It's A Woman's World - Challenge by Carol Ann

Premise: the Earth is a matriarch society, the women are in charge, men are second class citizens.

Timeline: present time

Buffy: the younger sister, planned all of her life to enter a religious order when she comes of age, does not get along with her mother or sister . Buffy believes that men should not be treated as second class citizens.

Angel(us): was married to Darla, it was arranged by their mothers, he was drugged and abused by Darla during their marriage in order to try and break his spirit.

Darla: Buffy's older sister, a real bitch, loved to inflict pain on the male's of the species, likes breaking a man's spirit, killed by one of her lovers.

Story requirements:

1) After Darla's death, it falls to Buffy to carry on the family name and to one day take over the family business, because of this she is not allowed to enter the religious order like she planned.

2) Because of Darla's death, Angel(us) becomes Buffy's property, she can either except him as her husband or turn him away which will bring him & his family disgrace.

3) In this society when a man & woman get married he takes her last name.

4) Buffy discovering the scars Darla left on Angel(us) body.

5) Angel(us) being rather withdrawn/brooding at the beginning of his marriage to Buffy because of what was done to him by Darla but gets more spirited/assertive as he learns that Buffy is nothing like Darla.

6) Buffy liking it when Angel(us) takes a more dominate role.

7) A Gala Ball

8) In this society its okay for married women to take lover's.

9) Angel(us) getting very possessive/territorial when it comes to Buffy, doesn't like it when men approach her to win her favor in order to become her lover.

10) Buffy wanting Angel(us) to help her run the family business.

11) Buffy not liking it when women try to fondle her husband.

12) some Buffy/Angel(us) smut

13) happy ending for Buffy/Angel(us)