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Ares & Psycho Slayer
sired: Challenge #1
sired: Challenge #2
mastered: Challenge #9
sired fic: Inescapable
Emelie & Kittenbug
sired: Challenge #13
sired: Challenge #14
mastered: Challenge #27 "Co-workers"
sired fic: Untitled - Teaser
Cendari & Karen
sired: Challenge #5
sired: Challenge #6
mastered: Challenge #18
sired fics: Imcomplete (Cendari)
               Safe At Last (Karen)
Liz & Stacie
sired: Challenge #21
sired: Challenge #22
mastered: Challenge #28 "Tub"
sired fic: Insane Photographer VS.
Difficult Cereal Man: A Water Frolic
Christine & Lela Rose
sired: Challenge #7
sired: Challenge #8
mastered: Challenge #39 "Bounty Hunter"
sired fic: Midnight
Morganna & Wicked Insanity
sired: Challenge #23
sired: Challenge #24
mastered: Challenge #36 "Reunion"
sired fic: Twisted Fate - Prologue
Desdemona & Kyria
sired: Challenge #11
sired: Challenge #12
mastered: Challenge #40 "Bloody Marriage"
sired fic: A Bloody Marriage

Ares & Psycho Slayer

Mastered: Challenge #9

Sired: Inescapable

Summary: AU. Angel O'Connor has just moved to Sunnydale to be a professor at UC Sunnydale after his divorce with Fred Burkle. Buffy Summers who is always been known around the campus as the "easy teacher" is smitten when she first sees Angel. And when Angel firsts sees Buffy he is taken by her.

Sired: Challenge #1

Type: AU
Genre: Angst
Rating: up to NC-17
Characters: Angel, Buffy and anyone else you want except Willow, Xander and Dawn.

In the ep. Normal Again Buffy kills the Scoobies, going back to the 'real world'. There, while being in a club, a group of vamps take over the club and Angel comes in and saves the day (kinda like in The Harvest but instead of Buffy killing the leader, Angel does). Then she realises that vampires are real but she's not the Slayer.


  • Buffy and Angel meeting and falling in love.
  • Angel's not a vamp but he does have a dark past (it's up to you what happened).
  • Buffy telling Angel about being in the mental hospital.
  • Angel teaching Buffy how to fight.
  • A big bad related to Angel's past (please, NOT Darla).
  • A happy ending.
  • The lines ' Welcome to the Buffy show' and ' God! Not THAT again!'

  • Sired: Challenge #2

    Type: Rewrite
    Genre: Humour a must and anything else you please.
    Rating: Up to NC 17
    Characters: Angel, Andrew, Wesley and Spike and anyone else you wish from the show.
    POV: Angel's

    AtS 5 Damage. Andrew is called in to Wolfram and Hart to help with the capture of Dana and once he sees Angel he becomes besotted with him.
    How Andrew is treated is up to you.
    How the episode ends is also up to you.
    No Angel bashing but others are fair game.


  • No slash.

  • Must have Wesley put Andrew in his place, Wesley's so good at that.
  • A little torture would be fun. Blood play even better.
  • A phone call between Angel and Giles.
  • The lines: 'It goes where?' is to be used and 'You Drink It, and 'Is this a date?"'
  • No character deaths.

  • Cendari & Karen

    Mastered: Challenge #18

    Cendari sired: Incomplete

    Karen sired: Safe At Last

    Summary: During Ats S5 The Girl in Question: Angel and Spike catch up with Buffy.

    Sired: Challenge #5

    Post Chosen/NFA

    Every Christmas Eve. Angel has returned to Sunnydale and stood in the approximate spot wher he once tried to kill himself to remember she who had convinced him not to. This year, it's different. How and why?

    Sired: Challenge #6

    For as long as she can remember, Anna Summers-O'Connell has been told how wonderful, loyal, and brave her parents were. While she hasn't suffered from a lack of parental figures (an overload, more like it), Anna wants to experience her parents for herself rather than relying on others' memories. On the eve of her 18th birthday, Anna casts a spell, unbeknownst to her guardians, that whisks her back twenty years to before she was born. How will meeting and getting to know the people who sacrificed themselves to save the world - yet again - change her?

