darla, in her cleverness, comes up with a secret plan to go against King Rupert's terms. She sends Buffy off, telling her what needs to be done. Buffy is more than happy to oblige. She has learned from her mother to be strong willed and independent. So she goes out... and unknowingly picks up Angelus and they have a night of wild passion.

Time goes by, and the princess and prince are not supposed to have contact until the wedding. Imagine their surprise when Angelus and Buffy see each other again on the eve of their wedding. Angelus knows they are in violation of the treaty, because he had sex with her... so does he go against his father and keep his mouth shut, or take the blonde vixen as his bride?

Plot Requirements:
1) Buffy is told by Darla that she is to murder her husband in the marriage bed.
2) Darla and Buffy are famous through out the lands for their captivating beauty. They are something akin to a species of sirens and can bend a man's will with their charms.

Little things to incorporate into the fic:
1) Buffy's having two black panthers as pets.
2) A reference to the episode "I Will Remember You".
3) A lamb being sacrificed.
4) Something terribly pink.