Little Paw, Big Paw

Author: Hannahbee

Disclaimer: Are Bella & Ed together? Did Jake imprint on the daughter of the woman he loved? Ewww! But not my fault since I don't own them.

Pairing: Jake/Bella

Summary: AU. New Moon. There are some legends you tell at a bonfire... and some you don't. One of them tells the story of the Lone Wolf. But the thing is... he is no longer alone.

Rating: NC-17 much, much later

Distribution: Denial Haven

Thank you: Lucey - for getting me the first 2 books.

Apology: I know I really should be working on my other wips, especially the B/A(us) ones, but this just wouldn't leave me alone. I'm really, truly sorry! I hope you can enjoy this one anyway.

Warning: not beta-ed

AN: I really like Charlie and I feel damn sorry for him. He's the chief of police, but he doesn't notice anything? At all?! This is beyond sad. Poor man. And have you ever wondered why Charlie only seems to have Quileute friends? I certainly did and voila... fic idea.



There was no prelude to his demand, no small talk that could have prepared her for this. His voice was adamant, his words brooked no arguement.

“It’s time to send her home, Renée.” It was Chief Swan talking, not the Charlie she knew.

“It’s too soon.” Her pleading tone seemed to weigh down the line, even though both of them knew that the connection only transmitted their voices.

He understood that she wanted more time with their daughter, but he had waited long enough. And as things were… soon she would not have any choice. Still he’d rather have Bella with him before the life-altering changes occurred. No need to scare her more than necessary. He had promised himself almost two decades ago that she wouldn’t go through it alone. Nothing and no one would change his mind about it. Not even his former mate.

“Renée.” he sighed, letting warmth and sympathy envelop his voice. “We agreed. Before she turns eighteen. It’s best for her, you know that. She won’t be able to handle it in the big city. And I can’t leave here.”

“What if they find her? What if they’ve been spying on you the whole time? You can’t rule out the possibility.” she argued.

In vain.

He had heard it all before. “There’s no one here but me.”

They would never trespass on territory that wasn’t theirs and risk a war with the vampires residing in Forks. And if this Coven’s age, size and prolonged stay were any indication, they were quite powerful, too. They were never careless in their feeding, never left any evidence of their special diet. Charlie knew because he couldn’t be fooled like any other human. The head of coven kept his family in check and Chief Swan liked that he had never had to clean up after them. They were the most well behaved vampires he’d ever met.

“She’ll be safe, safer than in Phoenix.” he continued.

“How can you be so sure? You’re only one. How can you protect her from them?” she worried, her desperation almost making her hysteric.

“How can you?” he fired back. “You’re only human!”

Realising he’d raised his voice – something so atypical of him – he took a deep breath to calm down. “Do we really need to drag up old arguements again? She’s my daughter. Once she comes of age, I’m the only one who can help her. You know as well as I do that I’d do anything to keep her safe.”

He already had a plan concerning Bella’s safety, but he couldn’t talk about the vampires on the phone. Even if those creatures were the key to his daughter’s survival. There was no need to worry your ex with more supernatural drama. Especially not when it meant he’d rather throw Bella at the Cullens than give her to the fraternal side of her family.

After a lengthy pause of weighing the pros and cons, Renée realised he was right. She hated it, hated that there was nothing left she could do to keep her baby by her side, except leave the decision in her daughter’s hands.

“Alright, I’ll speak with her.” she agreed.

“No, Renée. Convince her!” And with that he hung up, hoping his command would urge her to do what she needed to do.

He was fully aware he had no legal claim on their daughter since they’d never married, but he had no reservations about playing dirty to get his child under his protection before her genetics kicked in. He’d fight hard, go to court, paint his ex as scatterbrained, childlike woman who could barely take care of herself, nevermind their daughter. Whatever it took, he’d do it.

It was a good thing he wouldn't need to.

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Author's comment:
How in the hell did I end up writing a Jacob/Bella fic?! I really don't know. The Twilight series is certainly not my favorite. Bella (sometimes) drives me mad with her stupid, unbelievable and unhealthy behaviour. But I really don't like Ed. I know I should since he's the hero of the heroine's heart, but I just can't, not since New Moon. Why did I keep reading? I don't know, probably because I thought the werewolves were interesting/fascinating. Certainly not because of Ed who turned into an overprotective, manipulative bastard. And don't get me even started on Breaking Down.

Anyway, I really liked the New Moon movie. It made me wonder about some things and made me see others in a new light, so I read the first 2 books again. Naturally, I needed a fic fix, preferably of the ship fic kind (I'm a sucker for romance, so sue me. ;o)). The easiest way to start of course was reading J/B and before I knew it I was hooked.

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