    1. BA must have died together, and made the conscious decision to sacrifice themselves (a la "The Gift").
    2. One can have BA together or not when Anna first meets them. If not, what is their attitude towards each other and how does it affect Anna's perception of them?

    Christine & Lela Rose

    Mastered: Challenge #39 "Bounty Hunter"

    Sired: Midnight

    Summary:AU. Set in a future where humanity has taken a nose dive, and it's a kill or be killed world plagued with poverty and nasty things waiting around every corner to harm you. Buffy is a bounty hunter, known for her beauty, strength, agility, and cunningness. She has something akin to slayer strength, but it's not the PTB that gives her supernatural power, it's the beast that rages within her.

    Sired: Challenge #7

    Pairing: B/Aus
    Rating: up to NC-17 (preferred)
    Setting: Salvage (Angel ep S4)

    Must Haves:

  • Wes breaking Faith out of jail just as in the show.
  • Faith telling Cordelia at the hotel - when Cordelia doesn't like the idea of them needing a slayer, especially the psycho one -that if she wanted, Faith could call Buffy, and see how that went over with Queen C.
  • Cordelia hating that idea, and verbally expressing it, much to the confusion, and p
  • ossibly humor, of the AI gang.
  • Sunnydale hearing about the Rain of Fire and perpetual night.
  • Buffy hearing about Faith's breakout, and realizes Faith is in LA.
  • When Angelus hears "That the slayer is in town" and calls Sunnydale, he gets Buffy instead of Dawn.
  • Asks how she is, usual Angel things…and ends the call with "See you around, lover," which tips her off.
  • Buffy going to LA without anyone from Sunnydale with her, or knowing she left.
  • Faith saying to Buffy: "Hey, B, I heard you were dead." Buffy's reply, "Hey, F, I heard you were in jail."
  • Angelus goes to someone to get a spell that ensures he can't be resouled; this time he's proactive.
  • Instead of Faith, he feeds off its Buffy.
  • If he turns her, she must retain a strong sense of who she is. For example: Still want to help save the world from the First and the Beast/Cordelia.
  • If not, he must give a reason for not wanting her turned.
  • Up to you if Angelus helps her save the world from the various apocalypses that are overrunning California.
  • Regardless, he takes her away from LA/ Sunnydale. Where is up to you.
  • You can have him deciding to kill his team or not.
  • Without Angel or Buffy in their respective towns, things progress as they do.
  • Buffy/Angelus must have a happily ever unlife together...
  • I'd love it if someone snapped and killed Cordelia, but suspect if Connor stayed with her then he would eventually be the one to go nuts and kill Cordelia. But that's up to you.


  • Someone saying "Well, this defies all laws of gravity."
  • A demonic doorman
  • The line, "Do these things happen in any other state?"
  • A pink elephant
  • Bananas
  • A cab and a non-English speaking driver
  • The Song "As Time Goes By" or another reference to Casablanca

  • Sired: Challenge #8

    Pairing: B/A
    Rating: up to NC-17 (preferred)
    Setting: Maybe two years after the Angel Season Finale

    Must Haves:

  • Buffy, Angel, Giles, Willow, Gunn, Xander, Dawn, Faith
  • At the end of Season Five Buffy and the slayers show up to help Angel and his remaining crew defeat the demons. (this can be summarized)
  • All the demons were not defeated. Some escaped and went underground to regain their strength.
  • Angel and his remaining crew are still in LA fighting to keep the demons that survived from wrecking havoc.
  • Angel has moved to a new apartment.
  • Buffy and Dawn are living in London with Giles.
  • Buffy is about to get married.
  • Everyone is happy that she is finally over Angel and has found a nice human to marry.
    Angel receives an invitation to the wedding.
  • The Gang is giving Buffy a Bachlorette party. At the party, she realizes that although she loves her fiancé and she wants to make everyone happy with her decision she is not in love with her fiancé. She realized that she was so busy making everyone else happy she forgot about her own happiness.
  • The day of Buffy's wedding Dawn and Willow go to her room only to find her missing. Her wedding dress still hanging on the door. Some of her clothes are missing.
  • Buffy goes to LA. She gets to Angel's apartment.
  • Either by breaking in or another means, up to you.
  • As Angel is out during the night, he senses Buffy but he attributes it to his depression that she has gotten married.
  • Angel walks into his new apartment close to dawn and finds Buffy sleeping on his sofa. He snuggles with her and she is so tired she remains asleep. He holds her as she sleeps.
  • Buffy is the first to wake up and she spends the time watching Angel and realizing this is what her life had been missing while she was in London. That Angel is the only man she has ever truly loved.
  • Buffy and Angel finally talk (can also be summarized)
  • A real and very valid reason as to why Perfect Happiness is no longer a problem.
    Happy ending.
  • Optional:

