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The meeting after Flooded with an epiphany and a surprise.

bluot mânde

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AU. It's the Blood Moon and the vampire queen & her childer celebrate it the only way that promises pleasure.

Phantom Limb Pains

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missing scenes/ rewrite piece

Buffy loses Angel, her child and her life, but she's given another chance. Back from the dead she faces the familiar cravings and pains of pregnancy. Problem is she's not pregnant at all. Will she still find happiness?

The Spring Games
Part 1
Part 2


AU. A kind of Gladiator-fic without the fighting in the Arena, but there are still a floor/rug/bed/whatever and an unwilling virgin to be marked and claimed.

The Spy Who Loved...


AU. Agent meets girl, falls in love and then it gets angsty.


Part 1 (extended + revised) br>

AU. Buffy is the Slayer, the only woman in the world who can create a new life out of the Undead. Dracula has her in his sights, but she cannot fight him alone.

Was It Good For You Too?

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A one-sided conversation in a dark alley.

Was It Good For You Too? - Extended Version

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Here's what really happened in Was It Good For You Too?, with insights into Buffy's thoughts.

Woman In Chains

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rewrite of Awakening & Get It Done

Buffy breaks free from her chains to face some unexpected changes.

abandoned fics

Fallen Angels

Prologue - Part 5


BtVS / AtS / Kindred: the Embraced / Vampire: the Masquerade crossover

The aftermath of 'IWRY' leaves Buffy and Angel with some surprises, new abilities and familiar dreams; and leads to important prophecies and the origins of Vampires and their Slayers

Mate's Kiss

AU. Werewolves. The Rayne Clan gets attacked and barely makes it out of it alive. They need the protection of the Dark Moon Clan. BUT there's a catch.

Note: This fic is abandoned. Anyone who's interested in reading the prologue up to Part 8... please mail me. 

Welcome To The City Of Angelus 


AU. After her watcher's death the slayer/key Buffy moves to LA. Guess who she encounters? But that's only the beginning.

Note: This fic is abandoned. Anyone who's interested in reading the prologue up to Part 11... please mail me.  

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