Beer Bad Beer Good - Sneak Peek

Author: Hannahbee

Disclaimer: Buffy doesn't belong to me. Neither does Sunnydale, the Hellmouth, Willow, the term slayrettes... are you tired yet? Me, too. So we'll skip the rest. Joss allowed us to play with his toys anyway.

Rating: R for now (but don't despair the fic will be NC-17 later on)

Summary: Oh, she knew the need building inside her, almost suffocating her, but she couldn't understand why she was assaulted by it now. She only felt it when she was hunting or wanted to get laid, but she had already satisfied both needs today.

Warning: Not beta-ed. It's only a peek after all.

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Dedicated to: First and foremost to my muse because she came up with some wonderful ideas. Hon, you're the best (despite everything else I say). Lucey - when's the next time we have holidays? Dani - I know we haven't finished it, but I love it anyway. Everyone else - thank you so much for your patience, support and generous feedback. Love ya all.

Why won't it stop? Buffy once again wondered.

Tuning out the voices of her friends, she concentrated on her inner self, trying to find a reason for her unusually jumpy state. She had been feeling edgy all day. At first she'd written it off, thinking it was mild panic because this was her first day at college. But even though everything had been and still was overwhelming, she had quickly discovered that she'd pulled through the day without a hitch thanks to the mere presence of her boyfriend and her closest friends.

Logically, she should be feeling calm now. After all they had arranged their timetables, mastered the bureaucratic jungle and even brought their belongings to their rooms at the dorms - or in Cordelia and Parker's case their sorority and fraternity.

But she didn't feel calm. Something else was still causing her distress. She didn't know what, but she knew that this unknown something filled her with barely restrained, almost overpowering energy that threatened to break free. It was clawing at her insides, fighting for release, strumming her blood and muscles, making her tense in anticipation and tempting her to move into action, to quench the need and relieve her aroused state.


Oh no!

Not now!

She groaned, partly in arousal, partly in pain and partly in confusion. Oh, she knew the need building inside her, almost suffocating her, but she couldn't understand why she was assaulted by it now. She only felt it when she was hunting or wanted to get laid, but she had already satisfied both needs today.

The first at night - or early morning however you wanted to look at it - which had as always resulted in a wild bout of sex and the latter as a repeat performance of said bout of sex before Buffy and her boyfriend got up. Add the fact that the latter need had been sated several times this morning there was absolutely no reason why she should be aroused again.

Yes, her boyfriend was handsome and yes, she loved him and yes, she thought him hot, but he had never been able to keep her aroused the whole day or itching for a quick romp in a broom closet just from standing next to her and having his arm wrapped around her middle. Never mind that he could actually make her consider a quick romp in a broom closet or anywhere else. She wasn't that kind of girl. Once her sexual appetite had been sated, only demon hunting could trigger her hunger and make her find her way back into his bed to take her edge off.

So this could only mean there was a demon around whose presence teased and aroused the slayer inside her.

Acting on pure instinct and the inborn desire to protect, she let her senses roam her surroundings and came up empty. No surprise there. Demons were almost exclusively out after dark, thinking themselves save from her - the Slayer - because they still didn't know that she was also a gifted hunter at night even though she was human.

They had always underestimated her. But the majority had learned from their mistakes when she had defeated the giant dragon-snake monster formerly known as Mayor Wilkins. After that the demons had made themselves extra scarce. She had rejoiced it in the beginning, but she had soon realized and grudgingly admitted that this was not her sole feat.

Since summer break an unknown source had been instilling as much fear in the demon population as she. Or maybe even more since there was neither anybody who knew anything nor willing to talk. It worried her and her merry band of Slayrettes as her best friend Willow liked to call them.

According to her, the energy of the Hellmouth was still humming even after Buffy had closed its opening by killing the Mayor and it was still drawing all kinds of inhuman creatures near.

The problem was that the constant flow of new demons coming to Sunnydale, lured by the unrelenting pull of the Hellmouth, seldom reached the tip of Buffy's stake or sword. They vanished without a trace before she ever had the chance to hunt them down. She was lucky if she caught one demon per night. And that pissed her off.

She was born to fight and kill demons. Defeating only one was neither her idea of carrying out her duty nor did it any good for her sex life. All that pent-up, unexploited energy turned into a sexual need she couldn't control and resulted in an almost insatiable lust. It was taking a toll on her completely human boyfriend who couldn't retaliate with the same force.

She needed more demons.

And fast.

She almost laughed at that thought because there was a small part of her that felt uncomfortable killing demons. It had taken her some time to get used to the fact that she had been chosen to become a weapon of destruction. A killer. But the primal part inside of her that was purely female still balked at that. She after all was a life-giving force.