  • An American Flag
  • Snow - mentioned or actually seen, it doesn't matter
  • The line, "And to think, I once had such high hopes for you."
  • The song, "Leaving on a Jet Plane" by John Denver
  • Someone other than Buffy sending the invitation to Angel (as a mean spirited gesture.)
    Andrew in a tutu
  • A reference to the whole "Cookie Baking" analogy.

  • Desdemona & Kyria

    Mastered: Challenge #40 "Bloody Marriage"

    Sired: A Bloody Marriage

    Summary: AU. Buffy and Angel come from rival kingdoms. In exchange for peace these two barter with their bodies, minds and souls.

    Sired: Challenge #11

    Episode rewrite: Amends Dec. 15, 2998 (At Christmas-time, evil haunts Angel, torturing him with visions of his murderous past and urging him to kill Buffy.

    When Angel is tempted by The First to have sex with Buffy, he does but he keeps himself from draining her. After all of that mental torture, he doesn't lose his soul.

    1. Buffy and Angel sitting on the bed glancing at their watches obsessively. Kind of a, "Can you feel your soul now? How 'bout now?" moment.
    2. Buffy wants to stop, but can't help herself. Rationalizes by thinking she can contain Angelus and Willow can re-soul Angel.
    3. Angel realizing he must not be that bad if The PTBs graced him with a permenant soul.
    4. Buffy and Angel bonding in a way that leaves no doubt they are soul mates.

    Sired: Challenge #12

    Episode rewrite:

    Anne/All Men Are Beasts (3.1/3.4)

    When Buffy's trapped in Ken's little piece of hell, bestial Angel scents her and begins to track her from his deeper level (think Dante's Inferno with the 9 levels of hell, Buffy being in purgatory (1) and Angel being around level 8 (Malebolge)).Angel reaches Buffy as she's getting everyone out, helps her win the battle,and joins her back on earth in LA. So the story revolves around Buffy sheltering emotionally and physically scarred Angel while trying to lead a somewhat normal life in LA.

    ~Some internal dialogue from Angel, but he can be as lucid or as primitive as you like
    ~Angel still acting very much like an animal. Predatory, possessive and visceral.
    ~Angel attempting to mark her
    ~Angel has serious problems adjusting to civilization and he is a threat to people
    ~Buffy is trying to lead a normal life, without slaying and attempting to make friends and have a relationship
    ~Buffy ultimately calling Giles for help
    ~Scooby gang is still unaware of Buffy's whereabouts and Angel's return
    ~Buffy returns to Sunnydale in the end, with Angel on her heels ( I don't really want a definitive conclusion.)

    Emelie & Kittenbug

    Mastered: Challenge #27 "Co-workers"

    Sired: Untitled Teaser

    Sired: Challenge #13

    Character: Angelus
    Highest rating possible: NC-17
    Type: RW
    Genre: dark

    Season 2 Ats/Season 6 BtVS. Set right after Darla and Drusilla disappears. Angel takes on a case with a demon that takes form into your greatest desire (Buffy of course). Angelus wants to make a trip to Sunnydale and visit his old lover, to find everything changed.

    Must contain at leased two of these things:
    1) Angelus ends up trying to get his soul back for Buffy
    2) Angelus rapes Buffy in attempt to make her react at all
    3) Angelus beating up Spike
    4) Desire demon comes to Sunnydale, followed by the AI gang

    Sired: Challenge #14

    Genre: AU
    Rating: R or NC-17

    Buffy Summers has been ordinary all her life. Ordinary grades, ordinary clothes, ordinary life. Her plain blonde hair doesn't do her justice and her friend from birth, William Derevco, won't notice her crush. Her father left her mom and married Rupert Giles. What happens when the O'Connor family comes however- Angelus O'Connor heir to the investment fim starts to shake things up. Aside from being one of world's largest investment firms they also specialize in technology. When O'Connor sees Buffy Summers, however, he decides that she will be his once and for all. The problem, however, is that she's 16. He, however, is 23. What's worse is that this squeaky little brunette is on a mission, with the help of Faith and Willow to get get William to be hers. She sets her sights on losing her virginity to the man she loves... But can she figure it out before it's too late?

