Ravenous Beast - Sneak Peek

Author: Hannahbee

Summary: Alice should have seen that turning the girl who is your bloodsinger into a vampire has consequences. But sometimes even she is blind to a threat they created.

Warning: dubious non-con ahead

As usual... not beta-ed.


The bed was soft and warm underneath her, but it didn’t give her any comfort. Cold, hard hands were tight around her wrists, holding her down, leaving her no route of escape. But she was too weak and it was too late anyway.

He was inside her and it hurt.

Hurts. Hurts. Hurts.

She didn’t want this.

Not anymore.

“Please, stop!” she screamed, tears running down her cheeks.

But he didn’t.

And the irony of the situation wasn’t lost on her. He’d told her the pain would be excruciating, and she – stupid as she was back then – had made him promise that no matter how much she’d beg for him to stop, he’d still complete her change into vampire.

The one time she needed him to protect her from herself, he followed her idiotic demands when he seldom did so before. He kept his word, but she regretted her decision the moment his fangs had pierced her skin, cold, hard, intrusive. And unwanted. Not only because of the pain.

It felt wrong.


Why now?

She couldn’t say, couldn’t understand.

All her energy was needed for fighting for her life while he was sucking her dry. She was human, he a vampire, so much stronger and determined to finally make her his mate.

He had no doubt that this was what she wanted, despite her protests, because he couldn’t read her mind, didn’t know that the agony she experienced wasn’t merely physical. He couldn’t tell that her heart and her mind were bleeding, too.

Jake would have known.

But he would have never let her go through with it in the first place.

It was all her fault.

And yet she hated Edward for not noticing that he was killing her soul.

“Jake!” she screamed with her last strength.

Her friend couldn’t hear her.

And her maker was too high on her blood. His bloodsinger’s. He couldn’t get enough. He was in a frenzy… until the source almost dried out. Only then did he remember to give her his blood, his venom. Only then did he start worrying, if he’d taken too much, and didn’t stop.

She slept too long after the change, so he called his family – who’d given them time to enjoy themselves without them – back.

Carlisle couldn’t explain why she didn’t wake up, even though there was nothing wrong with her. Jasper couldn’t get in touch with her emotions and Alice couldn’t see her best friend’s future. They chalked up the failure of their abilities to Bella’s sleeping state.

She finally woke up a week later. Carlisle declared their newest coven member as healthy. And hungry.

Ravenous, Bella herself thought, following Alice outside to a caged deer. Emmet had caught it for her. A gift, the pixie explained, but Bella didn’t hear the rest. She was already on the poor animal, her fangs buried in its throat, sucking harshly from the main artery before she suddenly recoiled in horror and disgust.

Pushing the deer away from her – a little too hard, so it crashed through the cage – she spit out the blood, then threw up, all over her new designer shoes and jeans - courtesy of Alice.

“Bella!” Edward was immediately by her side, pulling her into his arms.

But she pushed him away with her newborn strength. “Don’t touch me!”

She had not forgotten what he’d done. She never wanted him near her again because of it.

“Bella?” he asked, not understanding her hostility.

She turned away, her eyes falling on the rest of the Cullens. They were in shock, but she didn’t feel ashamed, just hungry and dirty.

And a little lost.

Alice held out her hand. “C’mon. Let’s get you cleaned up. Then we’ll go hunting in the woods. I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like.”


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