But since she was also the Slayer - the protector of humankind - she could neither be sorry for what she was born to do nor could she let demons roam free. And even though the two sides of her self were at odds, she fulfilled her duty exceedingly. But each kill left her with the need to exorcise the killer inside her and atone for the deaths she had caused so she could feel like a woman again.

The solution to her dilemma was surprisingly simple and obvious. She found comfort in the primal dance that drove all creatures here on earth and in every other dimension: the union of two different beings, joined by desire, taking and giving each other pleasure to find that beneficial release as their bodies became one and submitted their control in abandon.

Some might take it for granted that sharing your body and completion could put your soul at ease, but after the killings she performed nightly being able to still arouse her partner, make him lose complete control and see him lost in orgasm was a wondrous thing to her.

And it was no accident that she as the Slayer - one of the most primal creatures to grace the universe - also knew and felt she was making amends and restoring the balance by participating in something as primal as this carnal act. After all sexual unions were the means to create a new life in exchange for the ones that had been taken.

Granted, her atonement simply held a symbolic character since she was on birth control, but the energy and emotions - relief, happiness, contentment… the list was endless - released in this act were magic and therefore accepted as offering to appease who or whatever powers ruled the universe.

But she was getting off track here. She still wanted to find out what had caused her need.

She couldn't feel a demon nearby, so it obviously wasn't about hunting and since she'd left her bed sated - she was sure of it - she shouldn't feel aroused again.

Though getting back to her earlier musings, she wondered if she hadn't appeased the powers enough since she was still trapped in her aroused state.

Torment is more like it.

Well, there was only one way to stop it.

The quick romp suddenly didn't seem so scandalous and unnatural anymore. But before she could discretely lead her boyfriend away, her eyes were drawn to a point far away from where she was standing now. She couldn't see what had her so occupied, but as if everyone was responding to the primal part of her searching, the crowd seemed to part before her eyes and vanish into insignificance to allow her curious, needy gaze to come to rest upon him.

Or rather his backside since he was facing away from her. It didn't matter though for the sight was still breathtaking, mouth-watering even. Dark hair that was spiked on top but short in the back, a smooth neck leading down to a strong torso which was accentuated by broad shoulders and a trim waist. He wore a short-sleeved black t-shirt and even though his muscles were relaxed she feared the tight fitting fabric would rip any second.

No, fear was the wrong word for she would definitely appreciate it if his shirt gave away to bare his luscious upper body, the strength of his form.

Now there was a thought. And suggestive images of the half naked, well built stranger quickly followed.

Buffy inhaled deeply, trying to surpress a moan and the new wave of lust shooting through her system.

Luckily, her friends didn't notice her lack of control since they were too into their conversation and required only a well placed nods from her. It was more out of habit than in actual agreement with their discussion as her eyes ran down to his ass encased in form fitting black jeans that screamed nicely shaped and grope-worthy butt. She licked her lips and let her gaze wander further down south.

Encountering long, powerful looking legs and strong thighs, she bet her favorite stake that he'd be strong enough to hold her up and fuck against the closest wall without needing her slayer strength for support. She licked her lips - this time - in anticipation just as something hit her.

No, it was not a tiny arrow hitting her chest and heart to make her fall madly in love at first sight with the recipient of her attention. Nor was it hitting her crotch to make her madly fall in lust with the gorgeous unfamiliar male.

Granted, the latter wasn't that far fetched, but it was only part of what really hit her: the power coming of him.

She stiffened in surprise and this time her boyfriend noticed that she was preoccupied with something else. "Buffy, you alright?" Parker asked her.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She said, smiling convincingly.

And as soon as she averted his attention, she looked back to the victim of her desire-driven perusal and found that he was watching her in return.

Busted she blushed and lowered her eyes, never noticing the frown marring his features. But when she did look back up again, trying to apologize for… well undressing him with her eyes - not that she was really sorry since he was a rather fine speciman - the crowd had resumed their pace, obstructing her view and hiding him from her sight again.

Still the need to get laid - preferably now - remained.

She shook her head in disbelief. She was so horny she'd transferred her need to a stranger who wore a slight resemblance to her boyfriend: tall, dark and handsome.

Though she had to admit the stranger was much better built.

Argh! Treacherous thoughts.

She mentally smacked her head, trying to push Mr. TallDark&Handsome out of her thoughts. Well, there was only one way to get her getting-off-track fantasies back on track.

"Parker? I think I forgot my pager in your room." Buffy told him and hoped it didn't sound as obvious and pathetic as it did to her own ears.

He didn't seem to mind, though, for a sparkle entered his eyes that told her he understood exactly what she really meant and would happily oblige helping her find what she was looking for.

Excusing themselves, they headed for the closest, convenient place to engage in the quick romp Buffy had never considered until this day.

The end for now…

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