    Liz & Stacie

    Mastered: Challenge #28 "Tub"

    Sired: Insane Photographer VS. Difficult Cereal Man: A Water Frolic

    Summary: AU. Add a female photographer, one snarky assistant, and an unwilling model together. Stir in zany situations, nifty zingers, and an enclosed room. Set them in motion and watch, mock, and laugh. Results may vary.

    Sired: Challenge #21

    Requirements:AU, NC-17, Angst, Angel

    Angel and Buffy work together when they're in their late teens and Angel is slightly ahead of her on the ladder and then something happens where B/A hate each other, and Buffy leaves the company.

    A few years later, Angel's the head of a company Buffy's trying to take over.
    - The reason they hate each other can't be completely stupid.
    - Buffy uses Angel (NC-17) to try to get control.

    Sired: Challenge #22

    Requirements: AU; Angst, NC-17

    Buffy and Angel are married. They've kept a lot of secrets from each other and, after seeing a marriage counsellor, decide that they need to find a way to unveil said secrets.

    Angel gets Buffy drunk and everytime she gives him information, he gives her a (metaphorical) cookie.

    One of the secrets must be that Buffy had sex with either his mother or father.

    The rest are fair game as long as they aren't stupid or cliche.

    Morganna & Wicked Insanity

    Mastered: Challenge #36 "Reunion"

    Sired: Twisted Fate Prologue

    Summary: Spoilers for BtVS 5/AtS2. B/Aus. In a desperate attempt to resurrect Angelus, an old enemy returns to Sunnydale to recruit the one person that can bring Angel true happiness.

    Sired: Challenge #23

    Timeline: After the ending of both BtVS and AtS
    Rating: R/NC-17
    Pairings: B/Aus, possible B/Drac in the beginning (It's up to the authors).

    Drac finds Buffy in Rome and turns her. She has NO soul. Whether she sticks with Drac and lives it up or takes off on her own is up to the author. Buffy is EVIL. I always thought she had the potential to be one of the darkest characters in fandom if she were ever to switch sides so to speak. I would also like to see a return to the feisty, quippy, happy Buffy. She can still be evil with a sense of humor ;o)

    Angel turns into Angelus in the battle in LA. How is up to the authors. He either finds out about Buffy being turned and goes to look for her or he goes after her just for the hell of it. Again it's up to the authors. Lots of fun and games ensue after they meet.

    Must Haves:

  • Buffy being turned by Drac.
  • Buffy has NO soul.
  • Angel turning into Angelus.
  • B/Aus pairing by the end.
  • You can include none, any or all of the following:

  • Buffy kills at least one Scooby.
  • Buffy and Angelus fighting over a video game.
  • Buffy kicking Angelus' butt.
  • Angelus and/or Buffy kicking Dracula's butt.
  • A red dress.

  • Sired: Challenge #24

    Timeline: AU Post Buffy Season 7
    Rating: R/NC-17
    Pairing: B/A or B/A(us)

    After Buffy loses her close family and friends in the battle with The First, she's nearly catatonic and perhaps destructive. Needing the brutal truth versus someone telling her that it wasn't her fault, she winds up in L.A. to convince Angel to give her the one thing that she believes could bring about the end of her stupor... Angelus.

    Must Haves:

  • A few or all of Buffy's closest friends dying in the apocalypse.
  • Buffy seeking out Angel at Wolfram and Hart.
  • Angel acting like, or becoming Angelus
  • A Buffy/Angel pairing in the end, even if it's still 'long distance for now.'
  • Optional:

  • Angel losing his soul with Buffy.
  • Angel merely summoning a darker part of himself that resembles Angelus.
  • Buffy almost staking Harmony in the lobby of Wolfram and Hart the day she shows up.
  • Buffy leaving in the end.